The Military Industrial Complex and CNN Being Exposed

23 apr 2021
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Taken from JRE #1639 w/Dave Smith:

  • You didnt have fuck all to do with the downfall of the UK monarchy. Typical Yankee bullshit, think they done everything and your contribution to WW1 was fuck all in comparison to everyone else smh

    Marc WinterMarc Winter38 minuter sedan
  • Trump told us about their forever war crap and that’s why he hadta go!

    CryptoleseCryptolese2 timmar sedan
  • Watch this. It will scare the crap out of you.

    Nicholas HucksNicholas Hucks3 timmar sedan
  • “They will create the viruses themselves and sell you the antidotes. Thereafter, they will pretend to take time to find the solution when they already have it.” -Muammar Gaddafi The man gave his people free educations and free healthcare yet we are supposed to believe that he actually gassed his own people(?!) GTFOH with that nonsense! Listen to what Aaron Russo said about what Nick Rockefeller (who had befriended him) told him 'before' 9*11. Exactly how they had planned an "event" and how they had already planned to take out one middle eastern country after another. It's all been planned for many many years but people are just too scared to admit to themselves what's actually happening in front of our faces right now. It's all very real folks! Here's a link

    Hugh Joel CaulkHugh Joel Caulk6 timmar sedan
  • If we have been talking about regime change in the middle east after 9/11, was 9/11 allowed to happen to provide a reason for regime in the middle east?

    Dr. SampCoDr. SampCo8 timmar sedan
  • Remember Benghazi, they said they died in the fire. Videos surface of the occupants being brutalized in the street. Same treatment as Kadaffi.

    Walf DeshonWalf Deshon8 timmar sedan
  • USA played a very limited role in combat. The major effort in ww1 was to supply the allies. Facts not propaganda

    Douglas HiebertDouglas Hiebert8 timmar sedan
  • Which speech are they talking about at 1:15?

    SastoncaSastonca9 timmar sedan
  • And then Twitter silenced James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.

    Kanderus86Kanderus869 timmar sedan
  • CNN is the bad guy? I guess Fox News is great, then? Listening to Fox is like believing the National Inquirer. The most ridiculous bullsnot a person can say on air.

    James WilsonJames Wilson10 timmar sedan
  • England, "a monarchy in name only"? You jest! It's not called 'the establishment' for nothing, and as long as there is a 'them' there is an 'us' and there cannot be a 'we'. In this day and age, nuts! But 'they', like all narcissists, are consumate manipulators, liars, rationalisers and revisionists. They've had centuries of practice. Time for that to end 🤨.

    Inhale. Exhale.Inhale. Exhale.11 timmar sedan
  • CNN is the only TV network in US history to have arenas filled up all across America chanting "CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS CNN SUCKS"

    Mason MixonMason Mixon12 timmar sedan
  • Also an interesting connection is that these countries lined up for regime change were also the remaining few not yet under central bank control, can’t say that anymore.

    Derek SeguinDerek Seguin13 timmar sedan
  • And people still watch CNN, thats what baffles me.

    Mister KazamaMister Kazama14 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan must have James O'keefe on his show.

    Will PuleraWill Pulera14 timmar sedan
  • Be fair Fox news is pure garbage propaganda also.!!

    Cindy GCindy G14 timmar sedan
  • As General Clark told us, the US planned to destroy seven countries in the Middle East no later than 2001. In fact, the plans preceded 9/11. The 9/11 attacks were an essential part of this plan - 9/11 provided the pretext fo invade and destroy all these regimes. And who did the 9/11 attacks? Israel! Our dear ally, Israel! It was a false flag attack - blamed on Israel’s enemies in the Middle East in order to push the US to attack and destroy them. See Chris Bollyn.

    Steven YourkeSteven Yourke16 timmar sedan
  • Obama = Hitler

    Tim GrinTim Grin16 timmar sedan
  • These people need to get found, and get thrown out on the street to pay for everything they have done...many lives have been lost due to their lies.

    Mr. JMr. J16 timmar sedan
  • Assad didnt gas his own people

    Deep StateDeep State17 timmar sedan
  • Let's talk about the sun. It's going to micronova soon. Less than 20 years. LESS THAN.

    Invincible SwordsInvincible Swords21 timme sedan
  • They really stuck a knife up his a$$?

    Alex GAlex G21 timme sedan
  • cnn is propaganda and obama made it legal again

    n3r0wolfen3r0wolfe22 timmar sedan
  • I miss the good ol days of jre.

    gen namgen nam23 timmar sedan
  • The military industrial complex lead by a bunch of greedy oligarchs are paying people to incite racial hatred against ethnic groups bases on profit. Profit driven mass murdering is a thing now. If you or I did that we would be carted away in a bus with chains and shackles and then locked up in a maximum security prison and then given a lethal injection on a cold stainless steel slab.

    Decem_Unos QuattroDecem_Unos QuattroDag sedan
  • It's hilarious. Joe says. "Hey journalists, at least pretend to have ethics. " lol

    dethstarkdethstarkDag sedan
  • England a monarchy in name only? So why does the Queen meet with the Prime Minister twice a week?

    DavidDavidDag sedan
  • Shout out to Jimmy Dore :)

    Tor-Andreas BråtenTor-Andreas BråtenDag sedan
  • America removes all the monarchs. Thomas Cromwell says hi.

    Tom JonesTom JonesDag sedan
  • Thing is we have plans in place to attack pretty much every country jic. Would be nearsighted not to have them. Must have something we want

    John SantosJohn SantosDag sedan
  • Boycott spotify if they gonna censor Rogan's best podcasts

    Splif 4.20Splif 4.20Dag sedan
  • NOT saying US didn’t want to overthrow Assad-BUT CIA/US military have plans for RC on almost ever nation. UUSR had a program that was similar... GB special forces came about because of that. USA had a plan for a war with Jugoslavia in 1967... they didn’t start that war... but in case OF a war they had plans on what to do. From that video it was clearly said that was happening for Syria. US knows who they will side with in case of conflict in every region.

    VRCMFVRCMFDag sedan
  • 🦍🦍🍗🍗🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🍉🍉🍉🍉🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🍉🍉🍉🍉🍗🍗🍗🦧🦧🦧🦧

    Mr. Bum TicklerMr. Bum TicklerDag sedan
  • It’s extremely obvious that cnn is left but I don’t have any problem with them pushing climate change.

    Clint ReevesClint ReevesDag sedan
  • Jeffery Epstein isolated the coronavirus before he killed himself.

    Mike TeeMike TeeDag sedan
  • Joe ??? Trish Regan , The Fox !!! Podcast ???

    Robert KanfieldRobert KanfieldDag sedan
  • The fact that a lot of people are just now seeing CNN and other MSM media as propaganda machines is disgusting to me. It took James O'Keffe showing people for them to see it is, abhorrent. This crap has been going on for years.

    Ziggy DaVikingZiggy DaVikingDag sedan
  • When will okeefe be on the JRE?

    Cucuy DogCucuy DogDag sedan
  • Spotify sucks for jre great for music though

    your daddyyour daddyDag sedan
  • Wow. Bro. I listen to this all the way and that fella talking... I've never heard anyone lay it out like that. 😳 The war. JFK talked shit and wound up dead.

    Robert WilliamsonRobert WilliamsonDag sedan
  • Banned.Video .com I n f o w a r s

    Robert WilliamsonRobert WilliamsonDag sedan
  • Dont worry Joe no one will ever catch you inadvertently telling the truth

    Lance WilsonLance WilsonDag sedan
  • Never trust a word from Mike Faker's mouth

    Amir AsyrafAmir AsyrafDag sedan
  • Just look up project for a New American Century

    Henry Belli lllHenry Belli lllDag sedan
  • And right after this, rogan will have a guy uncritically and indirectly pushing regime change in china over "uygur genocide"

    Raaid GilaniRaaid GilaniDag sedan
  • Up

    Alex RRRAlex RRRDag sedan
  • Joe rogan is gay.

    Brett AlbinBrett AlbinDag sedan
  • american rhetoric. political drivel and hollywood make up a perfect chinese christmass.

    Brett AlbinBrett AlbinDag sedan
  • Wesley Clark was talking about the whole"arab spring" operation. Seven countries in five years. It didn't go as planned but obama oversaw the arab spring which achieved the goal. The "seven countries" were to be, Libya, Tunisia, egypt, venezuela, iraq, syria and iran. Gaddafi was starting an independent oil cartel and it was ready to go when iraq's sanctions were lifted. That's why "we couldn't wait for the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud". So obama and CIA(Mostly) carried out operation ajax all over again in all those countries. Operation gladio-b in turkey arming isis al nusra et al. Obama was the prince of peace-prize.

    blue unicornblue unicornDag sedan
  • This guy still drinks the koolAid compared to what’s really true. Any person who told the real truth wouldn’t be taken seriously. Gettin’ there anyway. Sort of... meh.

    Richard DowningRichard DowningDag sedan
  • Dude you are obviously looking to be banned from SEworld and Spotify. Wait for it.

    caribbeanchildcaribbeanchildDag sedan
  • Shall we talk about Fox? or not! they doin a number on Joe!

    Kris sKris sDag sedan
  • The Rich white elite do what they want, when they want, and give no fucks whilst doing it

    I'm Not Aving ThatI'm Not Aving ThatDag sedan
  • Anybody have the gadaffi knife up ass video.

    The ManDragonThe ManDragonDag sedan

    Chaz AtkinsonChaz AtkinsonDag sedan
  • When there is conflict, there is news.

    A SanA SanDag sedan
  • Ffs, it took this long to be "exposed". Most people have known this shit for years man.

    Cyberdemon 9001Cyberdemon 9001Dag sedan
  • Spotify is lame AF

    nick kinsellanick kinsellaDag sedan
  • CNN is truly a propaganda network... and this is coming from a progressive

    B. B.B. B.Dag sedan
  • I love how the people in power spill the beans of their operations when they're in a casual setting, like O'Keefe did with the tinder date. I used to be a massage therapist, and one time I had a client that did nothing but bulk purchase and sales of homes by banks and other large financial institutions. All he did was buy a bunch of homes and sell a bunch of homes for these big industries at a profit, and they would buy and sell from each other essentially just ballooning the value of the homes over a short period of time. There may or may not be anything strictly illegal about what he and the financial institutions are doing, but a decade after the price of homes bottoms out we have massively inflated value of homes across the country. I wonder who's making all of the money from this? (Hint, it ain't the consumer) Incidentally the client had the most evil and villainous vibe of any person I put my hands on in over a decade of practice. His first eye contact with me he had the look of someone who was about to cause me severe physical harm, and after he sized me up as someone who wasn't a threat he relaxed and told me the whole evil plot.

    chamberscmtchamberscmtDag sedan

    Reuben BastienneReuben BastienneDag sedan
  • I watched a Syrian woman on Jimmy Dore say the reason Assad was still in power is the people like him. They have been tortured and bombed by anti Assad forces paid by the USA and now the USA are trying to starve the Syrian people by cutting off the oil and food etc. Why should they like America? But she said the Syrian people still support Assad and will not stop support.

    Ricky TrujilloRicky TrujilloDag sedan
  • Oh thank you for changing you set Joe Rogan I hated that red space ship you where in.... welcome back! Your the man brother!

    Michael Schofield Punisher68Michael Schofield Punisher68Dag sedan
  • I agree with this Joe. Expose them but for the philosophical conversation please bring on Muhammad Hijab

    Raees JacobsRaees JacobsDag sedan
  • His history is too smooth, too glib. Red flags go up.

    Clay BlasdelClay BlasdelDag sedan
  • GTFO of Spotify, please. Bring us the show again, Joe. Spotify is as bad if not more than CNN and MSM. They want to restrict what we can hear. This is a great clip, but the Joe Rogan Experience is losing out on reaching so many more people because they backed up the Brinks truck to your door.

    Luke DodgeLuke DodgeDag sedan
  • This segment is the real reason CNN has been losing their minds over Joe's comments on the vaccine.

    Shane RobertsShane RobertsDag sedan
  • and imagine, its Biden inadvertently exposing them... not Drump. the irony tho.

    Ploxxy bbPloxxy bbDag sedan
  • Our government is totally corrupted and needs to be purged by The American People Now !

  • I like Rogan on SEworld also. Ill never switch to spotify for his cast

    Paul Martocci-smalePaul Martocci-smaleDag sedan
  • shame this dude know jack all about history

    Daniel HarringtonDaniel HarringtonDag sedan
  • What?!?! CNN is right wing garbage, just like all the other cable news? But Chump said it was liberal media!

    ryan loweryan loweDag sedan

      The ExtinctThe Extinct23 timmar sedan
  • "I know everything in hindsight" - any guest on Rogan's show.

    DuckSwayBobWeaveDuckSwayBobWeaveDag sedan
  • Anyone that watches any TV and doesn't research what they hear is already lost. It's ratings based, what do you expect?

    Anthony StaffordAnthony StaffordDag sedan
  • America hasn't fought a defensive since the War of 1812.

    Sam WestSam WestDag sedan
  • Ye it's a conspiracy climate change Joe Rogan your just a misinformation chat show 👍

    Kevin HayesKevin HayesDag sedan
  • The actions against Syria stemmed from Russia forgiving $500 million of Syrian debt in return for the Russians enlarging their replenishment Naval Base at Tartus, Syria; to a full fleet base. Follow the bouncing ball and all the markers appear, Joe

    Admiralsnappyteeth AndthedenturesAdmiralsnappyteeth AndthedenturesDag sedan
  • Gaddafi was attempting to de-couple from the US Dollar and was organizing an Africa-wide economic union with a single gold-backed currency. That's why he was overthrown. That's it. End of discussion. Simple as that.

    DanielDaniel2 dagar sedan
  • Obama killed so many people, and this guy is in love with him... unreal!!!

    Satoshi NSatoshi N2 dagar sedan
  • What's spotify?

    crackin2000crackin20002 dagar sedan
  • congrats, now you understand the Oded Yinon Plan

    AlekAlek2 dagar sedan
  • No monarchs still seem pretty bad. We don’t need another king baby

    Jerry HamptonJerry Hampton2 dagar sedan
  • When you fund a terrorist group to take out a terrorist group to fund a terrorist group to take out a terrorist group to fund a terrorist group to take out a terrorist group to find a terrorist group to take out a terrorist group you guys get the picture....

    C.M. OliverC.M. Oliver2 dagar sedan
  • Everyday in the last week we see articles on impending China vs Australia war, on and daily mail. Getting clickbaited or are we meant to get acclimatized?

    Flippy Floppy PuppyFlippy Floppy Puppy2 dagar sedan
  • How do I deal with this you can talk about it all day long because no answers to the problem

    Jaxon EvaxJaxon Evax2 dagar sedan
  • Don't watch any of the mainstream news channels. It's all propaganda.

    Boost JunkieBoost Junkie2 dagar sedan
  • Please bring O’Keefe from Project Veritas!

    PrPr2 dagar sedan
  • Take America back

    P - MacP - Mac2 dagar sedan
  • And now you know why your govt created the false flag of 9/11, attacked your own people for profit and power. The story of the USA’s history but you blame everyone else or have some lame excuse.

    Brett SpencerBrett Spencer2 dagar sedan
  • Every time I hear about the "WMD's in Iraq" I think on the real people that sustained nerve and mustard chemical agents during this timeline from "non-existent chemical weapons." Why is this NEVER brought up that they 100% verified these weapons exsisted? Our units were tasked with safely disposing of them. Do you really think Iraq had cornered the market on baby formula manufacturing and that it wasn't really being used as chemical factories? Put me on the show! I'll set the records straight about what's real and what's false.

    John VerJohn Ver2 dagar sedan
  • Wesley Clark was Hated by his own Men. Says a lot about Clark’s character.

    Tony V.Tony V.2 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile, CNN is STILL permitted to broadcast their propaganda unfettered. This should explain that regardless of what the truth is, CNN and the DemoRATS will continue lying to you and YOU will continue to allow it.

    BAIZUO!BAIZUO!2 dagar sedan
  • We all know the fraud that is going on. When are we the people going to get together and do Class action lawsuits for treason and crimes against humanity? Let's start having that conversation. We can do this together without an attorney!

    Bruce GelerterBruce Gelerter2 dagar sedan
    • I say class action purge ! Fk a law suit! All things law way have been compromised

      Red dawn G43xRed dawn G43x5 timmar sedan
    • I'm down. But I guarantee you that if we do the leader/leaders will conveniently be suicided/ botched robbery'd/ car crash/ house fire or plane crashed out of their role.

      C0mm0n C0urt3syC0mm0n C0urt3sy5 timmar sedan
    • Never; we're too placated, ignorant, unorganized and divided.

      Meinbher PiegMeinbher Pieg11 timmar sedan
  • Great discussion about the truth...

    BxtreemBxtreem2 dagar sedan
  • Cnn viewer's are all racist

    JeffJeff2 dagar sedan
  • The question is why are we doing all these regime changes?!

    JWGJWG2 dagar sedan
  • Mr Rogan has finally crossed over from great host and interviewer with awesome commentary two Name In Lights narcissist way to go Joe still love the show

    Robert McCainRobert McCain2 dagar sedan
  • No mention at all that the war was started by Bush and the Republicans. Joe being a republican shill and a sellout as usual.

    Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • Are you people as sick and tired at being lied to, manipulated, abused, ripped off and disrespected by the entire corrupt system as I am? I'm actually gaining sympathy for anarchy. Michael Malice's argument for anarchy makes a lot of sense. Regardless, this whole mess we have now is totally unacceptable. All of it. Even BLM and Antifa are fake. Everything we see is fake...part of the lizard system.

    Kuto DouglasKuto Douglas2 dagar sedan
  • Yes it was all the CIA & the Saudi's, Israel had no part in it.

    Lynn DunnLynn Dunn2 dagar sedan