Tom Segura Fully Explains His Dunk Injury

10 apr 2021
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Taken from JRE #1632 w/Tom Segura:

  • It’s cuz he was fat and out of shape bottom line.

    ElijahCapoRanxz 19239ElijahCapoRanxz 192397 timmar sedan
  • 1:18 "I Juan". Tom es Juan.

    JCJC13 timmar sedan
  • I'm so glad he's better and almost fully recovered.

    Michael GwardoMichael Gwardo18 timmar sedan
  • Why didn’t his wife go with him???

    victoria halevictoria hale20 timmar sedan
  • Dr rogan gonna figure out the truth

    stoneybrewstoneybrewDag sedan
  • That must have suuuuuucked. Now imagine for a second how people had to do it centuries and centuries ago without medicine. I bet it was more like "You live with this for the rest of your life" or "We chop your arm off"

    Rocky117Rocky117Dag sedan
  • what does he mean by peptidesd?

    PraYs EZPraYs EZDag sedan
  • Lol segura sounds like the worst patient to care for

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  • I actually tore the patella tendons in both my knees. FYI you cannot strain it before. Once it gives out the leg does not work at all anymore because your quand is not attached to the leg anymore. It usually just snaps with time and overuse. I feel his pain, it took me two years to recover for each tendon. Life is never the same afterwards....

    Mathias WerrenMathias Werren2 dagar sedan
  • I broke my arm when I was 16 skipping down my hallway and slipping on my dads spilled redbull. I have a matching scar with Tom but it's on my forearm lol.

    David BeckettDavid Beckett2 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell would anyone with a twisted broken arm EVER NOT GO TO A HOSPITAL? WTF IS GOIN ON IN L.A.? I've sadly had 3 times where I was severely injured....and got surgery each time, and the number 1 reason is just pain relief! WTF

    Daddy1724Daddy17242 dagar sedan
  • this is american health at its best. feel so sad for you lot.

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  • that is the craziest trauma, I've ever heard of or seen in my entire life😳

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  • When Joe asked him if he could do a chin up, and he answered no. I so wanted Joe to ask him if he could do one before the injury.

    Steve NSteve N4 dagar sedan
    • He probably couldn’t. Tom is pretty heavy for pull ups, but I was curious too.

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  • I’ve broken my right arm three separate places three separate times and Tom finding the right surgeon was very smart . When I broke my elbow they did surgery and butchered it bad, and now I can’t bend my elbow past 90 degrees , or straighten it fully and I’m only 32 , it’s shitty , not that I had a choice really, at the time to pick and choose the doctor I had and where I live in Canada it probably wasn’t an option either way but I know that it changed my life forever and it’s mentally something that bothers me regularly, but that’s life I guess hope Tom heals quickly

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  • Start the conspiracy theories or “real truth” behind Tom's injuries. Tom got hurt because: • Christina is a deep cover Russian Spy who is working with Bert (who became a double agent in Russia as a youth) to influence America by harming comedians. • LeeAnn was harming Bert’s lover (Tom) out of jealousy. • The Russian mob was sending a message to Bert. • It was the “vig” Joe Rogan demanded for Tom to take over youtube • Jewish rabbi’s sent a golem to protect Nadav • It was Tom’s desperate attempt at getting drugs • It was the Viet Cong…they found the son of their greatest enemy • It was The Shining Path from Peru…reminding Tom of the oath he took as a youth

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  • My girl (Nurse) doesn’t believe Tom’s story. 😆 No way he could go home & sleep after he left “sketchy“ hospital . Even if he was pumped full of pain killers, they would be IV meds which don’t last long in your symptoms.

    Jorge HernandezJorge Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • Tom Segura said that 3 days before this happened he was doing sets of 12 squats with 255lb on his back, and calling it 'not super light', as though it's the most natural thing for him to do so. Now I'm not knocking his strength levels, but does anyone else find that statement a little fishy? I wish him a speedy recovery, but would be much more curious to see the squats than the dunking. If they are ass to grass full range squats with 255lb on his back like he said I would be very impressed.

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  • studio is big improvement. that red sex dungeon was just nasty.

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  • OMG Tom physical therapy work wonders , he may have lost an arm but gained my respect😁

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  • The new studio !! Wow congratulations dudes

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  • Tom you didn’t dunk nine 😭

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  • I cant watch the video without tearing up from laughter its got to be the funniest video on youtube.

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  • I tore my patella tendon playing Rugby but in the same incident I also got a head high tackle and got a broken nose. So I was patched up in the sheds and got a new jersey on to run back out onto the field when I noticed that my knee had swollen up and I was having trouble bending it. The eventual surgery drained a litre of fluid from my knee and I required 30 stiches along the inside of my patella tendon. So yeah Joe is right in saying you don't have pain from the initial tear but the swelling and pressure on the join afterwards is excruciating.

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  • Tom “slims fast” Segura

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  • Since we can't comment on Spotify. I have one about the show that has nothing to do with this. They end up talking about Jordan. And joe says Jordan used to host a pool tournament for celebs in Chicago. And he wasn't a celeb then. Ok joe. Just do your own!!! I wanna play in it!

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  • Why do I laugh every time I hear either of these white guys say with a straight fucking face “We were doing a dunk contest.”

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  • Yeah Tom!!!! You won alright.

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  • Bert was with Tom when he broke his arm and his patella, helped make him comfortable at home (instead of his wife), arranged transportation with him to the hospital, rode with him and stayed with him for hours until in the waiting room until he was admitted. That's a fucking friend. I wish I had a friend like that.

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  • I love how he assumes a “slam dunk contest” would sound normal to everyone 😅

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  • Listening to this, being from the UK is so...baffling??? for example when he says he called his doctor and asked what surgeon??? like whaat?? wha- are they not all trained the same?? is there not a standard of care?? what does a 'bad hospital' look like over there?? and what does a 'good hospital' look like?? during that entire conversation i was just shocked by how much it sounded like tom was shopping for a better hospital, as he should, as anyone would, but why is that need even there?? shouldn't every hospital offer the same quality of care?? i get specialist in different department of other hospitals, thats why transfers happen, but refusing surgery bc you dont know the quality of the care you'll get in a hospital is alien.

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  • from space ship to shitty take out wings restaurant

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  • It only makes sense Tom Segura broke his humorus.

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  • THANKYOU for this new and better studio

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  • Thanks, Tom, for sharing. That's a wild experience. Hope you recover well.

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  • The reaching for his knee with the other arm folded is so, so funny

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  • basketball is the most boring sport...

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  • I wish my friend would move my arm like Bert did. The EMT would’ve moved it right back just more professional and cautious

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  • the most interesting thing tom has ever done

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  • Woah I think I unconsciously stopped watching these cause of the last setup. It was very interesting.

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  • My heart sank...just looking at it don't do that shit 😅

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  • lol

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  • Pat Mcafee Had Me Dying Laughing About This Shit

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  • There are SO MANY dudes named Lindsay... Why the confusion?

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  • Tom is like 49 and can dunk on 9 ft. I'm like 29 100 lbs less and still can't do it. Tom is actually pretty in shape. And bert runs like 7 min miles sooo... we are fat pieces of shit

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  • Haven't watched JRE since they moved to Spotify. The comments were just too essential.

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  • What hell? He changed the room again!?

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  • What is there to explain? He’s fat, drunk, and unhealthy doing something an athletic, lean, and healthy person would be doing. And even the latter get injured often doing what he was doing. Pretty straightforward.

    Good ByeGood Bye11 dagar sedan
  • Another Peter Griffin comment.

    GranulatedGranulated11 dagar sedan
  • Watching this while recovering from my worst shoulder injury to date. Feels like it will never fully heal.

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  • It snapped because he's been overweight forever.

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  • Everyone needs to check the Pat McAfee retelling of this story when he was still high on opioids😂

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  • You won?

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  • 3:00 Joe what do you mean "not crazy heavy weight" ??

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  • Again?

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  • Did something similar to my humerus too when I fell down my stairs at home and bent my arm backwards behind my back. There wasn't a break, just a fracture at the top but, I have the same nerve bruising/damage; the pain and weakness of the arm he described is spot on. I would not wish it upon anyone.

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  • fuuuuckin hell

    KektoidKektoid12 dagar sedan
  • I love how fascinated Joe was😭😂

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  • I been known Cricket 47 years!

    John GallagherJohn Gallagher12 dagar sedan
  • I busted my ass trying to dunk before, but it was full 10feet. Luckily, I was still a young man. Now I can't even fall on my butt, or I'm in pain for a month.

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  • the new studio is awsome

    Petar VasicPetar Vasic13 dagar sedan
  • Bet he wont laugh at people getting hurt now lol. Karma's a real bitch Tom.

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  • Oh 15 pounds is hard to lift... " can you do a chin up"

    shane moorisshane mooris13 dagar sedan
  • Lmao no shot that was a 9 ft rim dunk

    Bill JoeBill Joe13 dagar sedan
  • I remember when Joe found about this during another podcast, he was laughing his ass off.

    Pup licePup lice13 dagar sedan
  • This has to be some karma for all the times he laughed at the guy pinned by the car

    J DJ D13 dagar sedan
  • why do older people get puffy bags underneath their eyes?

    MaganaBrothersMaganaBrothers14 dagar sedan
    • Tired

      Cory HamricCory Hamric12 dagar sedan

    Aaron HuppAaron Hupp14 dagar sedan
  • The atrophy is a real psychological hurdle. In college I was lifting 2-4hrs a day 6-7 days a week and I had an ACL surgery, a hernia surgery, and a broken hand during that time. The hernia and acl I came back no problem, but Breaking my hand fucked me up to wear I stopped lifting because I couldn’t lift 20lbs for more than 5 reps with that arm

    John NashJohn Nash14 dagar sedan
  • That new setout just made me nut

    SnoopSnoop14 dagar sedan
  • I was kinda vibing with the podcast being filmed from the Death Star

    Cole ChaistyCole Chaisty14 dagar sedan
  • Joe is high as absolute fuck lol

    Anthony HutchinsAnthony Hutchins14 dagar sedan
  • After hearing Tom explain the experience, I'm happy it happened to him.

    Eric SorensenEric Sorensen14 dagar sedan
    • Lmaoo

      Matthew ShinMatthew Shin12 dagar sedan
  • Fedsmoker strikes from the underworld!

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  • how can i watch this whole podcast?

    Sam ReentsSam Reents14 dagar sedan
  • I dont get why this accident is so special.

    Youtube VillainYoutube Villain14 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe spotify sucks. Love you and your show, but I've never been into SJW censorship. Best of luck, hope you find a better platform one day. Congrats on all that money though, I wish you the best.

    iwave24iwave2414 dagar sedan
  • Thank god for the new studio. The old was ugly as f...

    Lucas GenussLucas Genuss14 dagar sedan
  • I died when I watched Tom go up for that dunk. It looked like he slipped on a banana peel from a cartoon. And Tom had segments on his show your mom’s house laughing at people getting hurt, so I don’t want to hear, “oh you’re an asshole” lol.

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    • RIP

      Jbiscuits1959Jbiscuits195911 dagar sedan
  • “I juan..excuse me,I won.”

    Tommy PembertonTommy Pemberton14 dagar sedan
  • You didn't go to another hospital? That's just dumb lol why did a doctor have to tell you this?

    Senor SnipeySenor Snipey14 dagar sedan
  • Tom correcting himself on the pronunciation of "won" from "one" is something I never expected 😂😂

    Brendan DoddyBrendan Doddy14 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I kind of want to know why

      etniesdub1etniesdub16 dagar sedan
    • You should listen to YMH it will clarify

      SCNZSCNZ7 dagar sedan
    • Makes ya....One-der why....🤭

      E.W. E.W. "SquErl" Tiffin12 dagar sedan
  • NHS yo.

    Skiltonjack MusicSkiltonjack Music14 dagar sedan
  • They touch on peptides for whole two seconds, which is literally the most important thing here.

    Taric TheGemKnightTaric TheGemKnight15 dagar sedan
  • Tom you are better than this show. Rogan isn’t who he use to be. he’s a total tool now.

    Judy JetsonJudy Jetson15 dagar sedan
  • Tom Segura describes the perfect storm.

    CollinCollin15 dagar sedan
  • “... shooting content for our live show... “

    Bønzëaux BłëuxgrēnBønzëaux Błëuxgrēn15 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry but that fall was one of the funnest things ive seen all year 😂

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  • I wonder what hospital he didn't want the surgery done 🤔

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  • Lookup the action figure, it’s hilarious.

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  • That shit was hilarious lol

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  • Whats with the camera quality? Fuckin 480p? Jeez Jamie fix those camera settings.

    M CardinalM Cardinal15 dagar sedan
  • The thumbnail is great

    ChingonChingon15 dagar sedan
  • He ONE.

    jsmknightjsmknight15 dagar sedan
  • Poor Bastard. Definitely wasn’t worth those 3 last inches

    Richard SheltonRichard Shelton15 dagar sedan
  • Damn it, I thought it said DRUNK injury

    Craig KiddCraig Kidd15 dagar sedan
  • He explained his injury so many times before this podcast. 😂 Joe is feeling himself become obsolete

    Kyle HruskaKyle Hruska15 dagar sedan
  • I jumped off a roof and didn't break my knee. I landed on one foot and my heel slightly broke (avulsion fracture). Some people are just weak.

    morris heinerszmorris heinersz15 dagar sedan
    • Oh wow You're so much manlier than all of us wow

      UsljebrkizamUsljebrkizam13 dagar sedan
  • He's too old to get talked into things

    Yul NikitaYul Nikita16 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you discuss Project Veritas exposing CNN? Why don’t you invite James O’Keefe on your is long overdue?

    J OkJ Ok16 dagar sedan