UFC Ref on Knowing When to Stop Submissions

2 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1605 with Mark Smith. open.spotify.com/episode/1JwVKXJfvtxDPisr3pFCSr?si=-SboeTJiSwSZxYUOOus9uw


    Francis Jean- BaptisteFrancis Jean- Baptiste6 timmar sedan
  • the very opposite of mario 'dayum things gettin nasty, who reffin this bish' yamazaki

    Martin SprungMartin Sprung23 timmar sedan
  • I tapped when Tony's arm went the other way

    Gary GrayGary GrayDag sedan
  • wow I always no when I got chocked out ,your in a fight now your not doctor is there but everyone is different Justin new exactly wut happened with khabib.

    mat33mat33Dag sedan
  • This guy talks like Dave Chappelle making his white friend impersonation

    AehooooAehoooo5 dagar sedan
  • Every UFC trainer joes ever mentioned has been the best ever

    Alex JenningsAlex Jennings6 dagar sedan
  • ✨👍

    Stephen Dela CruzStephen Dela Cruz6 dagar sedan
  • Just by lookin at him the guy looks like a ref

    Wantutri 722Wantutri 7228 dagar sedan
  • I dont know about that Gracie thing. Sakuraba doesnt play around and he had his opponent dead to rights, it was done, not only that but Royler was given quite a lot of time to get out of the hold and he couldnt, he was just flailing around insisting he was fine.

    Tee KayTee Kay9 dagar sedan
  • I mean, sakuraba does have a history of breaking the arms of the gracie clan.

    Catfish BradleyCatfish Bradley9 dagar sedan
  • When you get knocked out, most of the time you have a “dream” about the person who knocked you out doing something. That’s why they still think they’re in the fight, trust me when I tell you it always happens to me whenever I don’t tap in sparring.

    Christopher SchulteChristopher Schulte10 dagar sedan
  • it’s so crazy to think that the refs are just as/More Lethal then the competitors...

    Jacobee StricklandJacobee Strickland11 dagar sedan
  • I pay for Spotify and I listen to music 24/7 but I couldn't care less about listening or watching it on there because there's no comment section ya fuck! And now thinking about it, even if there was...its not very convenient because I'm always on SEworld.

    mindoverme88mindoverme8813 dagar sedan
  • Matt huges vs Gracie was crazy Gracie wouldn’t tap 😂

    Niall JohnNiall John14 dagar sedan
    • Great fight. Won alot of money that day. It was a non title fight n im not sure royce lost at that point. But was legendary as a iron man tournament's etc

      Joey murdaz AlotmoreJoey murdaz Alotmore14 dagar sedan
  • I like this ref, seems like a solid dude.

    William BreezeWilliam Breeze14 dagar sedan
  • 3:35 is what you’re looking for. you’re welcome

    The Notorious YouTubeThe Notorious YouTube14 dagar sedan
  • One of the best pilots I had the please of working with!!! Chappie!!!

    Alex ArmsteadAlex Armstead15 dagar sedan
  • Where does Mario Yamasaki fit into this

    Einstein HeinischEinstein Heinisch16 dagar sedan
  • Bring Young Pharaoh on here 💪💯

    Astien PerezAstien Perez16 dagar sedan
  • JAMIE!!!! Stop editing this shit where Joe yells spotify stuff at us. We're not GOING TO GO THERE!!!

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family16 dagar sedan
  • Listening to this ref one must ask what in God name would allow a human being want to endure pain like that...

    Dave WagstaffeDave Wagstaffe17 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe I thought I was going to disagree with Joe Rogan for a second but do I agree at alas. You can't stop the fight too early you got to let these spiders fight until they quit. But if you end up seeing a break or a dislocation or somebody scream then yeah I agree that the ref can stop the fight

    Ryan SchudelRyan Schudel17 dagar sedan
  • Mark is for sure one of the best refs but I’m still very skeptical of his Chimaev/Meerschaerdt stoppage. Dude was already yelling stop before Gerald even hit the ground... aka, I don’t think the stoppage actually came from Mark aka he was told to continue to hype up the hype train

    Mason McQuaigMason McQuaig17 dagar sedan
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    Stop 5G Death TowersStop 5G Death Towers18 dagar sedan
  • Fucking Rogan didn't even mention the series of blatant eyepokes in that palhares v shields fight. Im pretty sure that was the point Mark Smith was trying to make

    Brandon NBrandon N18 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/section/PLVJUiShTDbWMOGXPXSP7a9qybDBYONFzQ.html

    Stop A.I. War GamesStop A.I. War Games19 dagar sedan
  • Mark Smith is such a great referee.

    L. A. H.L. A. H.19 dagar sedan
  • Sakura a is not a big guy

    ChuganauticsChuganautics19 dagar sedan
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  • Imagine being a salty fan of a fighter that just lost and bitching about this guy for being “dumb ref”. While this guy is the definition of OVERQUALIFIED. 😂

    Heyjulz Don’tmakeitbadHeyjulz Don’tmakeitbad19 dagar sedan
  • Ghandi of refs

    Jon DeneenJon Deneen20 dagar sedan
  • All sports need to ban all ergogenic aids from athletes including bodybuilders and really cut back on issuing T.U.E. I stopped watching sports because of people doping not politics.

    Berry SmithBerry Smith20 dagar sedan
  • Thank you mark smith, you’ve quickly become my favorite ref in the game

    Vaden85Vaden8520 dagar sedan
  • hey Joe! Please have Chael on again soon!

    Brayden WilkesBrayden Wilkes20 dagar sedan
  • LAST 🤬💩

    Scott SimonScott Simon21 dag sedan
  • See my playlists, you'll learn something useful and meaningful

    Conscious NobodyConscious Nobody21 dag sedan
  • I like this ref. He is squared away.

    rockhoya10rockhoya1021 dag sedan
  • Spotify sucks

    badfun69badfun6921 dag sedan
  • who the fock is that guy?

    sam93931sam9393121 dag sedan
  • What about when Roe Jogan puts Joe Rogan in an arm bar? Do you stop the fight or let him snap it and produce that DMT mindfuck au naturale?

    MrAhuraMazda187MrAhuraMazda18721 dag sedan
  • I love the way he talks so clearly and effectively. A trademark of great fighter pilots

    Matthew RegisterMatthew Register22 dagar sedan
  • No matter what he will always stop em too early or too late

    TykopeTykope22 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/section/PLXwyn4orLJklJidYan293KtlStEzkU7aC.html.

    Delite WetikoDelite Wetiko22 dagar sedan
  • This was a dope interview!!! Never knew that much goes on reffing a fight!?!?! 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Mr. ANDERSINMr. ANDERSIN22 dagar sedan
  • Didn't really know mark smith before this interview. Now I'm hoping the UFC keeps him busy. Damn good ref right there.

    zach stevenszach stevens22 dagar sedan
  • Uhh, Tony's arm looks fine, it's bent in the right direction ffs lol not to mention he was using it the very next day on video... Joe "the drama queen" Rogan as always lol 🤷🏽‍♂️

    ShizNickShizNick22 dagar sedan
  • its funny to think that everyone knows who yamasaki is and nobody knows who this dude is 😂😂

    Siddharth NandiSiddharth Nandi22 dagar sedan
  • Joe "run side to side" Rogan

    YCudaOrYBabyYCudaOrYBaby22 dagar sedan
  • Khabib the GOAT

    TheAPOLLO801TheAPOLLO80122 dagar sedan
  • I have loved Mark Smith his whole career. Competent ref, stand up guy, overall interesting person.

    cleba76cleba7622 dagar sedan
  • I’m watching this video to hear about Gaethji going to sleep because of Khabib’s triangle submission

    unclear visionunclear vision22 dagar sedan
  • I find it so amusing that these refs have found a way to justify their huge salary. A ref is a little less useless then a judge and and almost any enthusiast can do that job with a decent understanding of the rules. Especially in MMA. Obviously no fouling. Follow the rules and a dude either taps or gets KO'd. Literally the refs job is to stop the fight when the other guy has had enough or taps. An enthusiast can legit learn this in a day and be great at it in a matter of months.

    greysymphonyearthgreysymphonyearth22 dagar sedan
  • @powerfulJRE you talk about so many different topics and meet numerous fighters/influential people, you give advice and videos to help people. What I’m wondering is why aren’t you a fighter yourself if you think you know so much. Your podcasts and videos are too long and boring as hell, stick to commentary bro and stop giving advice on shit when you hadn’t had real experience itself. I’m not tryna shit on anything I’m just saying stick to what you know

    supermanbox1supermanbox122 dagar sedan
  • He looks like a fighter pilot to me,

    BobbieBobbie22 dagar sedan
  • It hurts me to see tony being hurt like that.

    MrJcl666MrJcl66622 dagar sedan
  • The Pierlugi Collina of UFC.

    Awang BudimanAwang Budiman22 dagar sedan
  • Kevin seems like a imature punk...he can fight tho

    Nico SmithNico Smith22 dagar sedan
  • Mark Smith looks like Louis Riddick look it up if you think that I'm lying

    yo_carpe _diemyo_carpe _diem22 dagar sedan
  • Nah sakuraba broke gracie's arm despite how flexible he was he even admitted himself

    STFU cookiemanSTFU cookieman22 dagar sedan
  • My motto is don’t stop til you hear a pop

    Juke BoxxJuke Boxx22 dagar sedan
  • Connor mcgregor.” What happened??”

    S KS K22 dagar sedan
  • Herb Dean wishes he was this guy 👀

    Markey MarkMarkey Mark23 dagar sedan
  • If you close your eyes and listen carefully you’ll hear Obama

    Daniel WDaniel W23 dagar sedan
  • Joe “u can saw his leg off with a rusty fucking axe” Rogan🪚

    Mozart ScottMozart Scott23 dagar sedan
  • Mark ‘level of proficiency’ Smith

    longfoot72longfoot7223 dagar sedan
  • Why did you remove Joe Rogan Experience #920?

    YngFoxYngFox23 dagar sedan
  • saying holland knocked out jacare off his back is misleading and straight up wrong, jacare was already severly rocked before he threw that punch

    Dn DDn D23 dagar sedan
  • Please come back to SEworld!

    Aragorn841Aragorn84123 dagar sedan
  • I reckon the UFC took its rules from first generation Irish, respect for standing in the ring, respect for fighting for your life, respect for fighting for your community and above all, DONT FUCK WITH THE IRISH !!!

    Paul LallyPaul Lally23 dagar sedan
  • Joe ya fucked up going to Spotify big dawg!

    Junior RamirezJunior Ramirez23 dagar sedan
  • Great podcast. Favourite thing about this show is the diversity in professionalism in all different topics of life. Nothing but entertaining and educational, really something special.

    Joe PennyJoe Penny23 dagar sedan
  • Who else wants @zefrank1 to be in this podcast

    Shikhar SrikanthShikhar Srikanth23 dagar sedan
  • Screw whoever uploaded this without putting Mark's name in the title

    Ethan GEthan G23 dagar sedan
  • He didn't miss a beat.... composed,hamble...best interview this year

    Nikos KoutroumanidisNikos Koutroumanidis23 dagar sedan
  • Honestly had no idea who he was ,but I'm now a fan !He has done some amazing things and still sounds so humble.

    Baldy By natUreBaldy By natUre23 dagar sedan
  • What's Mark Smith's stance on alcohol and cigarettes?

    Peter I.Peter I.23 dagar sedan
  • Tony Ferguson is unhumanly tough

    Ayoub HasanyAyoub Hasany23 dagar sedan
  • Verbal tap = "Oh ma rib, ma rib ma rib ma rib!

    Phil JacksonPhil Jackson23 dagar sedan
  • What’s your channel for your PlutoTV???

    Rican BeeRican Bee23 dagar sedan
  • Hard cut during the interview....video is 10:02 on the dot...Rogan is Algrorythyming HARD...ffs

    Nick CurvinNick Curvin23 dagar sedan
  • DUDE - have Jay Dyer on. He is awesome and will make for a really interesting interview.

    John GaltJohn Galt23 dagar sedan
  • Joe seems a bit of a Know-it-all on this one. Just let The ref give us his words for a few minutes. Jesus Joe. We get it. You are familiar with MMA.

    OneMore ThingOneMore Thing23 dagar sedan
  • *mario enters the chat*

    incognito kevincognito kev23 dagar sedan
  • We need that Michael Chiesa/Kevin Lee rematch at 170

    RP McMurphyRP McMurphy23 dagar sedan
  • Get Israel Adesanya back in

    Brendan LorenzoBrendan Lorenzo23 dagar sedan
  • Yamasaki: "You guys stop the fights?"

    Juan BurgueñoJuan Burgueño23 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen all the fights this guy mentioned , i didn’t even notice him in any of those , fair play

    Mohammad KhanMohammad Khan23 dagar sedan
  • Jre leaving SEworld for Spotify aha master manipulator

    Josh RJosh R23 dagar sedan
  • Hey @powerfuljre please talk about human rights violations taking place in India and the struggle and torture the farmers are going through #farmersprotest

    Property Lawn careProperty Lawn care23 dagar sedan
  • I think Joe should have former Arizona governor Fife Symington on the show, he was a witness to the Phoenix lights UFO incident.

    John WayneJohn Wayne23 dagar sedan
  • This podcast was so good, he was extremely well spoken and extremely informative! & crazy background on this guy very experienced fighter pilot, Top man. 💯👏🏻

    ArmoxrArmoxr23 dagar sedan
  • Let him speak ffs Joe, nobody wants to hear your dullard thoughts.

    An Capall MórAn Capall Mór23 dagar sedan
  • Great ref

    roberto wilcoroberto wilco23 dagar sedan
  • Oh look it's the STOP STOP STOP STOP guy!

    JulianJulian23 dagar sedan

    JulianJulian23 dagar sedan

    JulianJulian23 dagar sedan
  • 4:34

    Rapportus5Rapportus523 dagar sedan
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    Don GilliamDon Gilliam23 dagar sedan
  • Way too many of his videos focused on jujutsu and comedians. As if I could give a rat's ass about MMA or fighting. And does Joe think his average audience even knows shit about all that comedian jargon he and his guests spew out? I suspect in months time I'll be dropping out of the JRE.

    SnoopyDooSnoopyDoo23 dagar sedan
  • Im high as hell, and at 6:45 I farted as hard as I could. I swear I thought they were talking to me through my phone. Scary as FUCK

    Brandon KelseyBrandon Kelsey23 dagar sedan