Francis Ngannou on First Fight Against Stipe & Starting MMA

9 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show #99 with Francis Ngannou.

  • Stipe will beat the shite out of Francis this time.

    Ari KommAri Komm2 timmar sedan
  • Such a calm soft spoken dude but once he’s in the cage... HE’S A FUCKING BEAST

    Anthony RamosAnthony Ramos6 timmar sedan
  • Damn 2 years of training and 6 fights before his ufc contract is crazy. Shows how genetically gifted and talented he is

    WoozieWoozie7 timmar sedan
  • I hope he wins. He came across as humble thoughtful and reflective. He really is two sides of a coin, devastating in the octagon and a gentleman outside it.

    Gavin BistonGavin Biston14 timmar sedan
  • Yoel and Ngannou both got crazy stories, there is a reason these guys are fighters, they are built different

    ThanosThanos18 timmar sedan
  • Realist dude. Respect.

    Sean ImSean Im19 timmar sedan
  • Francis is a humble beast...... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Pranjal Dutta _ MMAPranjal Dutta _ MMA21 timme sedan
  • 10 min video about not stipe fight

    Benedict BadmintonBenedict Badminton23 timmar sedan
  • Listening to Ngannou talk about his childhood makes me so sad.

    Oyins SawariOyins SawariDag sedan
  • Thats excuse u have to prepare for 5 rounds if u dont experiance it why the fk u have your camp and coaches.

    The KingThe KingDag sedan
  • Gentle giant that can legit murk people with one shot.

    matt34003434matt34003434Dag sedan
  • Joe : why mma instead of boxing ? Francis : no cardio

    SerjohnSerjohnDag sedan
  • nganou vs dern english exams make it happen

    SerjohnSerjohnDag sedan
  • I’m loving this video, but I’m also finding it hard to concentrate with that man’s shirt all lopsided 😂

    Colin RyanColin RyanDag sedan
  • I'll whoop Francisco right now!!

    DoelowzDoelowz2 dagar sedan
  • Well one things for sure whoever wins gonna get their eyes poked by jon jones

    jojo Akkijojo Akki2 dagar sedan
  • You guys should start showing full t.v. screen shots of the stuff you google up or read off the t.v. monitor instead of putting it on the lower corner of the main screen (ALL THE TIME). No one really needs to keep on seeing Joe or his guest at those times. This will improve your viewing experience much, much more.

    Eri MendoEri Mendo2 dagar sedan
  • It's very bad to steal Jobu's rum.

    Hwy241Hwy2412 dagar sedan
  • What an amazing story! Good for him to keep going and crush MMA even though everyone was against it

    Alex CarvajalAlex Carvajal2 dagar sedan
  • Complete respect for Ngannou

    Matthew BahnsenMatthew Bahnsen2 dagar sedan
  • He speaks definitly better english than Stipe.

    BalkanlegijaBalkanlegija2 dagar sedan
  • Is Francis going to beat Stipe in the rematch?

    MBanks UnfilteredMBanks Unfiltered3 dagar sedan
    • @Islem ALG why? cuz ngannous takedown defense?

      MBanks UnfilteredMBanks Unfiltered2 dagar sedan
    • No

      Islem ALGIslem ALG2 dagar sedan
  • Only boul I ever seen pick Shaq up llike a child

    Venil JacksonVenil Jackson3 dagar sedan
  • The breeze from walking by him would knock u out probably

    JonathanJonathan3 dagar sedan
  • I won't lie, the amount of JRE content I consume now that hes on spotify just continues to shrink, the ads are obnoxious.

    Zac SellsZac Sells4 dagar sedan
  • Very humbling to hear, lots of respect for Francis

    FaulkyFaulky4 dagar sedan
  • da redemption

    KoobKoob5 dagar sedan
  • Francis has some very impressive wins. But I'd prefer Stipe wins. Because that Miocic vs Jones match up is a real GOAT match up. The winner can ride off as the best we've ever seen.

    Richard DavisRichard Davis5 dagar sedan
  • Love how down to earth he is. Goes to show we take so much for granted here in the states. Much respect for that he had to go through.

    Enrique CaroEnrique Caro5 dagar sedan
  • The best fighters are the humble fighters. Francis is one of the best. Hope he wins the belt.

    Juan ManuJuan Manu5 dagar sedan
  • Great interview! Love his story

    Kevin ZolaKevin Zola6 dagar sedan
  • Stipe made him look LOST as you said Joe Rogan

    ShelloShello6 dagar sedan
  • If you never heard of these two and heard them talk before the fight for the fist time you would think stipe was the foreigner with his English mushmouth. Francis english is actually really good now

    Black Action JackBlack Action Jack6 dagar sedan
  • Theres something very calming about Francis voice... After Mma he could be voiceactor for Disney

    pasi ronnpasi ronn6 dagar sedan
  • Very cool guy, I hope will be good fight with Stipe

    CapsLockingerCapsLockinger6 dagar sedan
  • #AndStill

    SCSC6 dagar sedan
  • He speaks better english than most African Americans

    Dan290559Dan2905596 dagar sedan
  • I wish Francis would tell his opponent in his post fight interviews "I was not impressed by your Performance" LoL

    SiouxPreme GolfSiouxPreme Golf6 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe, Fuck Spotify

    Cognitive Dissonance CampCognitive Dissonance Camp6 dagar sedan
  • His story is no different than mines and my Latino people that came to America from poor countries. Living in the shadows trying hard to come up by working hard. Illegal immigration ain’t the problem, the problem is most people can’t relate to this and think people just cut corners and hop the border cus it’s easier, hell no it ain’t. Been a fan of Francis since day one, future champ.

    King ThyKing Thy6 dagar sedan
  • Asmr voice. Amazing guy!

    Joseph LynchJoseph Lynch6 dagar sedan
  • Jesus is deway my brother.

    Niccolo MachiavelliNiccolo Machiavelli6 dagar sedan
  • "what a nice chocolate man"

    Irish RickIrish Rick7 dagar sedan

    Conscious NobodyConscious Nobody7 dagar sedan
  • I love his accent

    DokkaebiDokkaebi7 dagar sedan
  • Francis Ngannou! Best Puncher in the World and of al Time!!!

    Alman GermaneAlman Germane7 dagar sedan
  • Where is he?

    mrbean yupmrbean yup7 dagar sedan
  • "Follow me, I know de wey"

    Deadbolt6Deadbolt67 dagar sedan
  • Gah dammit it's hard to root against Stipe or Francis.

    Rue GlockRue Glock7 dagar sedan
  • Big Mistake to leave his coach Fernand one of the best in France.He did everything for Francis.Cyril Gagne now his working with him and will become the champ very soon.

    Spiritual Warfare RevivalSpiritual Warfare Revival8 dagar sedan
  • All I wanted to know from the interview was how is he going to stop the takedowns.

    rocked30rocked308 dagar sedan
    • @BEAST TV They said the same thing before Conor was destroyed by Khabib. He's worked on his grappling for years.

      rocked30rocked307 dagar sedan
    • He's been training grappling for 3 years since the first fight. Pretty simple. Won't be the same fight.

      BEAST TVBEAST TV7 dagar sedan
  • Not going to Spotify just for this Joe. Sorry. I have much better things to watch right here on SEworld. Like AI podcast with Lex.

    GalactusGalactus8 dagar sedan
  • Eventhough I don't like Francis Ngannou, I do want him to win this fight just to see how Jon Jones does against him.

    AbsoluteMMA101AbsoluteMMA1018 dagar sedan
    • @AbsoluteMMA101 There's a very good chance Ngannou doesn't land a big power shot before gassing out. Call this fight 50 50, but Francis as the favourite is moronic.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester I think Francis will hit him at some point. Stipe better start working on submissions because you can't always expect to lay and pray.

      AbsoluteMMA101AbsoluteMMA1018 dagar sedan
    • It would be the first Stipe fight all over again.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • "At the end of the day, it's just fight. I dont know if they doing some kung fu shit or something" LMFAOOO

    MoneyBreadMoneyBread8 dagar sedan
  • His voice so calm bro

    cam-moroncam-moron8 dagar sedan
  • He said the word "Redemption" can't believe his English getting better just like his skills..

    RedmiNote5Pro GamingRedmiNote5Pro Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • I still remember when Joe Rogan was calling him "Gun-oh". Now he jocks him hard and can pronounce his name.

    Team Blue DuckTeam Blue Duck8 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to hearing Joe's lies about what's going on with Texas!

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan8 dagar sedan
  • "I was frustrated and then I just said.. At the end of the day we're just fighting I dont care.. Like what is this guy gonna do some kung fu sh*t?? Okay we'll figure it out" lmaoooo I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

    n guemarn guemar9 dagar sedan
  • Stipe will merc him.

    justfine77777justfine777779 dagar sedan
  • When the first time you do sports is in the UFC, you are the real BMF

    jjstratfordjjstratford9 dagar sedan
  • Francis is very smart. You can tell. He speaks at least three languages

    jjstratfordjjstratford9 dagar sedan
    • No, he's not smart. His IQ is probably around 80. Language acquisition through immersion doesn't require intelligence.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • I love how the UFC loves to market their fighters of choice. lol

    jay blandjay bland9 dagar sedan
    • @BEAST TV i guess the UFC never uses different platforms to promote fighters etc. when the John Jones doping scandal and how they let him still fight....they went on rogan's podcast immediately. open your eyes

      jay blandjay bland5 dagar sedan
    • This isnt the UFC youtube channels lmao

      BEAST TVBEAST TV7 dagar sedan
  • They didn't even mention Stipe's name. The level of disrespect.

    Dejan CDejan C9 dagar sedan
  • Francis is proof: your personality makes you who you are,not your size. He’s a gentle giant.

    Brad ColbyBrad Colby9 dagar sedan
  • His voice knocks me out

    Tip Of The IcebergTip Of The Iceberg9 dagar sedan
  • lol @ Ngannou trying to remember the rules

    FeralzFeralz9 dagar sedan
  • Great story is's hard not to like him and appreciate his story ..I'm still saying go stipe That dude is next level likeable hardworking and down to earth ..this fight is a toss up Francis is defintely better I'll be happy for him if he wins ..but war stipe

    luke shawluke shaw9 dagar sedan
  • *heard Francis’s voice over the phone* PULL UP BRO LES GO *Francis pulls up* Aight u win bro...

    Declan SmythDeclan Smyth9 dagar sedan
  • Cool guy but if stipe takes him down early it's gonna be the same he has the worst cardio in the ufc

    Dar MonDar Mon9 dagar sedan
  • wow, what a cool guy.

    Johnny CJohnny C9 dagar sedan
  • Aries Spears gotta come back and do a bit about Ngannou

    Michael FerebeeMichael Ferebee10 dagar sedan
  • When are you bringing khabib joeeeee !!!!!!

    You’re AngryYou’re Angry10 dagar sedan
  • Some kung fu shit 😂 😂 😂

    sas youtsas yout10 dagar sedan
  • Africans are tough. I'm starting to think it's in our genetics.

    Aymen MEKHILEFAymen MEKHILEF10 dagar sedan
    • @Shawn Brink what do you mean?

      Aymen MEKHILEFAymen MEKHILEF8 dagar sedan
    • I wonder what would happen if a white person said that exact same thing?

      Shawn BrinkShawn Brink8 dagar sedan
  • I love this guy

    Hence YoungHence Young10 dagar sedan
  • This man is Amazing. I hope he gets the gold. Hope he gets to fight Joshua or Fury. I would LOVE to see that fight.

    J - FitJ - Fit10 dagar sedan
    • Joshua and Fury would demolish him. He doesn't have the gas tank for boxing.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • He seems like such a nice respectful guy despite being the most dangerous fighter on the planet lol. Guys a killer. Think he gets it done this time too.

    Hisamo GracieHisamo Gracie10 dagar sedan
  • “I don’t know if dis guy is doin some kung fu shit” LOL

    Denton JacobDenton Jacob10 dagar sedan
  • I think Francis is going to retire Stipe.

    Raphael GittelsonRaphael Gittelson10 dagar sedan
  • Curious how he would have done in boxing. He definitely has fast and powerful hands but at the top level he probably wouldn't have done well. Wish we could have seen it.

    jeremy Meyerjeremy Meyer10 dagar sedan
    • No chance. Too slow, no gas tank. and probably not a huge factor but the bigger gloves would dampen his power a little.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • His english is better than most customer services agents

    Pat Barry's SonPat Barry's Son10 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      TIME to RELAXTIME to RELAX2 dagar sedan
  • I hope Francis loses not because I hate him but I think last time he got a big head and went to France for 2-3 weeks before fight to holiday and chill also if he beats stipe it will be because stipe gets sloppy and gets hit by a wild haymaker from francis and that's all francis has got. Stipe wins this he is undisputed the greatest heavyweight of all time, if he then goes onto beat jones then he's the greatest of all time in my opinion

    Luke VickersLuke Vickers10 dagar sedan
  • Aries spears is a weirdo

    Adam PiermanAdam Pierman10 dagar sedan
  • Блин Джон классный канал но почему нельзя перевести.

    Историк КраеведИсторик Краевед10 dagar sedan
  • Francis is actually more understandable than Stipe

    Brandon W.Brandon W.10 dagar sedan
    • Racist

      Marty Kamarudeen Usman from NebraskaMarty Kamarudeen Usman from Nebraska2 minuter sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester I tested it. You are %100 right

      Melih BeyMelih BeyDag sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester I wish .875 was possible because even though Stipe played at .75 speed is understandable but it's too slow.

      Nathan SiegelNathan Siegel5 dagar sedan
    • you lierally just have to play stipe at 0.75x speed and he's perfectly understandable. try it on his jre interview.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
    • I'm not gonna lie Francis's english had gotten decent though

      n guemarn guemar9 dagar sedan
  • Such a nice, humble guy. His story is incredible.

    Simon RushtonSimon Rushton10 dagar sedan
    • He's arrogant af

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
    • I’m a photographer and have worked with Robert Whittaker and his family. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. No ego at all, kept thanking me for working with them. When we were leaving there was a wedding shoot going on in the same park and he went and got photos with the couple. The husband and wife couldn’t believe that Rob agreed to be in the wedding photos.

      Ashley SmithAshley Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Francis is a killer but boring to listen to. Hope he doesn't want to put me to sleep.

    Esteve KingEsteve King10 dagar sedan
  • Lov ya Francis turn to Jesus xxx

    Antony SchwarzAntony Schwarz10 dagar sedan
    • Yuck

      Mike TaylorMike Taylor10 dagar sedan
  • That’s one hell of a laugh.

    Koofy DonnisKoofy Donnis10 dagar sedan
  • His English is very good

    F BF B10 dagar sedan
  • space x better be quick with that space net cuz stepie is gonna need his head back.

    EM0tional GooseEM0tional Goose10 dagar sedan
    • loser

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • Shout out Gym shark

    louis forsythlouis forsyth10 dagar sedan
  • love this guy, he needs better conditioning though, if he can last at least 3 rounds without getting gassed out he could be something special. Little more jiu jitsu wouldn't hurt either

    dylldyll11 dagar sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester never said "radically". Lol. I literally said add 3 minutes to his gas tank. Which is biologically possible for him. Didn't know you spent so much time with him to know exactly what he can and can't do. How many ppl said he couldn't immigrate across Africa in harsh conditions live in a forest for a year and get across the ocean to Europe and be homeless in France and get to the ufc. Plenty people said he can't do that if he can do that he can do whatever he wants.

      dylldyll8 dagar sedan
    • @dyll no, its up to biology. Ngannou cannot just decide to radically improve his conditioning.

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester don't think it's up to anybody in SEworld comments to decide what he can and can't do. That's up to him but either way it's needed.

      dylldyll8 dagar sedan
    • @dyll he can't

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
    • @Brett Sylvester yea I don't expect much in the cardio department for that reason. Although there might be a littttle room for improvement which can make a big difference in a fight even if he can add just 3-5 minutes to his gas tank.

      dylldyll8 dagar sedan
  • he has perfectly described why i wouldn't box professionally even if it's my favourite sport, it's all about knowing the right people and being lucky, talent is absolutely not enough

    Tony GazzaTony Gazza11 dagar sedan
  • I like Francis but Stipe is going to smash him again..

    GazGaz11 dagar sedan
  • He’s such a calm guy lol gentle giant

    Marcus GreenwoodMarcus Greenwood11 dagar sedan
  • Lmfao francis sounds like a chill funny guy to hang out with.... As long as you on his good side.. english has improved alot respect

    NONPHIXION 47NONPHIXION 4711 dagar sedan
  • Who are the sad people disliking this video? I am a stipe fan but I love Francis, his story is amazing.

    Dr. SazDr. Saz11 dagar sedan
    • What story? He stopped being poor because he has a natural talent for punching people? an amazing story is people who stay in africa and work to improve it

      Brett SylvesterBrett Sylvester8 dagar sedan
  • imagine if usman was as interesting as him.

    orange_ penisorange_ penis11 dagar sedan