Mark Smith on What It's Like to Be a Fighter Pilot

2 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1605 with Mark Smith.

  • You have not seen anything yet what you looking at is an aircraft the ones that I saw the tr3b you hear about him you hardly ever see them you would swear it was an actual UFO of some kind of crafts these crafts are very silent when I say silent I mean silent if we have these triangles we're in good hands but if these triangles are not ours we might want to think this whole thing over

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  • 6:04 is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣

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  • 6:05 is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣

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  • f1 drivers out here playing with 3-6 g's

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  • Wish this was still on youtube full time. I love this show but I'm not paying another subscription just for one show. And yeah fuck adds not spending my time listening to that garbage.

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  • He said there just trying to protect us from aliens their cool

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  • People make it seem like the stealth bomber is silent but when I 1st Seen it fly over a back yard I was in in Eagle rock California it was not silent. It scared the hell out of us but we found out it was going to the Rose parade in Pasadena CA for a fly over.

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  • It’s crazy that I saw this guy flying TB2 at an airshow and didn’t even know until now

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  • Imagine getting stoned and piloting one of this aircraft! Damn

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  • Top guest is this guy, found him very interesting

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  • How do you save data cost if you download?

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  • I saw the B2 bomber fly during a Fairford airshow back in 2007 i think. It really looks like an alien craft when you see it move around in the sky.

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  • Amazing how advanced our weapons systems are especially our aircraft and yet we have no way to monitor our pilots health so if they have a health emergency / lose consciousness the plane can't take over to maintain basic flight or even land automatically

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  • I could give Joe the full rundown of f-22's

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  • 3:11 talking about a TR3B.

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  • I have a buddy who worked on the weapons system for the F22. Such a badass machine!

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  • This brother knows his sh*t.

  • TR-3B ..thats the triangle one

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  • This is why we spent a bajillion trillion dollars on military

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  • That was dope af

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  • Why can’t someone like this guy run for president ?

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  • This dude’s a bad ass

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  • Alien like aircraft isn't new dude Ho 229 is from around ww2 ish I think and the shape of it is so fucking wierd Especially for that kind of time

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  • fk Spotify

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  • Keystone oil - America great again

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  • He saved the question about the f22, fuel economy. Then gave the answer away later. Cool guest

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  • (If I was him) Anyone: How are you today ? Me: when I was in the THUNDERBIRDS

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  • Joe look up the Nazi flying wing. It's damn near identical to our Stealth.

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  • First time I spotted a F117 Irl was during the 911 attack it flew past my house about 200 feet off the deck north along the beach headed toward new york I thought to myself what's its mission reconnaissance perhaps I was glad to see it

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  • Lol nothing in the world?? Wait until y’all approach another tick tack ufo or one of those anti gravity saucers.🤣

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  • Waa! Idonwanna get Spotify! Waaaa!

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  • I wonder if a cockpit could be pressurized or vacuumed or whatever the correct term is to keep gravity at a 1:1 full time no matter the speed or G-forces these badasses pull... Not even sure if what I'm wondering is possible but, how cool to pull exponential G's with no effect on the body... Great segment ‼️

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  • You can think that "USA will be on the top of the foodchain" but those Russian planes are not bad either.. and their pilots are crazy..

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  • I wonder why f22 had a huge production cut, they didn’t build not even a fraction of the planned amount

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    • @Conrado FMC_Ny Oh I hear ya, stopping the line was a political move rather than a tactical one. Lockheed/Airforce knew the F-35 program would have a rough start so they did what they could to make sure congress and foreign buyers wouldnt have the option to cancel the F-35, and instead buymore F-22 off an active line. While that sucks, its understandable, congress usually lacks the stones to cancel a whole programs but will knock units off the back end. Sadly the backend is the good part, where you get economies of scale, the benefit of actual real world data, efficiency curves... The airforce was fighting to keep the backend on the F-35 buy and still is, willing to cut any other plane to keep the F-35 buy large.

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    • @link10909 I understand what u said, but the f-35 became super expensive, expensive maintenance, and there are a lot of flaws... but the f35 program costed 1.5 trillion. The military could’ve made and maintained thousands of f22

      Conrado FMC_NyConrado FMC_Ny2 dagar sedan
    • Stealth coating was hard to maintain, the fight cost per hour was high, only potentially replaced one legacy airframe, and cost per airframe was high (partly due to having two engines). So they cut the program and decided that the F-35 program along side the lesser number of f22 airframes would meet the airforce's air superiority needs. They were hoping the f-35 program would address some of the f22 draw backs and be as effective due to new technology. Easier to maintain coating, cheaper per plane (one engine), lower per flight hour cost, and replacing multiple airframes.

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  • What a great interview. Its just an episode that keeps giving, from mma to ejecting out of a crashed fighter; gee i was hooked and also learnt a few things too. What a great dude

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  • watch secrets of war on vietnam air superiority, it goes more in depth on starting top gun and fighting the more maneuverable migs, pretty interesting.

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  • Theeeeumbs down. See ometimes....

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  • America the best we got the best planes the best pilots if Russia ever invaded yo ass yo screwed xD

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  • I've seen both stealths from 16ft away very awsome.

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  • I prefer the old studio

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  • I was listening from another room and thought Joe was interviewing Obama just by the voice lol

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  • TR3B look it up

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  • Just think. 118 years ago, just over one life time, man flew for the first time. And now we have “UFO like” technology. Imagine what mankind could do if we put our heads together to solve some of the world’s problems.

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  • I dunno, based on everything I’ve seen and read, Israeli Air Force has more talent ~ a direct quote from a navy analyst is “...pilot to pilot airframe to airframe Israeli Air Force is the best in the world...”

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  • I swear for like 4 minutes i thought it was the 'hootie and the blowfish' dude!

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  • Spotify is total trash

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  • The black triangle ufo is totally silent and can hover in sky without moving

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  • F22 has super cruise so it can fly speed of sound without afterburner.

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  • "Thrust you can trust"

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  • kinda curious what he means by a '45 min dogfighting mission", seems technology made actual dogfighting obsolete decades ago

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    • @TheOne111 it's just who gets missile lock first now it seems, miles away from your enemy

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    • Just talking exercises. Youre right though. US hasnt dealt with another air threat since ww2 but those techniques would still be used today if so. Just a lot faster paced

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  • I've seen the black triangle craft and that looks nothing like what i saw along with 3 others...completely different. Solid black equalateral triangle, no lights, no sound, and able to make 90 degree turns

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  • How did he manage all of his accomplishments without white privilege? Huh what a mystery.

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  • Wondering if Biden has sold the plans for the f22 to China yet?

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  • It’s the dude from iron eagle

  • I wonder how long Joe went before trying to get him to smoke DMT?

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  • Such a great interviewee he even made me forget about the nasty studio!

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  • Thank you for your Service to Our Country💯🇺🇸🦅🙏

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  • There’s gotta have to be alien technology in our planes

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  • He said they'd run outta gas within 5 minutes going all out... But how far could they travel in that 5 minutes?

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  • He literally admitted it guys. There IS A "KNOW"

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  • Joe 'that's insane' Rogan

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  • Sellout

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  • SU-57 pilots and J-20 pilots might disagree. But F-22 is awesome

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  • He has such a military voice lol

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  • The new one is not a secret. Northrop Grumman who built the B2 is now making the B21

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  • "I already talked to those dudes" guess they have gotten to joe yall lmao

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    • And now he’s on Spotify.....

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    • 👻

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    • Yeah Joe, we can see it om your T-shirt

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  • Imagine a 9G phone. (I know it's not related. But it would be cool.) 😂😂

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  • 9Gs😱

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  • Joe, “interviews Dave Chappell” rogan

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  • An F16. Burns 56000lbs of fuel /hr. At full afterburner. So about 6 min. You can do the math.

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  • I've been there .. I delivered right outside area 51 to an abandoned warehouse I saw the craziest shit

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  • The Neil degrasse tyson of fighter pilots

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  • A black man in a fighter jet, I would piss my pants 😂

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    • ❤️😘

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  • Manned fighter pilots will be useless against drones.

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  • Might be one of the best clips I’ve seen in awhile. This dude is awesome

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  • 3:44 he must've been referring to the new B21 Raider

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  • My dad worked on the sr-71 blackbird in the late 60s and he told me he saw them take off and go near vertical like that F-22 almost every time. I assume it’s to get to an altitude where it can go faster because it was more fuel and power efficient in those conditions(80,000 feet and around 2,300 mph). The F-22 is cool too though. Lol

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  • They are among us.

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  • Do a podcast with the Hodge Twins

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  • He has such a soothing voice

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  • I just got schooled

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  • I have been watching the B 2 flying in my area for 20 years. I live close to Whiteman AFB. Got lots of stories about it taken from people that fly them and the F 22.

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  • What came first? MAST or G-suit?

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    • Wow, gotta call it on myself re MAST. Shows how far away from that part of my life I am now.

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  • Just casually talking about killing people lol

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  • I started watching this video and they started talking about Area 51 I was li,e “Dude! All that shit was declassified in 2008” and then he mentions the book The Red Eagles. Read the book and find out what REALLY happened at Area 51.

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  • B2 looks strange but it still makes jet noises and obeys3the laws of physics. When people say they see something making zero noise and doing crazy 90 turns that's a little different

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  • As a Marine with 4 combat deployments. I like fighter pilots, even had them attached to us. Unfortunately for the pilots the Marines are rhe best. Go play in the air and we will handle the shit on the ground.

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  • You gotta respect the hell out of a guy like that being egoless enough to be able to say “I don’t know” to a question.

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    • You're joking right

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  • not gonna lie spotify is kinda annoying af for podcasts

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  • Wright Pat Air Force Museum has a B-2 and F-22 on display.

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  • Cmon bro....maneuverability???😄😄😄😄😂😂ever seen russian jets? Su57 would mop the floor with the F22.....n I'm an F22 fanboy...cmon

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  • Damn, I really like this guy (no homo)

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  • TR3-B1 or tr3-b or something. THAT'S WHAT people see that's the triangle with 3 lights. It has A CIRCLE in the middle on the bottom. Just ASK THE BELGUIM AIR FORCE in 1989...... There's videos on this including the belgian air force cheif on TV.

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  • I don’t know Joe I remember watching the lights over phoenix that does not look like anything in this world aircraft the funny thing is no one has ever seen it again

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  • SU35> lol They both amazing af tho

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  • where do i get that saucer shirt ? Legit .

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  • The private texture intriguingly hover because comparison undesirably separate worth a male bird. earthy, ugly chair

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  • Joe is wrong about the black triangle UFOs. I saw one maybe 15 years ago. It was not a stealth bomber. It was not wide and flat like that. It did not move like a plane. It hovered completely still in the air for a while and the way it moved when it took off did not resemble that plane.

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  • How to end war around the world. Alien invasion

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  • b2 side profile is that of a sparrow in a dive. cool shit.

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