WallStreet's Response to Gamestop Frenzy

30 jan 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1604 with Jamar Neighbors. open.spotify.com/episode/6zsloyDGxz43eUqTjp9Udg?si=_srVEgxdTj-xPExOLpbLNg

  • Please have deepfuckingvalue on your podcast interesting guy that started this whole thing

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  • "Saager is on the right" ..me (-_-) uh no he isn't.

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  • But on this video he say another information you can watched seworld.info/will/sJ-Wlqi3qIJ_15M/video

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  • *@**2:35** THE JOEGASM!* 👑 *LORD **#Abysss** arian* 👁👁👁 ⚔🛡🐉🤴🏿🐉🛡⚔

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  • begin with. The free market.

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  • And people still think they cant rig an election 😂😂🤦‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸🖕

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  • why's Joe interviewing a resident of Cyberpunk's Night City

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  • The rich stays rich and the poor stay poor.

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  • 5:43- SURPRISE!!

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    • it may be the microwave that is warming up my pussy pocket but, the video audio is out of sync on my blue-tooth earbuds.

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  • JOE ROGAN! can you please get Cathy Wood and chamath Palapathiya on the show. I promise to get on Spotify if you do! People please like this and get joe to get them.

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  • Sounds like its time to start physically jacking these wall street clowns.

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  • Damn, by the thumbnail, I thought joe brought Mr.T in the podcast.

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  • "It's not about the money. It's about sending a message." You know who.

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  • Don't just Occupy Wall St. Infiltrate it & drain the hedge funds. They have it coming. Now everyone knows it's all rigged against the average people.

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  • We are in the era of the ‘Great Lies’. -Steven Magee I do not consent to be irradiated by biologically harmful satellites. Steven Magee "The USA is dangerous on a global scale." -Steven Magee "I speak the language of electromagnetic radiation." -Steven Magee "Installing massive amounts of wireless devices into every city may eventually be proven to be a global weather modification system." -Steven Magee "While most people know that wireless radiation is in the air, it is also radiating up out of the ground." -Steven Magee "5G wireless radiation is degrading the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal that is critical to national security." -Steven Magee "It is well known to electromagnetic radiation researchers that exposing trees to wireless radiation can cause them to dry out and become more flammable." -Steven Magee "The government will tell you that 5G wireless radiation is not connected to COVID-19 because its biologically toxic business model relies on 5G." Steven Magee "The last plague before COVID-19 occurred over a century ago when there was little man-made wireless radiation, no man-made satellites or widespread electrification of homes and it lasted two years. Factoring in the environmental exposures from modern technologies, this pandemic may last much longer." Steven Magee

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  • Is he rocksteady or bebop?

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  • 75% of what they are saying backwards or wrong

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  • When you find out Wolf of Wallstreet isn't that far from the truth. Wall street bets isn't corporate friendly, but I'll be damned if it isn't apart of the wild slingers of the 80's atmosphere.

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  • Google should of left the reviews

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  • Jeepers.

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  • it may be the microwave that is warming up my pussy pocket but, the video audio is out of sync on my blue-tooth earbuds.

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  • Jamie is so annoying. I don't feel like watching it anymore

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  • I love that Joe talks about this stuff. This is just the beginning. FUCK WALL STREET

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    • So Robinhood's bullshit?

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  • The squeeze has not squoze. Hold you apes💎🤲🏼

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    • Old joe please come back

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  • 💎🤲🏼

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  • Spotify only has this for audio. No video. Anybody know how to make it work on iPad and iPhone?

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  • Crypto Stellar Lumens, next stop, the moon!!!

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    • Like like like i mean like like like like was like 90% of this podcast.

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  • See my playlists, you'll learn something useful and meaningful

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  • i got that same french press

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  • "intelligent people" ok joe idk about that. . . .

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  • What they dont tell you about gamestop >>>>>> @t

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  • This guy has no idea what's going on. WOW. It's like trying to explain calculus.

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  • joe you smoking that gas

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  • The problem wasn't them stopping us from selling, they stopped us from being able to buy. We ALL wanted to buy more to drive the price up further and further, but when you sell, it drives the price down (somewhat what happens). So by stopping us from buying, it halted momentum, some people panic sold, and the hedge funds were able to trade shares between each other at lower prices to drive the price down causing more panic. It's fucking tyrannical. I ain't done messing with Wallstreet.

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  • Old joe please come back

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  • So Robinhood's bullshit?

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    • Reddit didn't hack the system or cheat it at all in the same way the hedge funds did it. Reddit played fair. The hedge funds having been doing all kinds of ILLEGAL things.

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  • 1:39 stop the scam nothign redditos did was a scam

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  • Help out with the DOGECOIN. Shoutout?

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  • Like like like i mean like like like like was like 90% of this podcast.

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  • It just ladders up and up and up until the funds cant cover the losses they are betting against. Buy AMC

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  • That hair is something else. Dig it though

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  • I think this went way over jamar's head...and he's got a megamohawk lol

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  • JP Morgan was in on it...retailers dont manipulate markets to that extreme, period. look it up folks.

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    • Watching this clip actually killed some of my brains cells. Joe really should get informed before he spouts off. Also, who is his guest? He doesn't seem interested in this rant.

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  • Why did you remove Joe Rogan Experience #920?

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  • Umm i wouldnt listen to word 1 coming from that dudes mouth

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  • 5:40 same as they do already since months with the Truth who doesnt fit their occult narrative ::: censor! will catch you/us all-little by little. STARTS with trump so called right wing ect.ect. something that doesnt affect you - once the jeanny is out of the bottle its done - they go for health v@《 《ines ect., now it will be wall street, Next will be you or your loved ones. you cant stop them now anymore! once you allowed it with some-one/thing which didnt affect or maybe even seemed positive to you- you confirmed your own Nightmare. Be Sure they wont stop now; be sure will affect you too. Watch History they always start "small" and even popular. BUT then after you/we/society allowed it once you cant stop it anymore- step by step. ASK me as a german. was the same with adi hit.ler started once small and popular with censor and then slowly but surely it/they went out of Control.but not just adi - research History, no matter where, when or who-it is and was always the same welcome to the Holy relevations of St.John : welcome to our Apocalypse cry out too good JESUS beg for HIS HOLY mercy for our eternal souls GODbless

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  • It's not "technically" prohibited to count cards either, but the house HATES losing money, so if you keep winning at blackjack, you will be "asked" to leave.

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  • one big corrupt occult breed big tech, media, occultywood, wallstreet ect. follow the greed, connect the $, its all for their false God their occult lord satan is getting them with money - in exchange for the soul(knowing or unknown does not matter - its all about our soul - thats the big fight) consider their empty life with all the money in this world for about 70years is what they are in, for the very very real danger of "losing" your soul for eternity to an very very very dangerous and uncomfortable place called hell-consider eternal length will be eternal in exchange for an empty life of greed? is that worth it? prayers Brothers; the last help for our lost ones LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRISTUS have mercy with us sinners☆save us all with☆threw YOUR ETERNAL LOVE☆ALLMIGHTY MERCY every soul☆:especially the ones in most need🌹🕊🌹 Ⓜ️ARANATHA

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  • Reddit didn't hack the system or cheat it at all in the same way the hedge funds did it. Reddit played fair. The hedge funds having been doing all kinds of ILLEGAL things.

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  • Everything Joe said is false and this video proves it. seworld.info/will/aXCw2JK2hZx7sGQ/video

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  • Jamie has levelled up

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  • “Whaaaattt” This guy is reading straight out of the “I’m not listening” or “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about” handbook.

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  • I do love how people hand Hollywood and corporations money for films like Wolf of Wallstreet but then act surprised when they find out that’s reality. Guys, look at where your money goes!

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  • Holy hell. Retail investors absolutely can trade after hours.

    Bryan SheasbyBryan Sheasby23 dagar sedan
  • Watching this clip actually killed some of my brains cells. Joe really should get informed before he spouts off. Also, who is his guest? He doesn't seem interested in this rant.

    Bryan SheasbyBryan Sheasby23 dagar sedan
  • Robinhood stole from the government and gave to the poor. He was a libertarian.

    Bryan SheasbyBryan Sheasby23 dagar sedan
  • dude your shirt is too tight....

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  • RobinHood was playing with the money of their customers for two days instead of buying the stock right away. The Clearing House for RobinHood then put a stop to it because it wasn't sure anymore if RobinHood would be able to fulfill the delayed payment of the stocks at the now much higher price. Hence the stop regarding buying the risky stocks but not a stop on selling them. RobinHood had to raise some billions in order to meet the Clearing House requirements while their CEO was literally lying about their liquidity issues on air! Well, that shit happens when trading platforms don't buy the stocks right away when their customers order them. Usually those cheap platforms make money by playing with the investor money for a few days before really buying the stock and by selling data on customer trading behavior to hedge funds. Probably this will have some consequences now.

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  • Gen Z Mr. T has a look

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  • Most brokers on Wall Street are street guys.

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  • They weren’t making money doing this. & millions isn’t the same as billions

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  • 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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  • joe did a pretty good job of explaining the situation.

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  • A legit complaint , one star ⭐ deserved but nah...G steps in ,nope , deleted, saved by G.....not first time they do this nor last, fk up

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  • We need to get Jimmy Dore back on.

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  • Does the guy with the red mohawk Have an album coming out or is he a wrestler Or something? Is he some kind of artist?

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  • You are evil

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  • find a loop whole in the systems that’s a legal the billionaire crying because they a bully by a bunch of teens lol lol

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  • Is that Mr. T?

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  • VPER

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  • It's sad people dont realize how corrupt our government truly is.

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  • Joe is losing credibility talking about this. He has no idea what he talking about.

    Charlie WannanCharlie Wannan23 dagar sedan
  • Buying stocks is hardly a scam 😂😂😂😂

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  • why even use robinhood over questrade

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  • How can normal people still benefit off of this today I wanna get on Reddit and be in on the next ‘GameStop’ these Reddit dudes made some real money and they’re gonna keep doing it

    WorldIsFilledBWorldIsFilledB24 dagar sedan
    • All the little fish swarmed and took out the sharks

      dcoog anmldcoog anml23 dagar sedan
  • its not a scam. we just like the stock. brb, gonna go buy more

    D4RealD4Real24 dagar sedan
  • Dam my character from Cyber Punk got bugged into Joe Rogan.

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  • I call on The State of Queensland, currently in the federal commonwealth nation of Australia, to secede and form a new Nation with the State of Texas

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  • Wall Street is playing both sides. DarkPool money JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are in on it and also Michael Burry who made a killing on 2008 housing bubble.. This is another psy-op for the plebs. Shorters somewhere getting fucked but hey.

    Woem YromWoem Yrom24 dagar sedan
  • I’m just an average guy but invested in AAL around New Year’s Eve and had no Idea it would go up but took a chance. I walked away with $1700 bucks So you never know what might happen but I’m my case I just got lucky that’s it. Thanks Hedgers👍

    Brandon CondonBrandon Condon24 dagar sedan
  • Sell your $GME before it’s -90%. Short squeezes don’t last forever people. Good job making the HF’s lose money now take your profits.

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  • AMC 🚀

    amber lascoamber lasco24 dagar sedan
  • Kek Vult!

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  • I almost want to watch the big short again

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    • Yea

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    • Yeah, I just wanna get even MADDER.

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    • @Matthew Fortuna lolol it all starts small duh

      Francisco RojasFrancisco Rojas14 dagar sedan
    • Unfortunately that movie is more about a couple brokers and not the overall story: either way great movie

      Matthew FortunaMatthew Fortuna14 dagar sedan
    • @Jazz Feline to be honest you can just be asked to leave if you’re winning or for any reason. You’re not supposed to win, it’s in the T&Cs

      Jamie MortimerJamie Mortimer16 dagar sedan
  • 7:07 The moment Joe spotted his muffin top...

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  • Joe Rogan would love #ThomasMassie #MassieforPresident #2024

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  • Begun, the stock wars have

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  • good cut

    Clips YZClips YZ24 dagar sedan
  • All the little fish swarmed and took out the sharks

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  • They got lucky by taking advantage of wall street being lazy and reckless. They placed the short wayyy too early. Joe Rogan is acting like these reddit guys are equipped with the tools to actually hurt Wall Street. “Now they know how to manipulate the market” hahahaha

    Zak thisispublicZak thisispublic24 dagar sedan
  • Robinhood is a product that serves retail investors in the same way a slaughterhouse is a product that serves cows .

    J DANJ DAN24 dagar sedan