America Doesn't Lead the World in Gun Deaths

16 apr 2021
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Taken from JRE #1636 w/Colion Noir:

  • Give the man a population number damn

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  • They built a wall around the Olympic Village in Rio for a reason, and it wasn't so visitors wouldn't have to look at the slums. Gun violence is controlled by crime control, not gun control. Let crime run wild, and you will have gun problems. Just look at any city where there are problems, and you will find stricter gun laws, a healthy gang population, and lax laws regarding gangs/ a lack of will to prosecute them. San Francisco is perfect example of how to fasttrack a city into becoming a hellscape. Gangs are allowed to sell drugs freely in the Tenderloin and elsewhere, and shootings happen very often now. Because Democrats care oh so much. So much. San Francisco is just the latest example of people doing THE SAME THINGS, and still expecting 💩 politicians with 💩 policies to NOT turn a city into 💩, and Seattle and Portland are well on their way there too. Definition of insanity.

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  • Americans be like:"No no, it's cool, we just 11th. Right behind Iraq.''

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  • I qould never take information from Colon noir, he spews misinformation

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  • Not enough guns, the way the Gov't takes away rights they aren't being used.

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  • To be happy you’re just behind Mexico is a bit laughable. The USA claims to be the richest country in the world.

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  • Guns should never be banned that gives all power to the ruling class because they will still have there’s and yours

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  • Suicide is not a valid argument for gun control. Just look at Japan and South Korea. Suicide is a mental health and cultural issue, not a gun issue.

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  • Joe on gun deaths in America - (Slightly cheering) “We’re number 1.”

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  • who paid for the study? Yeah...

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  • Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador etc if you don't have a machete your a mark and a victim. Thank me later.

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  • Why do you love a tool so much lol. This guy have a gun on his hat. Imagine it was a shovel lol It's so strange but ok.

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  • Texas has changed this man lmao godbless

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  • DONALD TRUMP 2024 🚀🌙 MAGA II 🇺🇸

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    • He will be too old. Just look at Sleepy Joe.

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  • We have a Gun PROBLEM. We always have had a Gun PROBLEM... And we ALWAYS Will have A gun problem.. That simple ..And if you’re honest about it ..Guns are really only good and or needed for self Defense!!..No good really ever came from a Gun. Be real!!..And don’t tell me For Sport. Cause. Yeah people hunt with a Gun. But it is certainly NOT a Dam sport!! 😉.

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  • Shall not be infringed

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  • Damn Joe was slow here

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  • i hate to say this but i will because it is 100% true..america's gun owners for the past 25 years have created and are protecting the tyrannical government they are suppose to protect us from...let's take the bogus iraq war that was based on a lie that cost the american tax payers a trillion dollars and the lives of more than 5,500 brave american soldiers while killing more than a million innocent iraqi civilians (women and children always included) - where were our brave 2nd amendment warriors..or, let's when our government gave trillions to the criminals on wall street who destroyed on our economy and not one of them served a day in jail..or, let take when our government took all of our privacy rights when they passed the patriot act - where were all you brave 2nd amendment warriors??? NO where because you fake 2nd amendment warriors would rather go to state houses with your legal firearms to protest having to wear a mask during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC...i can go on and on and on how america's fake 2nd amendment warriors failed the citizens and the country of the united states of america - but i think i have made my point

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  • There are not more guns than people. Fake news point 1.

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  • America is not just the United States.... United States of America not American's of the United States... For fucks sake.

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  • Comparing ourselves to third world countries too feel better, yeah the bar is definitely at its lowest.

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  • No state has gun control until every state has gun control

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  • Yeah but first in mass shootings for sure

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  • I love how he basicly tries to argue it isn't that bad with the gun death statistics, while countries that still have a lead on the US are either second/third world countries with massive sociological issues, economic struggles and drug cartels and such or are straight up warzones. I'm not saying one way or the other with gun control, but it is weird to me to argue against gun control using a country where the gouvernment's influence over the people is diminished to begin with for various reasons such as gang/cartel control/influence. You can't argue gun control doesn't work in country's where gun control can't be reasonably enforced to begin with.

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  • Guns in mexico are pretty hard to come by if youre an honest hard working person... there deaths are astronomical if you factor in the truth from the article below. There is only one gun store in all of Mexico. So why is gun violence soaring? - Los Angeles Times (

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  • Brazil is number 1, USA is number 2

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  • your gun laws are mental

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  • I wonder what the chart would look like for death per 100,000 guns in the country, if guns are really the problem 🤔.

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  • Why does conquering magically become stealing when dealing with Western culture? Did we "steal" the moon too? Maybe holding the West to a much higher standard than any brown culture is racist because you're basically admitting the superiority of the Western world...

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  • No shit. Theres also third world countries. These guys crest the stupidest narratives

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  • Adding some China balls up top in the center for some nice soft light would really give the image a better look. At least give Joe and his guests some flattering light on their noggins.

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  • Congratulations on beeing second👌

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  • When you are comparing your deaths by guns to Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela etc. That should indicate that you might have a problem. But hey, 65% are suicide so let's not worry, they were going to kill themselves god!!!

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  • Having a gun in Brazil is FUCKING ILLEGAL (unless you're a cop), yet is number 1 gun deaths in the world. Gun Control works? HahAHAHAHahahahHa.

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  • Which patch of ground has not been "stolen" from one tribe or another ?

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  • How low the bar is for America😂 at least we're better than Brazil!

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  • 9 out of 10 murders in Mexico go unsolved.

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  • America leads the world in bum deaths.

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    • Maybe if the U.S. wasn't worried about transgender bathrooms, there would be more things done for homeless people.

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  • You have to go by per capita. If we have double the population we're gonna have a lot more deaths. And Mexico probably doesnt report half of their murders because they cant find a lot of missing people

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  • Brazil no 1 for deaths , US is no 2....

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  • It’s up there tho. America obsession with guns is unhealthy

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  • So Joe still pretends hes a Lefty or he get a Regan Tattoo yet ?

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  • It's odd how guns are closely associated to saving life and taking it away depending how long you need to think about either.

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  • you think columbia and mexico are reporting the cartel murders. stopppppp it.

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  • Invite Joe Collins III to the podcast.

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  • The argument here is America's gun deaths aren't a problem because they aren't the worst in the world. Could you imagine if all social issues were addressed this way?

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  • Jesus Christ how can you not understand total number vs per capita??! Damn they made it so much more complicated than it is

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  • Don't be asinine. Compare the US to comparable countries....and THEN look at the numbers. Aside from that, will reducing the number of fire arms in circulation reduce the number of of fire arms related incidents? We all know the answer to that question, and thus the discussion is over.

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    • @Steelmage99 And you're the one to talk about reasoning in good faith lmao anyone who supports the 2nd amendment to you thinks "dead children are fine by me" You're just a hypocrite who acts like he is smart lol, like I said before stay in the EU or if you are a us citizen just leave.

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    • @Steelmage99 Yes, it is very relevant and always will be, just look at china and russia violating their citizens rights cause they don't have effective means to defend themselves. Are the other amendments not relevant today?

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    • @Steelmage99 Lol, do you have a fire extinguisher in your house? Is that being afraid of a fire or being prepared if that may happen?

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    • @Fifty50 x "The 2nd amendment was written as a safeguard for the people to defend themselves from tyrannical governments. " Oh, and that's hilarious nonsense to sprout in the 21st century.

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    • @Fifty50 x "There are other solutions to these problems other than just ban guns." If you notice (not that I assume people like you know how to reason in good faith), I have not said anything about banning guns. You have noticed that, right? "Oh and theres a difference between being scared and being prepared." Yes, gun nuts tend to disguise the first by pretending to be other.

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  • This is so fucking painful to watch. It's a table with 4 columns guys, this isn't complicated to look at. Holy fuck.

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  • What is it with men trying to sound smart by throwing numbers around? Whether it’s a stupid fantasy football league or the effect of guns on society, they all seem to think testosterone is dripping out their pores when throwing numbers around.

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  • Mexico worse, Honduras worse, Brazil far worse. Still, countries far better.

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  • Ouuf, they don’t know how numbers work 🤡

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  • It's always good to point out, Brazil had very strict gun control for more than 10 years and those datas are all from that era.

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  • Americas gun violence numbers would go way down (also people killed by DUI's) if we actually had secure borders instead of the sieve they are now.

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  • Per capita is the measurement or the smallest country wins.

    Shawn BradfordShawn Bradford8 dagar sedan
  • But who gave the other countries all the guns?

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  • This guy is about as sharp as a bowling ball...

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  • It's kinda like all Cities in Houston... Uh, so Houston?

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  • Joe Rogan is astrology for men.

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  • This guy is spot on who’s with me?

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  • I can't believe I miss the red capsule studio

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  • Lol behind a bunch of failed states, super impressive.

    Josh ClarkJosh Clark9 dagar sedan
  • Mexico is crazy af especially tijuas and matamoros

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  • This is the kind of video that would have had 10 million views in 2016

    JTJT9 dagar sedan
  • So ya'll aren't number one because of nations like Brazil and el Salvador, lmfao. Nothing to be proud of.

    Krills DailyKrills Daily9 dagar sedan
  • How is the story here that the states aren't number one? Is the bar really that low?

    Matthew TennantMatthew Tennant9 dagar sedan
  • We come in at 7th most gun deaths by country, between Mexico and Colombia. We may not be first but we are outrageously high and in horrible company among the most crime-ridden and least developed countries on Earth. I know you all don't like facts though.

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  • No but we lead the world in suicide by gun number 1 number one 🕐 n cowards getting guns and doing the mass shooting 🌠

    Jerry BlantonJerry Blanton9 dagar sedan

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  • This man is one sided and no one ever questions him

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  • I almost believe you...

    PalitzonskyPalitzonsky9 dagar sedan
  • He is way over simplifying.

    Anthony KnightAnthony Knight9 dagar sedan
    • @Krills Daily we are on par with 3rd world countries. He keeps saying inner city place have high gun control which by his logic is what creates gun violence, when really its poverty and lack of education, not libs any gun laws. He is over simplifying the problem. Gun control and libs are the most miniscule part of this problem.

      Anthony KnightAnthony Knight9 dagar sedan
    • He's not only over simplifying he's making it seems like its a positive for America to have less gun deaths then torn apart nations like Brazil and el Salvador, lmfao.

      Krills DailyKrills Daily9 dagar sedan
  • Canada, Australia and, European countries are better example of gun laws that work. Latin America is infested with political, and law enforcement dysfunction and organized crime throughout. America manufacturers so many guns which end up down south.

    Joe DJoe D9 dagar sedan
  • Joe is so stoned

    HiHi9 dagar sedan
  • 100% stupid.

    Der weise HaiDer weise Hai9 dagar sedan
  • You know you’re desperate if you’re comparing America, a developed country to developing countries lmao

    PADDYPADDY9 dagar sedan
  • The answer is africa. Somalia

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot9 dagar sedan
  • USA 'Umm lol we are like only number 12th in countries that murder each other every day with guns'. There are around 195 countries in the world, how can you be proud of that. I understand your history with citizens to be allowed to have guns, as you are all so paranoid, but really can you all imagine how it would be in countries where owning a gun is illegal ? Yup Australian here, check out our gun murder rate compared to any of your cities .......... its just math, not an opinion. If you guys really want to save lives, you would ban civilian gun ownership. But you don't, as you are all ' I need to shoot people when they come for me' .. Well, der its slower with knives and wooden sticks to take down 2 or 3. With your fully automatic weapons available to all , your loonies can take out 50 people from a distance ... in a few seconds. You are all kept silent via your NRA indoctrination. I am amazed, as I like you Rogan, that you openly lied about gun death comparison to other countries in this video. If you simply searched google you would see USA is the worst ..... ( Brazil is not relevant as it not controlled by humans, it is controlled by drug cartel factions that have no regard for human life. Comparing yourself to Brazil is like comparing yourself with a mass murderer that does a little worse than you ... ) wake up Mr Rogan, the NRA indoctrination smells sweetly into your olfactory bias hubris until of course one of your own family gets murdered on the streets. But of course like all 'famous' people who lick the balls of the NRA, they all have personal body guards for their home, their family and staff. Be a man Mr Rogan, be the first to wake up your country. Or sleep and watch the news every morning, 'oh dear honey, another 30 school kids murdered today', .. 'yes dear but is it raining ?, do I bring my jacket shopping this morning' ? . USA = most complacent let us all watch murdering every day, and buy more guns to protect ourselves and then murder everyone around us when we have a bad day .......

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  • Raise your Children to Trust in God, and teach them Gun Safety.

    SAFARI SAMSAFARI SAM10 dagar sedan
  • 1.9k people mad asf and cant do math

    John DavisJohn Davis10 dagar sedan
  • I dont see any numbers of European country's

    Tom BastingsTom Bastings10 dagar sedan
  • Guns don't kill people all by themselves. They need people to hold them and squeeze the trigger at people they hate or or people who are threatening their lives.

    Chris MartinChris Martin10 dagar sedan
  • Hey Joe, when are you bringing Ryan Long on the show?

    B0hd1B0hd110 dagar sedan
  • America Doesn't Lead the World in Gun comparison to 3rd world countries. Gun deaths and violence are a result of poverty. The majorityy of violence and crime is a result of poverty. Any legislation, law etc wont fix americas poverty problem. Fixing poverty will fix the gun problem in the US. Best example for this is Switzerland. And on the contrary, with major poverty, Brazil

    hihi10 dagar sedan
  • Think of your children and ban the human killing devices once and for all!!!!

    P GeezyP Geezy10 dagar sedan
  • We lead in mass shootings, that’s the most concerning stat. And we were number 2 overall .Click bait for sure.look at countries with less guns, there’s less gun deaths. Japan doesn’t hav a gun problem because they hav real gun control

    JustmebroJustmebro10 dagar sedan
  • Yeah no shit Sherlock. We lead amongst "civilized" countries

    TheAlphaBetapr13TheAlphaBetapr1310 dagar sedan
  • South America looks to be the most fucked up place to live. Shit most of the active self defense videos on youtube are from security cameras in Brazil and Guatemala's deaths per capita is like holly fuck. So pretty much south of Mexico is the wild west/ roaring 20's with organized crime killings and Brazil where liquor store shootings and people following you home and attacking you is common place.

    Charles BolinCharles Bolin10 dagar sedan
    • South America is like Africa in the way that the extremely bad places are always focused on but the beautiful places are ignored

      Lil TreeLil Tree10 dagar sedan
  • Also, not all countries report the same way. We count suicides as a gun death

    Sterling ArcherSterling Archer10 dagar sedan
  • 1:46 I am Brazillian and our gun laws are really restrictive, like way more than the USA. And we out numbered you guys, fuck yeah!

    Rafael AvilaRafael Avila10 dagar sedan
    • How can you speak English if you from Brazil

      Lil TreeLil Tree10 dagar sedan
  • Are we really comparing ourseleves against Colombia and Brazil?.

    humahuma10 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Tree it's also riddled with corruption and drugs.

      humahuma10 dagar sedan
    • I mean Brazil gets a bad wrap but it is a top 10 world power

      Lil TreeLil Tree10 dagar sedan
  • I mean let´s be honest. This other nations are not fucked up because of the high amount of gun deaths. There are no highly developed nation under top charts except the USA. Gun control is not the reason this nations are crumbling.

    Dave MartinsDave Martins10 dagar sedan
  • No. America is not twelve. We are #6. Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia are ahead of us, in that order.

    Cami M-GCami M-G11 dagar sedan
  • Love Jamie. Pull up that number

    Shimmy IsaacsShimmy Isaacs11 dagar sedan
  • USA definitely leads the Developed World or First World nations in gun deaths and gun crime.

    Hurricane RaviHurricane Ravi11 dagar sedan
  • "we're like number 12 nowhere near the top" He does realise that there is like 100 other countries below America on that list right...

    •Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ••Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ•11 dagar sedan
    • You have like quadruple the firearm deaths that the Russian Federation and Afghanistan, fuckin Afghanistan bro, how does nobody see how fucked up that is,

      •Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ••Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ•11 dagar sedan
  • You can tell the black guy is a bullshitter, just spouting out random facts and not know anything behind it when asked about it

    Pup PyzPup Pyz11 dagar sedan
  • tell that to chicago

    I am Ho1yI am Ho1y11 dagar sedan
  • Brazil has a lot of people

    EddieEddie11 dagar sedan