Joe Reflects on the Podcast & Moving to Spotify

8 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1607 with Fahim Anwar.

  • It cost 100 million dollars to silence Joe Rogan

    BBQ PandaBBQ Panda28 minuter sedan
  • My Joe Rogan consumption has gone down 99% since he went to spotify

    Noahstradamus the_lesser_knownNoahstradamus the_lesser_known2 timmar sedan
  • only today have i realised i haven't watched a JRE clip since he left youtube!...and i would watch at least 30mins of him a day before that! what also gets me is Joe used to be so philosophical and was portrayed as someone that would put his fans before extra income but i guess money always gets people in the end...

    Jimmy McgillJimmy Mcgill8 timmar sedan
  • Joe Budden tried to tell everyone that Spotify isn't for the creators

    Anthony MartinAnthony Martin13 timmar sedan
  • Comment warrior here standing back and standing by

    Steven ContrerasSteven ContrerasDag sedan
  • No comments, means no watching by me , don't get what would be bad if Spotify added comments to thier platform they'd get more listeners and more money , I mean thier a buissness. Anyway cant watch Joe without comments being available.

    paul benedictpaul benedictDag sedan
  • My favorite is how Joe, who seems to be pretty into privacy and individual rights, somehow does not see that pushing Spotify to everyone "for free" is just helping these giant corporations get ALL of our data... for free. Every dumb asshole that installed the app just gave everything away....for free. Yeah, Spotify is free alright. Free to access everything on your devices.Loved Joe, but I will NEVER use Spotify. No one should. You're just helping destroy music, too.

    J et le WafflesJ et le WafflesDag sedan
  • Comment Section Gang Rise Up!

  • Used to watch every episode now watch none 😅

    AkabearclawAkabearclawDag sedan
  • This guess comes across as a total yes man.

    DaltonDaltonDag sedan
  • Idk I like it for driving 🤔 should also have full episodes on SEworld, I’m sure they’ll get there

    MollymawkMollymawkDag sedan
  • Doesn't work with VPN therefore can't be accessed from China

    Kinga KorskaKinga KorskaDag sedan
  • Spotify is not what I like, I’m sure it’s good but... not what I like

    No Fundamentals DcNo Fundamentals DcDag sedan
  • @loveforthe90s (top comment) please thumb his comment up. Save the show.

    Sean 11:11Sean 11:11Dag sedan
  • I cannot explain to myself why Im clicking less on JRE Podcasts since he moved to Spotify. As I see, Im not alone :D

    Ladislav NémethLadislav NémethDag sedan
  • Where are the torrents????? I'm not downloading spotify

    Raw UmberRaw UmberDag sedan
  • Im sorry my man, but i hate this so hard, one of my favorite things to was to ”sitdown” with you guys, feeling like i was around the table and watching you guys just talk about fucking everything man.. it’s like talking with your friend in person compare to over the phone, it just sucks bags of dicks in comparisson :/ stay blessed no matter tho :D

    steinis93steinis93Dag sedan
  • My JRE consumption has dropped dramatically. I will never use Spotify.

    JesseJesseDag sedan
  • Yeah I don’t think Spotify was the correct move for US but it was definitely the best move for HIM. And it’s HIS show so no one can really complain, big bucks ma dude

    Shazzy AShazzy ADag sedan
  • kind reminder that Joe straight up lied and said there wouldn't be ads

    Constantine LycourisConstantine LycourisDag sedan
  • I love the amount of boomers here who don't understand you can literally watch the video podcast on the web player. It's literally just going to another website and logging on to your Spotify account, boom, you can watch the cast there. Tech illiterate boomers are the worst...

    WeevilWeevilDag sedan
  • I haven’t minded the Spotify although the 15 to 20 minute advertisements gets old fast (joe “brought to you by!” Rogan)

    Caleb EyreCaleb EyreDag sedan
  • Joe needed a manager to tell him that video and audio was better than just audio? COUGH TV vs Radio COUGH....

    DenmardiuDenmardiuDag sedan
  • I'm in Ireland. I tried once after you moved to Spotify, it was terrible, couldn't find any video, couldn't search for specific guests. Might try again in a few months. It's a pity, I used to listen/watch most episodes. Haven't heard a single episode since you moved.

    BobbynotthinghamBobbynotthinghamDag sedan
  • I'm never going to wokeify not even for rogan

    She doesn't Luv u She never will.She doesn't Luv u She never will.Dag sedan
  • bad move joe.......

    Ivan BratkovicIvan Bratkovic2 dagar sedan
  • they're so drunk lol

    spideyspidey2 dagar sedan
  • I guess now he really is just a dude with a microphone.

    Melle LiciousMelle Licious2 dagar sedan
  • I miss the comments, and there should be timestamps on each podcast

    Benry11Benry112 dagar sedan
  • I think it was a good choice just wish he would upload his interviews to SEworld too

    shattered memoriesshattered memories2 dagar sedan
  • The main reason why spotify doesnt work is because u can't look at comments while your watching and you don't get recommended similar podcasts after finishing

    Scott HolmesScott Holmes2 dagar sedan
  • The fact that there are barely any clips now of the show is what makes it suck on Spotify. That and no ability to comment on the show. I don't want to have to watch a whole fucking show to see just a certain interesting part. I hate the show on Spotify.

    W GW G2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah a podcast without video is just not it for me it feels weird to listen to Joe and his guest without seeing their facial expressions when they laugh etc

    Mirza singgihMirza singgih2 dagar sedan
  • Sold his soul and now he's trying to justify it. You sold out rogaine.

    Tip RiflesonTip Rifleson2 dagar sedan
  • And Joe said he was getting a new studio, and getting out of that bomb shelter.

    z borgz borg2 dagar sedan
  • Dude, spotify podcasts are not even in a lot of countries

    orewakageorewakage2 dagar sedan
  • Get off spotify 😑

    Rafael SanchezRafael Sanchez2 dagar sedan
  • Spotify is so confusing & kept repeating the 15 minutes of commercials when it messed up. I’m soooo not liking it. I might join premium because I love watching Rogan...It’s just so not user friendly.

    KristinA CassidyKristinA Cassidy2 dagar sedan
  • They weren’t ready for the volume? They want to manage Joe’s program. What I enjoyed the most of Joe’s programs on SEworld was the diversity of his guests both conservatives and liberals. I like honest debate and different personalities. I think Joe is a pretty cool dude

    Rob AustinRob Austin2 dagar sedan
  • Bro I can’t even play the stupid videos on Spotify with out getting 1,000 adds wtf ?

    Bricks SandyBricks Sandy2 dagar sedan
  • Joe rogan experience will come back in 4 years and it'll be stronger than ever. But for now it will decline for the next years

    Joh CarlsonJoh Carlson3 dagar sedan
  • Reading the comments now, realizing I have the same opinion just as anyone else. Too bad Joe moved on Spotify and too bad some great talks got deleted. I miss podcasts with Dennis McKenna, god I miss em.

    Йосиф ПригожинЙосиф Пригожин3 dagar sedan
  • I really haven't talked to anyone who moved to spotify specifically for this podcast. I'll just stick to SEworld

    Jeremiah JohnsonJeremiah Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • joe to us: we arent censoring episodes we are having issues with those episodes joe to fahim: spotify didnt want a few episodes on their platform and i understood

    thomas hodgesthomas hodges3 dagar sedan
  • joe with duncan: that photo of mitzi comes with me on the plane joe to fahim: i gotta go back and get mitzi

    thomas hodgesthomas hodges3 dagar sedan
  • Hyper critical comment, 100% relate bruh

    K-rexK-rex3 dagar sedan
  • Fuck Spotify

    italian_kiditalian_kid3 dagar sedan
  • Let me say that if you don't want to follow Joe on Spotify then okay fine but he can do and will do what ever he wants at least he is successful and loves what he does! He can PODCAST wherever and how ever and millions will follow no matter what its him that makes the PODCAST not SEworld! SEworld is not forever... check back on my comment in say 50 years when SEworld is old and all of you are laughing at people who try to hack and bring SEworld back!

    Malina MacGregorMalina MacGregor3 dagar sedan
  • Seems very corporate now it’s unfortunate but i do understand the 100 million dollars

    André RanchAndré Ranch3 dagar sedan
  • I can't stand watching in Spotify... I now ONLY watch when the guest = Elon Musk, Tim Dillon, and/or Alex Jones.

    PetroleumEngineer07PetroleumEngineer073 dagar sedan
  • I can't stand all the ads that pop up while watching Joe in Spotify. I have a PAID ACCOUNT, I should NOT BE GETTING DAMN ADS! And spotify's video setting in the phone is a pain in the @$ - I always click out of it by accident and the screen turns off if video in not sideways.

    PetroleumEngineer07PetroleumEngineer073 dagar sedan
  • Spotify paid you 100 million... but wasnt ready for it?? Gimme a break.

    HighAltitudeMMAHighAltitudeMMA3 dagar sedan
  • I tried Spotify and its horrible... no comment section, constantly losing my playtime and restarting "playback failed" is a constant message..... then I heard they were controlling what Joe can discuss DUMPSTER FIRE

    Bob DoleBob Dole3 dagar sedan
  • I only watch these when they’re videos, much less interesting to me otherwise! And I don’t understand why on Apple TV the Spotify app you can’t just watch videos? PLEASE KEEP THE VIDEOS!!!

    Aiden McGinnisAiden McGinnis3 dagar sedan
  • lol as soon the pod started, it sounded like joe had spotify in his mouth...

    thomas beauvaisthomas beauvais3 dagar sedan
  • Fuck spotify xbox app!! No video! HOW DARE YOU?!

    D BD B3 dagar sedan
  • I can't see the video on Spotify.

    Scott MerrickScott Merrick3 dagar sedan
  • They say it's the same, but it isn't the same. 😣

    Chet HannahChet Hannah4 dagar sedan
  • Like it much more on Spotify, much easier to jump between audio and video.

    Victor SedinVictor Sedin4 dagar sedan
  • As someone who already uses 4 different audio services, I won't add another one. I'm glad you got paid, and I'm not here to shit talk you.... Just saying it's weird that you justify alienating lots of your viewership for money. Considering I doubt you were already in a pinch for money that is....

    Andrew LedfordAndrew Ledford4 dagar sedan
  • Never heard of this guy before.

    Callum BushCallum Bush4 dagar sedan
  • The last time I went Spotify there was no way to search, and the only way to listen to old episodes was to keep scrolling for minutes When I first got into the podcast I would search for interesting topics/people and sometimes id be listening to an episode from multiple years ago. Not since moving to Spotify

    tommy limtommy lim4 dagar sedan
  • Dafuq is a spotify?

    falling9998falling99984 dagar sedan
  • Here's the funny thing. I have Spotify, had it for ages.. Haven't listened to a single podcast of his on there lol

    Joe SheridanJoe Sheridan4 dagar sedan
  • The last episode I saw was the one with the female rock climber... why Spotify

    ShreddShredd4 dagar sedan
  • I have Spotify and I rarely listen to this on it. It just doesn’t work for me.

    Scott AndrewScott Andrew4 dagar sedan
  • people resonates batter with vids than just listening ... thats why u tube is blowing up! i used to watch alot of ur podcast but since u move to spotity i haven’t watch much because im annoyed with the apps , fact that u cant watch on tv is dumb .

    NatNat4 dagar sedan
  • I'm not going to spotify to listen to this and probably wouldn't watch anything if it cames back to SEworld today. Mostly because of the lie about the "it's ok, we're here" that came through on audio and Joe's subsequent lie about how it was himself that said those words when he was on camera definitely not saying those words. It makes so much more sense that someone is in his ear telling him topics to avoid or derail as they come up. Every topic that is unknown, controversial, uncomfortable brought up by guests gets the ax nearly immediately by joe at the worst possible time.

    Lance WestveerLance Westveer4 dagar sedan
  • All we get now is bits of video...too bad. SEworld was better.

    30hank0330hank034 dagar sedan
  • Audio quality got worse on Spotify. The acoustics is bad and there seems to be no audio post-processing.

    30hank0330hank034 dagar sedan
  • Listen if Spotify was available in Korea I would have no problem downloading it. But i cant. It’s sad for me cuz I used to listen to so many episodes and get inspired.. now i cant

    33sdfsdf33sdfsdf4 dagar sedan
  • omg he's so good im so mad hes on spotify tho, cant wait for next year when he's made 100 mill and comes back freer than ever

    Viggo EkmanViggo Ekman4 dagar sedan
  • You sold out Joe.

    Jessie CarrilloJessie Carrillo4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah let's go back to Radio

    D LD L4 dagar sedan
  • Spotify 👎

    D LD L4 dagar sedan
  • Fuck the spotify money-grab move. Joe selling out and loosing audience to it is one of the saddest things in recent history. « Podcasts are good because they’re free and accessible to everyone ». Well, fuck you, Joe... Thanks.

    Nikolai TregouetNikolai Tregouet4 dagar sedan
  • I tried to make a Spotify account multiple times and it wouldn’t work. Haven’t watched the podcast since the switch.

    Jeremy RoundsJeremy Rounds4 dagar sedan
  • Who hasn’t gone to Spotify? I’m one

    Luke KingdonLuke Kingdon4 dagar sedan
  • Joe needs to give that money back to spotify right now.

    Tyler FordTyler Ford4 dagar sedan
  • Spotify does not have the comments, likes, clips, and community SEworld provides as a platform. Sadly

    NardiummsNardiumms4 dagar sedan
  • This is going to be like that Quibi shit - they spammed youtube before it came out, then they took a bunch of shit off youtube to put it over there...and they died and lost more money more quickly than almost any other business in history. Other people are doing this with other "streaming platforms" too, trying to get you to leave youtube and go over there. Listen, I already pay for youtube, I'm not fucking paying for 10 different subscriptions. We've finally come to a point where we are free of normal bullshit cable/satellite TV bills - and somebody is always trying to ruin that! Greedy fucks. It's ironic how he talks about this being so organic and not advertising - the only reason he moved is to get more money. There could be no other motivation. The spotify ads he puts at the end now makes me sick.

    Ryan RobertsRyan Roberts4 dagar sedan
  • Other than not having comments it’s not really a big deal, it’s pretty much the same thing. You can watch it with the screen off or on which is a big bonus even.

    promachackerpromachacker5 dagar sedan
  • Video and comments make the podcast %1,000 percent more relatable and better. Have those 2 and Spotify wont be a problem.

    Nedak CoNedak Co5 dagar sedan
  • The lack of a comment section is the biggest sin. That was the soul of the podcast man but everybody gotta get their $$$$ I get it.

    jebusm86jebusm865 dagar sedan
  • I can't even watch it on spotify. The studio sucks, the guests suck, you're not even joe rogan now, you're an arm of a corporation. Welcome, Roe Jogan

    Liam YorkLiam York5 dagar sedan
  • I miss joe and Tim dillon

    movnguymovnguy5 dagar sedan
  • At least we can see who the real fans are. Most of you were never real fans

    Ben SwiecickiBen Swiecicki5 dagar sedan
  • i miss the comments

    StephenStephen5 dagar sedan
  • going to Spotify has been a disaster. I'm a fan of Spotify and Joe Rogan but with Spotify it freezes often, downloads just don't work, and 50% of the episodes I haven't been able to play. I pay for Spotify and had a much better experience using SEworld and apple podcasts. Super disappointed and hope it gets better out of love for the show

    Trapper Van DreasonTrapper Van Dreason5 dagar sedan
  • How do we get Spotify to add comment section? Is there some way we can send like a petition straight to them ???

    Matt WardMatt Ward5 dagar sedan
  • Can't watch the video on the Xbox app so that kinda sucks

    Matt CMatt C5 dagar sedan
  • I have a Spotify premium account and have had one for years but like that other guy said there are STILL issues with playing the video on my tv and also comments are a MUST if you want Joe’s audience to got to Spotify

    SullySully5 dagar sedan
  • I love Joe and the conversations he has on his show, but im not about to start using a new app in order to do so. Enjoy the bag of cash

    DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • Please check out the Malina and Dorian on Spotify we are inspired by Joe and Lex hehe

    Malina MacGregorMalina MacGregor5 dagar sedan
    • Nobody here is going to Spotify. Upload the podcast to SEworld

      Zero BlackZero Black5 dagar sedan
  • they figured out how to censor you without actually censoring you

  • how can we watch a full episode? you had elon musk on and i cant even figure out how to watch the episode like this the dumbest shit ever.

  • i cant even find your videos on spotify and google says there s no way to watch you on spotify??? i ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH BUT I CANT!!!

  • If you are able to bring the comments back to spotify i might actually start watching again

    Emil BeckerEmil Becker5 dagar sedan
  • Spotify really needs to add comments and ratings. Engaging in conversation about the subjects being discussed is one of the favorite parts of watching Joe Rogan. Talking with like-minded people or having my views challenged by opposing sides is a major part of the Joe Rogan >>EXPERIENCE

    Aron ÖrnAron Örn5 dagar sedan
    • Spotify should also improve their interface. Right now trying to find a podcast to watch is just a complete clusterfuck, and their video player is garbage. They should just separate their app into a music, podcast and video section. That way they avoid the confusion. Right now they're just half-assing it with this audio based app which also has video.

      Aron ÖrnAron Örn5 dagar sedan
  • Spotify didn’t study the internet for this investment. How didn’t they learn that people aren’t ever gonna go look for something in a specific platform (unless they’re a HUGE fan) in 2021. Instead they just consume whatever thats thrown their way. This is why SEworld’s recommended algorithms are working so well. When JRE was on youtube we didn’t really know Elon/AlexJones were on. It was just popping up in our feeds.

    Lukero GtLukero Gt5 dagar sedan