Will Gordon Ryan Transition to MMA?

1 maj 2021
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Taken from JRE MMA Show #109:

  • Well if this guy doesn't give you weird vibes idk what will

    The DowThe DowTimme sedan
  • He cant transition because he cant used steroids haha

    krillin lllkrillin lll3 timmar sedan
  • BJJ only became famous/mainstream thanks to its success in MMA. Ju-jitsu itself is barely as popular as karate. Seriously, if BJJ was going to have its "break out" it would have been when the Gracies were dominating. To me anyway.

    Mark FrazerMark Frazer5 timmar sedan
  • He sounds like a geeky nerd you wouldn’t know he’s a killer

    tom yeomantom yeoman7 timmar sedan
  • Who does he have left to grapple anymore? I want to see him fight someone.

    Trilobite8jesusTrilobite8jesus9 timmar sedan
  • I have Spotify premium and in the middle of the podcasts they now put ads.

    Valgeir GuðlaugssonValgeir Guðlaugsson9 timmar sedan
  • Why would you need someone from your team to be winning in JJ??? WTF difference does that make?? This is not a team sport. So now your career is affected by the ability of other guys that train with you and their ability to be the best??? Literally makes ZERO sense!! Let me tell you what your “team” should do is push you to win in MMA if that’s what you want to do while you can!

    terry fonzterry fonz10 timmar sedan
  • This was the most boring podcast in jre history. I fell asleep on morning after listening to this piece of board.

    Ahmed SadmanAhmed Sadman15 timmar sedan
  • I have heard Danaher talk recently about BJJ being on the cusp of becoming a big spectator sport. I think that's pie in the sky. BJJ as a spectator event has only ever appealed to people in the BJJ community. And even at that, only a limited number of people in that community. The only way no-gi grappling would get to become a big deal is if they introduced say, a submission wrestling event at the Olympics as part of the Wrestling program. But there's no sign of that happening. 99.999% of sports fans wouldn't watch Ryan vs Galvao if it was on their front lawn, let alone pay any sort of money to see it. There's nothing that's going to change that anytime soon. Danaher is a great coach, but BJJ becoming popular enough outside the BJJ community to become a professional sport is a pipedream.

    iorekbyiorekby20 timmar sedan
  • Dude talks like he's 40.

    A AA ADag sedan
  • Let’s see Joe and Gordon roll

    Brandon FrainerBrandon FrainerDag sedan
  • Going to MMA would be a waste of a good brain, stick to jits, it’s shit pay either way and less risk of getting dementia at 38.

    LemuraiLemuraiDag sedan
  • Transition bruh, youth is precious

    Belal BelalBelal BelalDag sedan
  • There in Puerto Rico that's dope

    lillian lozadalillian lozadaDag sedan
  • Jujitsu next level 😂😂😂😂 navel gazing.. Mate you will be destroyed in MMA. Your roid use will stop you at the first gate. Your shit talking about others is going to fvck you up.

    We will Travel SoonWe will Travel SoonDag sedan
  • This is really inspiring. Love the team focus, wow.

    Nick BertramNick BertramDag sedan
  • Translation: needs to figure out how to beat usada

    Emmanuel ShiflettEmmanuel ShiflettDag sedan
  • You must interview this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd who can talk about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab. open.spotify.com/episode/3K59YNpZZZ5azVJ6ifQs6d?si=x_pPACD_Q2Oc9VEoSbOGyg

    Chilly WizardChilly WizardDag sedan
  • IF his coach thinks jujutsu gonna blow up like MMA he is very wrong.

    Maya BergsdottirMaya BergsdottirDag sedan
  • John Danaher is the real life Chuck Norris 😂😂😂

    Ismaeel JohnstoneIsmaeel JohnstoneDag sedan
  • Gordon is not doing MMA. He’ll stick to grappling.

    Danger ManDanger ManDag sedan
  • He needs to drink some water!

    Alastair RobertsonAlastair RobertsonDag sedan
  • Joe: So who's coaching striking? Gordon: John is. Joe: Really? Hmmmmmmmm...

    J HemlockJ HemlockDag sedan
  • "I'm waiting for one of my friends to take my place at the top of the heap" man this guy sounds like he has the same mindset as Khabib.

    YaBoi SquacksYaBoi Squacks2 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait to see Garry Tonin in the ufc- he’s a serious talent and his striking is coming along very well too

    Aussiemma 8Aussiemma 82 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think BJJ will ever make it far as an individual sport. It’s unrealistic and boring to watch to anyone that doesn’t do jiu jitsu them selves. Once he’s off the roids he’s gonna see MMA is a completely different game when he can’t take some one down and starts getting picked apart

    Juda SilvaJuda Silva2 dagar sedan
  • Gordon would get tapped in MMA

    sychophanttsychophantt2 dagar sedan
  • So once you figure out how to beat one of them the rest is a cake walk

    Killer JiujitsuKiller Jiujitsu2 dagar sedan
  • Transitions to female instead.

    littlethuggielittlethuggie2 dagar sedan
  • This isn't joe Rogan. This is SEworld's rogan. I respect you for what you were though 👌

    Lucky VetLucky Vet2 dagar sedan
  • He’s still so young, crazy how much he’s accomplished. He’s like the jujitsu version of Claressa Shields right now, I’m excited to see how it goes.

    Pro Fights InfoPro Fights Info2 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ryan. I have a solution for your digestion problem: REST. Seems like your body is on "go mode" (fight or flight) all the time and that's why your parasympathetic nervous system doesn't work properly. I think you would also be much bigger and stronger if you'd have some more downtime. If you feel like it's hard to calm yourself down there is numerous breathing exercises and meditation methods that can help you with that.

    Dum DumDum Dum2 dagar sedan
  • TransFightersMatter

    JanzerJanzer2 dagar sedan
  • Not sure how long uve been hitting the bag but do one or 2 more years of heavy striking training n get in there champ

    Luis ClaudioLuis Claudio2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else having ads play half way through while listening on spotify. Annoying as shit. (Yes I'm using premium)

    Gabe HawkinsGabe Hawkins2 dagar sedan
  • It's crazy how natty Gordon is

    M FM F2 dagar sedan
  • John creates clones of himself, just better.

    Justin PaulJustin Paul2 dagar sedan
  • 6:17 Gordon Ryan doing his best Rain Man impression

    It was super necessaryIt was super necessary2 dagar sedan
  • Will he transition into a female ?

    JesseJesse2 dagar sedan
  • Did he ask him about his weight gain

    Chris MarksChris Marks2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe, Spotify Premium listeners a shouldn’t have to listen to your forced advertisements prior to every single episode on Spotify. At least when your videos were on youtube you didn’t also play those.

    Gianni Gaudino ExploreGianni Gaudino Explore2 dagar sedan
  • Does One Championship test for steroids? If they are stringent like UFC is, then I dont see how Gordon can fight MMA anytine soon.

    JB2 TwoJB2 Two2 dagar sedan
  • This made me feel less of him So dry, boring and lack of personality 😴

    sam buddysam buddy2 dagar sedan
  • Gordon is great at what he does, but he will never be as successful in MMA. Even his style of jujitsu does not work in MMA you can't boot scoot all day long you'll get punched in the face.

    Patrick MPatrick M2 dagar sedan
  • He wont be same with USADA being around

    Atabak RouhaniAtabak Rouhani2 dagar sedan
  • No he’s not ready 😸

    Lucaah 77Lucaah 772 dagar sedan
  • @PowerfulJRE please interview the youtuber Meet Kevin, he's a youtuber that has a REAL Plan to run for gov of CA, and has a great plan!!

    Joshua.Joshua.2 dagar sedan
  • Joe's not on SEworld anymore, but we are here watching him on SEworld

    Billy SartoriBilly Sartori2 dagar sedan
  • We want joe Rogan vs jake paul

    Matthew BilottaMatthew Bilotta2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not a hater... Gordon is the man when it comes to submissions... right now there is no one better...

    The Piney PrepperThe Piney Prepper2 dagar sedan
  • There was a time when people thought Gracie was the best and no one could beat him...

    The Piney PrepperThe Piney Prepper2 dagar sedan
  • Remember everyone has a plan til they get punched in the mouth

    The Piney PrepperThe Piney Prepper2 dagar sedan
  • This guy is the best jujitsu/submission grappler I've ever seen.... but mma is different then jujitsu...

    The Piney PrepperThe Piney Prepper2 dagar sedan
  • Hey! Where do I get my Joe Rogan action figure?

    ZenCurryZenCurry2 dagar sedan

    Compact CelsiusCompact Celsius2 dagar sedan
  • GOD I hope BJJ doesn't become too mainstream of a sport. Look what happened to Judo. No thanks. Also, how good is his BJJ if he can't win a fight?

    Brenton DudleyBrenton Dudley2 dagar sedan
  • Love Gordon. Straight up killer. Leader.

    greg stokesgreg stokes2 dagar sedan
  • You need to stick to what you know and no longer talk about subjects such as Medical and Political subjects. You are sending the wrong method, in fact, you shouldn't even be on youtube period.

    Mark PikusMark Pikus2 dagar sedan
  • mate you need to bring Travis S. Taylor in your show and talk skinwalker ranch ...

    ARIFARIF2 dagar sedan
  • Sound scared to me

    Deshawn SalterDeshawn Salter2 dagar sedan
  • There is a new documentary out- similar to SOCIAL DILEMMA, even better. I wish Joe Rogan would check it out and tell what he thinks of it. seworld.info/will/pWWs1c2xm42EmJs/video

    A AA A2 dagar sedan
  • Joe's new studio looks like the contractors gave up halfway through.

    Charles Ford JrCharles Ford Jr2 dagar sedan
  • Hey, man!! What's up with you and Project Veritas?!?!?!?! Why aren't you talking to James, "POWERFUL JRE"? Scared of truth all of a sudden?

    William KelleyWilliam Kelley2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh how is joe 53 I thought he was 35

    mc sammymc sammy2 dagar sedan
  • **** khabib vs Gordon Ryan grappling match ****

    SeanSean3 dagar sedan
  • John John John, Soooo sick of frickin John!

    Fleadog GreenFleadog Green3 dagar sedan
  • This guy sounds about as much fun as cleaning a dirty tolite

    billbill 172billbill 1723 dagar sedan
  • We need Alex Jones now.

    Dennis KatinasDennis Katinas3 dagar sedan
  • He would never go to ufc USADA would get him with in minutes

    billbill 172billbill 1723 dagar sedan
  • Gordon now has to represent bjj what he learned into the octagon I hope he doesn't be like a newbie trying to strike badly and end up knocked out

    Hugo MoreiraHugo Moreira3 dagar sedan
  • He will never go to MMA, He don't wanna let Jon down because he feels like he owes him, i can really respect that.

    josh colbertjosh colbert3 dagar sedan
  • Who gives aF?

    Brian .ChavezBrian .Chavez3 dagar sedan
  • Some cute ideology

    Colton HeeneyColton Heeney3 dagar sedan
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    • @Maria Green This is helpful thanks,... gotta massage for him away.

      Lillian MossLillian Moss3 dagar sedan
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      Maria GreenMaria Green3 dagar sedan
  • you gotta get Eugene levy bro

    TylerTyler3 dagar sedan
  • While I 100% respect loyalty on any and all levels, grappling events are one-on-one, MMA fights are one-one-one. Your team doesn’t contribute one ounce of strength when you are grappling an opponent. They don’t throw a single punch when you are in an MMA fight. While I respect the team first attitude as a mantra for life; they don’t give out belts to the best team. Meaning, I respect this man’s loyalty, but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t logical. And frankly, he could probably help his team even more by being the first to enter MMA and have success. He could open the door and forge a path for those that followed. Essentially stating that I’m not going that direction until we all go that direction overlooks the fact that you compete as an individual and therefore individual skillets develop at differing speeds. If you want to compete on MMA and you are fully prepared, it makes little sense to forgo that path because your jitz teammates aren’t at your level.

    Doc Holliday1979Doc Holliday19793 dagar sedan
  • mini danaher speaks

    Jon LanniJon Lanni3 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry but jiu-jitsu will never be a "mainstream" sport...

    Tom FooleryTom Foolery3 dagar sedan
  • joe .. my country Colombia is in chaos at the moment, many injured and missing people

    Viajero Dimensional OficialViajero Dimensional Oficial3 dagar sedan
  • Is there a petition for JRE to come back to SEworld? Had to uninstall that piece of garbage Spotify. The UXI is pure shit. C'mon dude...

    Atomic HabitsAtomic Habits3 dagar sedan
  • He may not transition into MMA very well. If he's not an above average striker then forget about it. Kron Gracie and Dillon Danis are below average strikers in MMA and they will never be champions in an elite MMA League. They simply don't have the rhythm and timing needed to be good strikers and I'd bet Gordon doesn't either. Obviously if John Danaher told him not to leave competition Jiujitsu then it's because Gordon sucks in MMA. I like the excuse though. "Uhhhh. John told me not to leave competition Jiujitsu because it's on the rise in professional sports." 😂🤣

    Truth HurtzButHealzTruth HurtzButHealz3 dagar sedan
  • #FreeJoeRogan Come back to SEworld.... the audience is MUCH MUCH bigger over here.

    Vercingetorix AvernianVercingetorix Avernian3 dagar sedan
  • Gordon is the type of guy to lecture his mother on birthing techniques as he’s being born. What an absolute Chad.

    JayNsilentBoomJayNsilentBoom3 dagar sedan
    • Lol!

      NickNick2 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see Gordon and khabib have a jits match

    RickstaaaRickstaaa3 dagar sedan
    • i was thinking the exact same thing

      SeanSean3 dagar sedan
  • I just want someone to Joe Rogan to ask a scientist why they aren’t doing test and experiments on what happens when we die. Cause In 2021 we can run some crazy tests to figure it out 😐

    Kole SpiczkaKole Spiczka3 dagar sedan
  • Let’s talk on your podcast Dm me on Instagram @cali_bre_

    Johnathan DeanJohnathan Dean3 dagar sedan
  • So everything is just clips now. What's the point?

    shane andersonshane anderson3 dagar sedan
  • Don Johnaher is the best there ever was. Period

    Real ApprovedReal Approved3 dagar sedan
  • #DOGECOIN 🌛💯🌛🙂🌛💯🌛 🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛🌛 #DOGE 💰❤🌛❤🌛❤🌛❤💰 🌛🌛❤❤ #ElonMusk ❤❤🌛🌛 ❤❤🙂❤🙂❤❤

    Like Chalk And CheeseLike Chalk And Cheese3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe white belt here. it’s time to get Ric Flair on the show. Also, Gordon is the GOAT. SMH he beats ass with stomach problems. Imagine a guy whooping your ass every day at practice with diarrhea while laughing at u. SMH

    Devon HolleyDevon Holley3 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ryan: "John doesn't want me to go to MMA because he feels BJJ will break into that next level" Translation: "MMA has *any* drug testing at all"

    Joe BensonJoe Benson3 dagar sedan
  • Apparently Jake Paul can kick Joe's ass and all the fake fighters 🤔. It's all about money dumbasses

    The EqualizerThe Equalizer3 dagar sedan
  • Did he redo his new studio already?

    Lyndon JohnsonLyndon Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • Joe: hes inmate one from the unexpected covid release 😀😁😂🤣🤣

    j jayj jay3 dagar sedan
  • John

    Savman 5452Savman 54523 dagar sedan
  • Joe "Holy Shit" Rogan

    squizillsquizill3 dagar sedan
  • He’s starting to sound like John

    Luke O'GradyLuke O'Grady3 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ryan will lose his MMA debut if that ever happens. Excuse after excuse

    Nathan FeenanNathan Feenan3 dagar sedan
  • MMA fighters are not real boxers #sweetscience

    Zen PandaZen Panda3 dagar sedan
  • Run for president Brother, you will have my vote!

    jmartecepjmartecep3 dagar sedan