The Austin Ice Storm & Ted Cruz Traveling to Cancun During Crisis

20 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1610 - Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon.

  • I could give a flying fuck what cruz does and my house was 40 fuckin degrees.

    Mr WinkyMr Winky5 minuter sedan
  • Eating fish sticks in the dark 😆 my question is were they thawed out or frozen? lol!!

    Jazmine A.Jazmine A.Timme sedan
  • Everyone wants to live in a low tax state until the power goes out for a week.

    orbiting teapotorbiting teapot2 timmar sedan
  • What’s wrong with Cruz spending his own money to escape the snow. Whoever is butt hurt can suck on one

    toni gtoni g2 timmar sedan
  • Let me just say AOC+3 raising millions of dollars is much more dangerous than Ted wanting to go away with his family on holiday. That's a Fact right there now Haters if you won't mind doing what you do... Please start giving me Shit, thank you

    Trump 2024Trump 20243 timmar sedan
  • I hate how in Spotify you can only watch video in fullscreen or a tiny window in the corner. No theater mode.

    RiRi3 timmar sedan
  • Ted Cruz is a fucking Texas Senator and flies to Mexico when things get bad. I don’t understand how people can think that is okay.

    Wes sWes s4 timmar sedan
  • AOC went to Cancun too, nvm she went to Texas during the storm and raised 5 million

    Dru LDru L5 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan doing what rich people do

    Vaibhav AnuragVaibhav Anurag10 timmar sedan
  • What a minute, hold up... People on here writing comments about how completely SHOCKED they are that a man would go to Cancun while his home state was hit with cold weather.... SHOCKED!!!!! But are not bothered by the fact that the election was rigged. That BLM and ANTIFA burned our cities, calling it a peaceful protest. The California Governer closes the state then eats out at a fine, I mean fine restaurant. Pelosi gets her hair styled, I guess that's what you call it, while on lock down. New York sends the covid elderly out of the hospitals so they can get others sick before dying alone.... Millions of babies are murdered in the womb.. The Secretary's assistant is man playing dress up (coo coo for co co puffs)..... And you guys are shocked!!!! Please.... Al Gore and John Kerry could have flown their private carbon spewing jets around in the sky the entire week it was cold, then landed at one of their mansions by the coast, and you same people would have kept silent... Call a spade a spade or stay quiet.....

    Mr Nice guyMr Nice guy10 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan move out on a bad time

    Keluka MaivaKeluka Maiva11 timmar sedan
  • As someone who is critical of both the left and the right, and a longtime fan of this podcast, this was disappointing to listen to. Seems like he’s following in the steps of Dave Rubin.

    Carlos FernandezCarlos Fernandez15 timmar sedan
  • How you not gonna show the video..Thanks Spotify,, smh

    jerlee620jerlee62016 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if he actually started his comedian's survival compound and when will the ATF/FBI surround'em?

    jody dymunjody dymun17 timmar sedan
  • “What can he do?” Really Joe really that’s the question. He’s a public servant who suppose to serve the people’s best interests. Like help the people of Texas especially in times of need like this. AOC doesn’t represent Texas and yet has raised millions for those struggling. Why because she cares unlike Ted bitch ass Cruz.

    Josephine MateoJosephine Mateo18 timmar sedan
  • Sorry to say it. Rogan is 100% scumbag these days. He's had Elon Musk on and now he thinks he deserves a monocle and to laugh at the poors who died in Texas and how other rich people couldn't have done anything to help and AOC raises 5 mil. I'm so close now to wishing some pretty nasty things on Rogan.

    jerb deytookemjerb deytookem19 timmar sedan
  • Tim dillon sounds like a young alex jones

    immortalbeast84immortalbeast8420 timmar sedan
  • I’m embarrassed that I used to quote this fool. Texas deserves you, Fear Factor.

    egan_the_mightyegan_the_mighty22 timmar sedan
  • I’m surprised people aren’t blaming Biden. It must be (D)ifferent.

    funky sackfunky sackDag sedan
  • So what if he is traveling he has money . u guys can travel too u got money who cares enjoy life hahaha enjoy it go live it. with only famous ppl. Thats the life

    m0921_ _m0921_ _Dag sedan
  • J Rogan is a putz

    EidelmaniaEidelmaniaDag sedan
  • Rich ass Rogan shut up bummer I’m done

    jon Callenjon CallenDag sedan
  • is it just me or Rogan sounds like he supports trump?

    lordofthebroomslordofthebroomsDag sedan
  • I love it how Rogan and Musk were jerking each other off over moving themselves and their money to the promised land of Texas and then 4 days later this shitstorm happened.

    Stephen BrandStephen BrandDag sedan
  • Denies climate change, abandons his state when a crazy snowstorm hits, guys like Joe Rogan and Shen Bapiro throw up their hands to defend him and say “well what can he do *shrugs*”......profit?

    5'2 balding indian janitor5'2 balding indian janitorDag sedan
  • Ted can raise money for Texans. No?

    APOK ComixAPOK ComixDag sedan
  • It says a lot that after the outcome of the George W Bush presidency, the state of Texas decided to stick to policies he enacted as governor-and at the lobbying insistence of Enron no less.

    Daniel RyanDaniel RyanDag sedan
  • It’ll be fine our studio is powered by satellite...

    Father StrengthFather StrengthDag sedan
  • Super dumb. Of course he should be there. He's a fucking leader and fucks off during a massive crisis. Its the only thing you shouldn't do.

    Stephen hewittStephen hewittDag sedan
  • Come back to SEworld. Spotify is trash.

    Aaron ArceneauxAaron ArceneauxDag sedan
  • Joe Rogan feeling stupid after moving out of Cali...🤦🏻‍♂️

    John SantosJohn SantosDag sedan
  • It'll be fine 😆😁😂

    Fuzzy FlickFuzzy FlickDag sedan
  • Wow Joe really sold out for Cruise. Joe should be his lawyer.

    BerkleyCaliforniaBerkleyCaliforniaDag sedan
  • I'm digging all of the negative joe comments! People listen enough and realize what a joke he is 😅

    BMO 84BMO 84Dag sedan
  • Joe has officially sold out

    General ConsensusGeneral ConsensusDag sedan
  • Cancun is just a short jog down from TX. I would do the same thing and drop my kids off too. Anyway just cos some folk are having bad luck why should every one not effected suffer. Oh and don’t buy a generic gas generator the libs will ban them too soon. We are going back to grinding wheat with an ox and big stone.

    William PageWilliam PageDag sedan
  • Theodore can go to Cancoon all he want's.

    Victor VanderpoolVictor VanderpoolDag sedan
  • Joe you went soft on Ted Cruz, especially for a person who’s been criticizing the governor of California. But when Texas is freezing and no power, you go soft on Ted? Smh

    donfili hermosillodonfili hermosilloDag sedan
  • Joe would’ve blasted Ted but since he doesn’t want to feel regret for his decision he will justify Teds decision. It’s ok Joe your honesty is what made you. Don’t sell out. For a 6 minute clip he talk about it for about 1 minutes . Come on man!!

    Freshy FreshFreshy FreshDag sedan
  • Meanwhile AOC raising Millions for snow storm victims ... what's Teddy going to do??? PLEASE ... Rogan Clueless since moving to Texas... SMH

    Matthew TafoyaMatthew TafoyaDag sedan
  • Internwt people!! What can we do about this?

    Jason LarawanJason LarawanDag sedan
  • Spotify👎 crooks

    89 GT 5.089 GT 5.0Dag sedan
  • don't know what Ted could have been doing instead of Cancun? maybe ask AOC or Beto

    Chris SkaChris SkaDag sedan
  • I'm a Texan and still live in Texas and I don't understand why everyone is mad. I never one time thought "oh where is Ted Cruz??"

    Clayton SanchezClayton SanchezDag sedan
  • Joe Rogan has reached full blown meat head status. This is why Lex Fridman's podcast is my go-to now.

    Josh NicholsJosh NicholsDag sedan
  • Man, Joe Rogan is REALLY getting dumb.

    Societopathy ObservedSocietopathy Observed2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah man this weather was really bad man.

    Michael DanielMichael Daniel2 dagar sedan
  • Joe"Austin has great weather" Rogan

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan2 dagar sedan
  • Cut these guys some slack, they're aspiring comedians. The fact that they've been putting in the work for years honing their craft should inform you to chuckle even if nothing funny is being said. Besides, you can tell from the conversational tone that you're expected to find it funny. Joe had that one good special so that should be enough to hang in for the remainder of the downward spiral, and some point down the line he'll probably be funny again. The fat guy will probably be funnier when he gets fatter. Sincerely, a proud boy incel with a chode

    JDLamb42JDLamb422 dagar sedan
  • God I hate Joe Rogan. What happened to him

    noonehasthisSNnoonehasthisSN2 dagar sedan
  • Even since Joe took the 100 million Spotify deal and moved to Texas, he lost touch with reality. It's really sad to watch :(

    ShawFFAShawFFA2 dagar sedan
  • FTD

    Retarted DwarfRetarted Dwarf2 dagar sedan
  • FJR

    Retarted DwarfRetarted Dwarf2 dagar sedan
  • FTC

    Retarted DwarfRetarted Dwarf2 dagar sedan
  • And then there's AOC out there raising $5 Million for Texas.... So there's that.... @PowerfulJRE.... Why don't you host a fundraiser Joey? Do something for Texas with your fame. You ditched Cali for Texas... start helping your turf out!

    soulchef85soulchef852 dagar sedan
  • lmao all these people thinking his comedic take with his comedian friend on politicians going on vacation is his actual political stance. He's literally making fun of Ted cruz for being dishonest and hypocritical for the rest of the video but people want to take the sound bite of "what's he supposed to do"

    Tony LeTony Le2 dagar sedan
  • Texas had a similar storm 30 years ago FYI

    Hugo GonzalezHugo Gonzalez2 dagar sedan
  • Idiots

    Aladine AlaouiAladine Alaoui2 dagar sedan
  • texas needed help not cant plan that thanks joe for insentitive remark on twitter

    mama bearcakemama bearcake2 dagar sedan
  • ted cruz did nothing wrong the mayor although said stay home dont travel all while partying mexico

    Chris MarichalarChris Marichalar2 dagar sedan
  • Enter triggered texas people saying their are not fans and talking crap on the way out.

    Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan PananaWho Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe, your math skills need a little bump. the last time this "once in a 120 years storm" happened was 10 years ago (that works out to be 2011).

    motoramblermotorambler2 dagar sedan
  • Joe " I'm laughing with a cigar in my hand while talking about a very serious climate disaster that's affecting thousands of people" Rogan

    Bass ALHBass ALH2 dagar sedan
  • Joe seems to be getting dumber by the day. Cruz has the ability to marshal resources and to coordinate between state and federal agencies. Is Joe this stupid or has he become another partisan hack?

  • "Austin" ice storm...

    mushimushi2 dagar sedan
  • As a Rogan fan his defense of ted Cruz makes no sense since he was going after Gavin newsom for going to a restaurant

    dipermandiperman2 dagar sedan
  • If you're in a leadership position, especially one like a senator is in, you don't leave the people you're supposedly leading to go on a vacation in the middle of a major disaster. Cruz displayed objectively bad leadership and a complete failure to recognize the reality of a situation. It's also important to understand that Rogan changes his viewpoint depending upon what guest is on the podcast to keep the discussion/interview fluid and non-confrontational. He said what he said because Tim Dillion was that day's guest. If it was someone like Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang he would have taken the complete opposite position. Unfortunately a lot of his fans don't realize this or want to believe that Rogan's real opinion's are probably not shared in absolute detail with the public.

    Jenny AnydotsJenny Anydots2 dagar sedan
  • Wtf Joe...I've noticed how Joe has been coddling the right wing by giving his huge platform to known grifters like, Ben Shapiro ,tim pool, Dave Rubin. All u have to do is a little Research and immediately their grift Comes to light.

    Julio MedranoJulio Medrano2 dagar sedan
    • Alex jones

      ONshowONONshowON2 dagar sedan
  • these two morons are in complete denial and are verrrry defensive about they're "heroic" flight from California to Texas (I'm sure that's how Rogan frames it in his little mind) and can't face the reality that they moved to a failed state run by their beloved incompetent Republican leadership. When do you think Joe's gonna be on Tucker Carlson to announce his run for governor?

    Birdhouse FriendBirdhouse Friend2 dagar sedan
  • Ted Cruz has been working his ass off. He certainly deserves a vacation.

    dnoz13dnoz132 dagar sedan
  • Joe rogan has lost his marbles since the covid began

    dipermandiperman2 dagar sedan
  • I love joe but trading newsome for cruz is prolly worlds worst trade

    Alex KenneyAlex Kenney2 dagar sedan
  • Joe Rogan is even more stupid than Joe Rogan says he is stupid.

    Dee HDee H2 dagar sedan
  • Joe "I don't know what it's like to have normal everyday struggles anymore, but I DO know what DMT feels like" Rogan on his bullshit again

    Jordan PanarellaJordan Panarella2 dagar sedan
  • We should be happy our politicians are going on vacation, i hope every single one goes on a vacation for the rest of their lives.

    GingaGinga2 dagar sedan
  • What could he do, how bout Something...

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Overrated comedians trying desperately to be edgy.

    Martino CaldarellaMartino Caldarella2 dagar sedan
  • Joe is a rich punk who lives in a $14 million dollar house in a gated community in Austin. He didn't lose power and he knows nothing about the struggle of living here in Texas. I keep saying is don't California my Texas. Joe knows nothing about the reality of Texas because he has money and a platform.

    Conrrado TorresConrrado Torres2 dagar sedan
  • Pays to be a millionaire. You sympathize with more millionaires. "what can he do?"....move to another state cuz he can. Glad you bounced fool! Warm as fuck out here right now and the ocean smells great.

    Mario GuelMario Guel2 dagar sedan
  • His job is to serve the people. We can’t give these politicians any slack. They’re not celebrities they are public SERVANTS.

    Johan ParraJohan Parra2 dagar sedan
  • All I hear from people here in Cali is "Fuck the Nazis in Texas for voting for Trump, they deserve this". For those who dispute what I say, name 10 prominent Californians who are setting up funds to help those in Texas. Good luck.

    W VuW Vu2 dagar sedan
    • @ONshowON I heard nothing about him or anyone else setting up funds to help. All I hear is "Fuck Texas" from callous Californians here. Also in order to be considered a resident of Texas you need to be there physically for one year which Joe has not.

      W VuW VuDag sedan
    • Since rogan left cali and he is a texan now did he set up any funds to help?

      ONshowONONshowON2 dagar sedan
  • Dude wants to support "building the wall", but goes to Mexico to flee hardship. The irony is too much.

    WoioW oioWWoioW oioW2 dagar sedan
  • Joe is a true out of touch millionaire now! All his buddies like Dillion and Schuab are just his ass kissing lackeys!

    sayvar44sayvar442 dagar sedan
  • Cringe watch!

    vidit kunduvidit kundu2 dagar sedan
  • It's not like he went to Epstein Island. Who cares more worried about Cuomo killing people and democratic pedophile rings. If I had money to go to Cancun I would too.

    Jared MooreJared Moore2 dagar sedan
  • As Texan Ted Cruz leaving was a d move. Us poor were dying. They're investigating the deaths and how power company tried charging more. As a Texan our leaders have always been there to lead us. Him leaving is bad like a captain jumping ship. Even said you can see only poor was hit the hardest. Guess why you can laugh when people froze to death

    topflight212topflight2122 dagar sedan
  • Cancel

    Picasso JeffPicasso Jeff2 dagar sedan
  • buy trx tron going to a dollar

    Mac1984!Mac1984!2 dagar sedan
  • Or... how about this?

    Tim WallTim Wall2 dagar sedan
  • Digging that Richard Pryor shirt👌

    Adrian RomanAdrian Roman2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if Rogan still living at California and there was a massive earthquake where millions of people lose power and water and can’t get resources, and somebody like Newsome or Harris goes to Cancun, you think he’ll respond the same way?

    Pablo MoratayaPablo Morataya2 dagar sedan
  • since joining spotify joe got more dumber

    Firas KabbaniFiras Kabbani2 dagar sedan
  • If Ted Cruz needs tips on what to do, he could ask AOC who raised over 3 million dollars for Texans.

    Michael PonceMichael Ponce2 dagar sedan
  • ROTFLMAO! What can he do? Did you really ask that Rogan? I know you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Ocasio-Cortez, a senator from New York raised 4 million dollars for the people of Texas, and even went their to visit. She doesn't even represented the people of Texas and she still did something. Beto O'Rourke who has no political power, created a phone banked and made over 700,000 calls to the elderly, to check on them and get them food and warmth, as well as healthcare when needed. What can he do? What he did do was absolutely nothing like the entitled asshole he is.

    HTHAMMACK1HTHAMMACK12 dagar sedan
  • The fat guy felt more sorry about ted getting caught than people actually dying in Texas. what a fken piece of crap he is.

    MisterNarradorMisterNarrador2 dagar sedan
  • Rogen has just become another Limbaugh.

    David M. PattonDavid M. Patton2 dagar sedan
  • This lockdown has turned American's in to a bunch of gossiping , whiny wimps that are paying way to attention to the MSM who is hell bent on us becoming hateful and bitter over any little thing. It's cruel and I hope we can make it through this ordeal.

    Mike OrtizMike Ortiz2 dagar sedan
  • And nothing about Abbott, Perry, Cruz, Crenshaw blaming renewable energy and the green new deal. Joe is becoming very transparent. Sad.

    11:1111:112 dagar sedan
  • Joe is a comedian who happens to be a moron.

    dankdreamzdankdreamz2 dagar sedan
  • Ted Cruz also voted against Hurricane Sandy relief because he's a POS. The point is that he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    Josh ClarkJosh Clark2 dagar sedan