The FBI Investigating Governor Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths

20 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1610 - Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon.

  • The coumo brothers America's dumbest fake gangsters.

    kendog0731kendog0731Timme sedan
  • We in New York have been saying this for damn months if not years he is a old school mobsters and needs to go to jail and resign or be ripped from his position!

    Boxin Dachshund ClipsBoxin Dachshund ClipsTimme sedan
  • 4:40 "when you enforce lockdowns you enforce people to be right on top of each other and breath each other's air..." This is the fucking stupidest thing he's said yet. If people live with someone, they live with them. They are going to be around the people they live with no matter what. He's saying we should send those people out into the world - where they can actually catch the virus - and then come home and give it to their loved ones. This guy is absolutely moronic today. lol.

    NicNicTimme sedan
  • 4:18 What the hell happened to JR in this clip? He sounds like an idiot. It's actually true that people didn't listen or wear their masks properly if at all or social distance. His libertarianism is clouding his judgment on this one. Also, yeah, if you don't want to gain weight, stop eating dairy mixed with sugar and do your 20 mins of cardio 5 days a week. The only reason he wants to believe it was made in a lab is so that he doesn't have to admit that people shouldn't be eating animals to avoid pandemics/global warming/ health issues.

    NicNicTimme sedan
  • 2:58 lmfao - Jake tapper is *NOT* a credible journalist.

    NicNicTimme sedan
  • Love Tim Dillon!

    Chris RChris RTimme sedan
  • 3:03 I love you Joe, but you are dead wrong about that.

    William KreuserWilliam Kreuser2 timmar sedan
  • Fbi is corrupt

    Joshua MerwineJoshua Merwine2 timmar sedan
  • I don’t have to be a fking doctor to tell you sending sick ppl into a nursing home is a bad idea

    Drew CDrew C2 timmar sedan
  • Demonrats = criminals

    cuenta dropboxcuenta dropbox2 timmar sedan
  • Let a black person do that prison time instantly white privilege on another level

    Eugene PhiferEugene Phifer3 timmar sedan
  • Yeah I'm sure they are investigating 😂😂😂 Joe, you still think Cuomo can be a good president? 😂😂 Bottom line Joe, you're a lefty. And that is disgusting. And the worst part is that you moved to a beautiful red state, and you'll bring with you this left wing twisted mindset (up to birth abortion and so forth) Shame. At least tell your friends to stay in California with gavin.

    Marley 81Marley 813 timmar sedan
  • Jake Tapper hasn’t been credible since full blown TDS set in 4+ years ago.

    Brandon WaltersBrandon Walters4 timmar sedan
  • Really Joe? "Democratic Trump"? God you're so out touch with reality

    Camden KeeferCamden Keefer4 timmar sedan
  • So joe gets his info from the hill. So joe is a liberal nut job.

    wayno johnsonwayno johnson5 timmar sedan
  • Old people die, it's a flu. Thanks for the over exaggeration.

    J RockJ Rock5 timmar sedan
  • 3:26 🤣

    TwOxSiDeTwOxSiDe6 timmar sedan
  • In other words nothing will happen. Being accused for sexual allegations is just a cover for greater crimes so he’ll step down without having to face his greater crimes

    SteveSteve7 timmar sedan
  • Hey hey Cuomo -Aye. How many grannies did you kill today?

    Jay VokeJay Voke8 timmar sedan
  • Since Joe went to Spotify I haven't watched one of his videos.

    Sendo 427Sendo 4278 timmar sedan
  • Yoo!! Rogan should stay away from politics. People who speak so confidently about politics and allegations when it’s just he said she said is no different then FOX or CNN. It’s a snowball effect and nobody really knows jack shit.

    Palm DudePalm Dude8 timmar sedan
  • What if the side effects of the vaccine were flu and pneumonia symptoms?

    Liam ByrneLiam Byrne9 timmar sedan
  • Lol Jake Tapeworm

    Matt HeavenerMatt Heavener9 timmar sedan
  • Dude's not a regular serial killer he targeted the elderly..... Sad thing the majority of politicians are kidd diddling perverts like him. The corona virus hajahajahajahajaha you mean the common cold used as a weapon to disenfranchise citizens? HAJAHAJAHAJAHA phukk spotify to, to many baby sitter apps ran by libtards not enough kids....

    Darrel DenverDarrel Denver9 timmar sedan
  • Rogan: "Jake Tapper is a credible journalist." 🤣🤣🤣

    Carmen CCarmen C10 timmar sedan
  • Jake tapper is a sleeze ball

    Zach PoeZach Poe10 timmar sedan
  • Did you really call cuomo the democratic Donald trump you jerk off

    Zach PoeZach Poe10 timmar sedan
  • You lost me at Jake Tapper is a credible journalist....LOL

    Force Ghost Fred JohnsonForce Ghost Fred Johnson11 timmar sedan
  • Almost 1 million views and only 5,000 comments..amazes me always. Why is this 🤔 ?

    RicardoRicardo11 timmar sedan
  • He's a DemonKKKrat...nothing will happen. In fact now the intel agencies have him compromised so he'll probably gain more power

    Bryochemical IntuitionBryochemical Intuition11 timmar sedan
  • Joe has no fucking spine. "I'm so stupid I dont know anything"

    Nick HNick H12 timmar sedan
  • Joe that set is downright depressing. Red and black? Really dude? Most depressing place ever.

    Brick SampsonBrick Sampson12 timmar sedan
  • Amen. Look up the whistleblowers.... Like at Elmhurst.

    closertopolemonkeyclosertopolemonkey12 timmar sedan
  • What is the guys name on Rogan's shirt

    Chris HartChris Hart14 timmar sedan
  • Honestly, we may get a future speech from democrat leaders straight up lying and won’t take responsibility. I’m bipartisan but holy shit the dems downgraded.

    Doug LasDoug Las14 timmar sedan
  • Cuomo (NY), Newsom (CA) and Whitmer (MI). Election is over, time for the DNC to toss these useful idiot governors to the wolves.

    EvilMonkeyJoeEvilMonkeyJoe14 timmar sedan
  • Jake Tapper is a credible journalist = Joe Rogan is a forking idiot

    OmarOmar15 timmar sedan
  • I dont see any politicians surviving this... unless of course they get political 😂

    JimBobBekJimBobBek16 timmar sedan
  • funny how conservatives were talking about this as it was happening, but the media didn't care because they wanted to protect biden's election chances

    uchibenkeiuchibenkei17 timmar sedan
  • Lol. Why. Big deal. Bill is amazing and has done more for tje black and latino population than any politician in history! He is a literal genius and only idiots disagree. Ughhhh he fills my pants with cream. MMmmmmm😁😁

    Steven RiversSteven Rivers17 timmar sedan
  • The only reason Cuomo will get (be) investigated is if the Democrat deep state team decide they want him out of the game. If they decided he was to be promoted as a golden boy (as he once was) it would all go away. How? I think we know. Unlucky for Cuomo they have given him a thumbs down. His Bro at CNN had better watch his 6.

    chris sheppardchris sheppard17 timmar sedan
  • Jake tapper ? You said is credible ? What a joke

    sergisaiassergisaias18 timmar sedan
  • Hes a liberal so he's just gonna get transgender surgery to prove it

    Amy SullivanAmy Sullivan18 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan: "Jake Tapper is a credible journalist" lmao The same Jake Tapper that is a partisan democrat (partisanship is anti journalism) and work for a corporation (also anti journalism). He's not a journalist he's a talking head for the DemoKKKratic party. He'd be slightly credible if he worked for someone that did not share his political orientation and challenged his own employers the same way Tucker Carlson (a libertarian) did with Fox.

    Joe BensonJoe Benson19 timmar sedan
  • Saagar and crystal dont “know what they are talking about,” JR just likes their commentary. Much like he likes to project himself, if it sounds good he says it’s right and he likes it. Facts be damn - opinion opinion opinion - not always realistic, honest or possible - Meh, fuck it

    anne weberanne weber19 timmar sedan
  • Krystal and Saagar actually have no clue what they’re talking about

    Sean McNultySean McNulty19 timmar sedan
  • And he is sitting at a 54 percent approval rate.. WTF.. Really New York. WTF???

    Skull DaddySkull Daddy20 timmar sedan

    Brittany BurkhartBrittany Burkhart20 timmar sedan
  • he lied about 120.000 deaths

    I KNOW ALLI KNOW ALL20 timmar sedan
  • Joe and idiots are the same people thinking. CAnanda is a utopia.

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot21 timme sedan
  • No matter where you move.. you're still stupid. Listening to joe sometimes is... he's so stupid. Moved to Spotify, gets screwed over by Spotify..moves from Hollywood to Texas.. still the same.

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot21 timme sedan
  • Jake Tapper and the word credible used in the same sentence is oxymoronic.

    Mathew McdonaldMathew Mcdonald22 timmar sedan
  • Where was the guy with bat for that. Almost choked

    Theater of the AbsurdTheater of the Absurd22 timmar sedan

    Fun Box EntertainmentFun Box Entertainment22 timmar sedan
  • Put that bastard in jail along with his lying brother Fredo!!

    greg laviergreg lavier22 timmar sedan
  • Put that bastard in jail along with his lying brother Fredo!!

    greg laviergreg lavier22 timmar sedan
  • Jake tapper a creditable journalist lmao. That is like saying jimmy carter was a good president.

    MyTruckinLife ACEMyTruckinLife ACE22 timmar sedan
  • Lets be honest, no decent woman would ever into Tim Dillon

    Max BrennanMax Brennan23 timmar sedan
  • He will get just a slap on the wrist nothing more😔

    Scott OmarScott OmarDag sedan
  • Man imagine if trump did something like that.

    Edward SherwoodEdward SherwoodDag sedan
  • Lmao “that’s a threat”

    Orion DezineOrion DezineDag sedan
  • Hey joe" I'll go along and agree with whatever whoever is talking about at the moment and change my mind later all the time"rogan,how ya been man I havnt been watching alot lately.?.🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

    Tha NatikidTha NatikidDag sedan
  • Anyone with half a brain could tell coumo was a crook and a liar. Party because hes a democrat and party because his brother is another fraud on CNN.

    efc toffeeefc toffeeDag sedan
  • Tim Dillon and Ryan Long are my favorite comedians at the moment. They feel like real comedians. Real throwbacks to the old school.

    strongochostrongochoDag sedan
  • "Jake Tapper is a credible journalist"......wut

    Expanded ThinkingExpanded ThinkingDag sedan
  • Joe loves wearing this shirt...

    Expanded ThinkingExpanded ThinkingDag sedan
  • The awake hamburger bizarrely heat because hose positionally lick outside a tasty cent. half, reminiscent may

    Yu OdYu OdDag sedan
  • Tapper..... credible???? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    frydad56561frydad56561Dag sedan
  • I hate Rogan on Spotify. Right after his 2sec intro , advertisement after advertisement plays and it never gets to the actual show! As soon as I hit play, I have to skip 15min ahead to get past the ad loop. It's dumb. Not to mention, I paid mnthly sub to not have ads. So wtf.

    T BaussT BaussDag sedan
  • Recall Newsom

    Don't Believe Everything You HearDon't Believe Everything You HearDag sedan
  • s n a i c i t i l o p r u o y L L I K

    Verb NounVerb NounDag sedan
  • JR, I’ve news for you, Spotify does not function the way why you claim. Videos do not play

    SidbreDeRoulesSidbreDeRoulesDag sedan
  • I hope my stupid state goes after Newsome in the same way.

    HayabusaRyuHayabusaRyuDag sedan
  • If i was in front of Cuomo i would ask him if he believes this controversy and the sexual harassment acusation could cost him the possibility of back to back emmys

    Alexander ARAlexander ARDag sedan
  • Jake Tapper, Laura Logan heard that and spit up her beer.

    Randy BoisaRandy BoisaDag sedan
  • Jake tapper a true Journalist lol dont make me laugh, he is not the one who kill 1000 the media help him to do that, all CNN NBC including Tapper, and they blame Trump this is amazing, America is a Joke.

    Intune KnightIntune KnightDag sedan

    Aimee CurryAimee CurryDag sedan
  • Cuomo being reported on nbc doesn't suggest he's fucked, it just shows they're getting more brazen at rubbing their crimes in our faces!

    MarkMarkDag sedan
  • Calling Jake Tapeworm a credible journalist tells you all you need to know about Joe's knowledge on this! 😂

    MarkMarkDag sedan
  • Democraps never go to jail. They don't get slaps on the wrist. Hence billery, comey, clapper, Brennan, page, mccabe and strohk

    JVEEJVEEDag sedan
  • The title is hilarious and I didn’t bother watching because when the FBI is involved that basically means they will cover for democrats. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up at all.

    Lucky ULucky UDag sedan
  • Well, at least he isn’t rude with a bad tan and talk’n trash on Twitter.

    C KC KDag sedan
  • Eh oh ..... Oh eh ... Anyone talkin bout Cuomo gets whacked

    Jason MooreJason MooreDag sedan

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreasDag sedan
  • Sometimes I think Joe Rogan is so intelligent and in tuned with the average american. Then I hear him say things like he thought Cuomo was handling the Covid excellent and I realize he hasn't a clue on the average americans reality. Anyone paying attention for 30 seconds could figure out Cuomo is a corrupt scumbag

    The truth FactsThe truth FactsDag sedan
  • This needs more airtime.

    racer89gtracer89gtDag sedan
  • He did it to get the kill numbers up. Remember how he kept yelling at trump about the medical ship and supplies. Said they had to dig graves in Central Park, but lying. No fall out for his behavior until recently.

    William CarmanWilliam CarmanDag sedan
  • Real proof they eat their own Cuomo is done and should be thrown to the wolves

    Christina GarnerChristina GarnerDag sedan
  • “When there's a person, there's a problem. When there's no person, there's no problem. Josef Stalin” ― Josef Stalin

    Nuanced LiarsNuanced LiarsDag sedan
  • We took decade upon decade of knowledge of viral transmission, immunity and effect and did everything possible to be incorrect and make this worse. And for what? To hand the entire world over to a globalist agenda, The same agenda that owns the lab in wuhan and created the virus in the first place.

  • lock him up

    moxamed barsearmoxamed barsearDag sedan
  • Tappers a clown

    Matt aMatt aDag sedan
  • Sheep. Now all these idiots are going to realize how good Trump was. He might not be the best speaker, but he loves this country.

    Eric LopezEric LopezDag sedan
  • The left forgot that Trump drew the ire and attention of all the “alphabet men” when he was in office, now they’re smokescreen is gone and they’ll find out how savage unelected officials can be.

  • I've seen contestants on the Gong show better than those dancing around DeBlasio

    Laure CainLaure CainDag sedan
  • A gangster/murderer got an Emmy, only in USA!

    Mikael TjerneldMikael TjerneldDag sedan
  • Bring me back your millions and I'll buy you a drink.

    Laure CainLaure CainDag sedan
  • This same information was exposed a year ago on the mark levin radio show bt a Dr that called in. But because of the media and the agenda no one ever looked into it.

    JeffJeffDag sedan
  • He's in their club. Nothing will happen to him. This is all to maintain the illusion of objectivity.

    PMcCul4486PMcCul4486Dag sedan
  • He killed those people. Ignorance or on purpose. Does it matter?

    a94cobraa94cobraDag sedan