Michael Malice is Worried About the Response to the Virus

11 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1608 with Michael Malice. open.spotify.com/episode/3EukYb1XzWD2G19WS5gAHe?si=PIpjnrWVQbWQSlmy0ZIk9A

  • Americans has lost their minds for good..

    Ari KommAri KommTimme sedan
  • We should all be worried about the response to the virus. If we don't start sticking together and standing up for ourselves we are all screwed.

    TopherTopher3 timmar sedan
  • I can’t believe the mental deficiency in this comment section. I don’t understand why you’re all not volunteering at hospitals

    Danny TannerDanny Tanner3 timmar sedan
  • Yeah i'm fucking worried about the response to the virus when a year into a pandemic Michael Malice still can't figure out how a fucking mask works lmao... these guys are so fucking dumb come on with this shit, like you can't tell a mask is more effective than fucking dog piss???

    Kai RoachKai Roach14 timmar sedan
  • I was booted off Facebook for a time showing a picture of mazis asking for papers. I said instead of show me your papers its show me your vacation papers. Thats where this bullshit is headed

    Deo FrutuosoDeo Frutuoso14 timmar sedan
  • american liberal whites need to stop with this "white guilt" crap. and I'm saying this as a minority and an immigrant.

    0 00 0Dag sedan
  • I laughed way too hard at the "u don't need a condom and a diaphram" line...

    Brock SmithBrock SmithDag sedan
  • Exactly right on the low status people enjoying their new authority, telling you where to stand etc.. Ignore them, if they persist tell them to f off

    Frank HillierFrank HillierDag sedan
  • Don't feed the ego

    DraemstarsDraemstarsDag sedan
  • People are so scared and dumb mask don't filter the virus from getting to you nor does it stop a virus from leaving from you. We just spent a year with mask and it didn't stop the virus these people are so dumb. If I see some attacking some one not wearing a mask I'm gonna sucker punching that person so hard and ill be wearing a mask so everyone is gonna be like wtf. I been practicing too so be double scared u scared morons

    Brandon DeBellaBrandon DeBellaDag sedan
  • Wasn’t He calling non mask wearers retards a few episodes ago.. he is all over the place

    AyurvologyAyurvologyDag sedan
  • Group Think - That's some 1984 terminology.

    Junior ThanosJunior ThanosDag sedan
  • Why do the fuckin Spotify promos at the end of all these clips have to be SO FUCKING LOUD?!!

    Miles MayweatherMiles MayweatherDag sedan
  • I don't get this guy? he wants anarchism, says he trolls regularly and his mission is to destroy our way of life. I've noticed he bombards us anecdotes and facts exaggerated to cause discontent, maybe he's trolling us.

    shaunshaunDag sedan
  • Thank goodness Michael Malice isn’t on Mandalorian.

    Holy SithHoly SithDag sedan
  • Good job Un-united state of America ! Keep up your good work! 500 000 deaths! First again!

    unecigaretteunecigaretteDag sedan
  • I really enjoyed this short interview so went over to Spotify to watch the whole video. Turns out this guest is a big jerk 🙄😒

    tootstoyou1tootstoyou1Dag sedan
  • You 2 got inconvenienced and then start whining. Definition of snowflakes.... act tough but cry for wearing a mask....

    fredericocr1fredericocr1Dag sedan
  • This video sums it all up.

    JohnCorey80JohnCorey80Dag sedan
  • Can anyone tell me how I can find the tiktok of the white kid saying all white people are racist?

    Amna KhanAmna Khan2 dagar sedan
  • It’s imaginary power And I’ve tried to express this very same thought Michael .. little punk millennials in stores telling me , in fact following me !!,.. around store to put a mask on .. you just lost a customer sweetie

    Laurieann JacobsLaurieann Jacobs2 dagar sedan
  • Easily, seemilisxieely

    Maverick MercMaverick Merc2 dagar sedan
  • "We've given some very bad people some very useful information about how much crap people are willing to put with." This right here. ^

    Jade Runner 2049Jade Runner 20492 dagar sedan
  • This guest is doing the same thing that he's accusing 'society' of doing. The problem with social media is that the 20% of most toxic people on the internet are falsely believed to represent all of society. This guy is falling for it hard. Government and business have been falling for that fallacy for years.

    infinteuniverseinfinteuniverse2 dagar sedan
  • Wait- now Don’t drink dog pee? When did that change?

    Sir GuySir Guy2 dagar sedan
  • the government payed millions of dollars for that virus so there response is perfect Canada gave hundreds of millions to Wuhan lab as well

    blue blackblue black2 dagar sedan
  • Micheal Malice, the perfect grifter to appease Joe Rogan's ego and take advantage of his pathetic audience.

    VinnyM27 MVinnyM27 M2 dagar sedan
  • Why is Germany always used as a example for the behavior of people in America? It really gives no sense of reality to say "how could Hitler have support from educated people" when the first group of supporters came from the unemployed riffraff and grew into a menacing crowd. It was a brutal attack on society and not a peaceful political takeover. It's like some of the most stupid comments are validated by saying and believing that the whole of Germany was in on it. It was a coup... why is this so hard to understand?

    Lars BorchLars Borch2 dagar sedan
  • Why do I still see people talking about slowing the spread, do you not realize that Pandora’s box is open and there is no shutting it. The hospitals are not overwhelmed and any attempt to stop this is futile, why are we still taking these ridiculous measures?

    Jeremy WatersJeremy Waters2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome!

    Bryan LeverettBryan Leverett2 dagar sedan
  • Dude compared trying to protect yourself and your loved ones from a virus to the reason why people are racist. Unreal

    Jonathan SJonathan S2 dagar sedan
  • I mean if you wanna look at who does the hate crimes, who does all the wars, genocide etc it's not looking good for whites.

    Genesis StewartGenesis Stewart2 dagar sedan
  • Oof this won't age well. Two rich old white guys saying everyone else is wrong. Smh. Also you ever stop to think Grabdma was wrong? My grandma was super homophobic just like I'm sure alot of white grandpas are super racist. Just because someone is old, doesn't make them right. It's not the 70's anymore. Lol Michael I love ya, but yeah societies tend to change over the course of 30+ yrs

    Genesis StewartGenesis Stewart2 dagar sedan
  • Michael is not seeing the real connection with Nazi Germany and what is going on now... he is partially right... there is the element of people exercising dominance over others... but it is much deeper than that. Germaphobes and those that are very orderly and structured are more prone to accepting authoritarianism within their own behavior as well as the acceptance of authoritarian policy and leadership... especially during pandemics. The reason is due to the tendency to anthropomorphize societal groups as if they are an extension of our physical bodies... so cultures and outsiders that are foreign to your social groups, family, town, county, state, country etc... are percieved as pathogens threatening the body. People who are less dependent on order, and external forms of pathogen avoidance (like heavy use of hand sanitizer, washing/bathing frequently etc.), they tend to be concerned about the perceived threats... but are willing to allow society to encounter them, and trust that society will work out whether or not the outsider can integrate into society. While those that do not trust their immune systems... thus depends on external solutions for the germaphobia... they will tend towards external solutions for percieved threats to their communities or tribes... via government... increased laws... increased regulations, increased control to handle the lack of independence skills/experiences they possess... and they develop a more acute distaste for the outsiders... which leads to prejudice and bigotry. This is exacerbated during actual public health crises... like pandemics. History is rife with Authoritarian leaders that are germaphobic... and/or extremely concerned with order and structure. Hitler was a major germaphobe... bathing many times throughout the day... and this is why he always referred to the Jewish people and other groups as viruses spreading disease throughout Germany... and that they needed to be cleansed and sanitized etc.. This type of imagery is powerful and plays on fears... and lead to the atrocities that occurred.

    Chipwhitley274Chipwhitley2742 dagar sedan
  • What's hilarious is that the same people who say "0.2% of people is still MILLIONS of people who will die unless we lockdown and wear masks!!!", when you point out that the vaccine itself actually kills some of the people who take it, will turn around and say "That's just a very small percentage of the people who take it! Acceptable losses!" 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Jade Runner 2049Jade Runner 20492 dagar sedan
  • Divide and conquer

    AnarchyAnarchy2 dagar sedan
  • "Corporate America has done a much better job at importing Maoist communism than the communist party ever did." Michael "Nails it Again" Malice

    Alex WhiteAlex White2 dagar sedan
  • There is so much mis-information in this segment. Joe you are better than this

    James LaneJames Lane2 dagar sedan
  • Just because someone is your grandparents doesn’t make them right or immune from criticism when they are so wrong it’s dangerous to the rest of the public.

    Eric Clapton’s Robot PilotEric Clapton’s Robot Pilot2 dagar sedan
  • I totally agree with Michael!

    Michelle M. Arsenault - author MimaMichelle M. Arsenault - author Mima3 dagar sedan
  • A lot of us have been screaming about Marxism for 20 freaking years and joe at the end is like I think you’re onto something. Joe escapes Marxist California and still can’t figure out what Marxism is.

    john crombjohn cromb3 dagar sedan
  • Corona’s fake. Elites manufactured it.

    ROCPROCP3 dagar sedan
  • Gina Caranno cancelled for regurgitating what Malice says here. And, they are both correct.

    Erik LarsonErik Larson3 dagar sedan
  • "specially the white women" you mean the karens

    Alejandro Miguel ReyesAlejandro Miguel Reyes3 dagar sedan
  • Hi. Trained nurse here married to a doctor. Plenty of experience for both of us. We are doing our part to lessen the virus including socially distancing, getting vaccinated and wearing masks. Ask yourself - are you all doing your part?

    DC1903.DC1903.3 dagar sedan
    • Nope

      Chris YoungChris Young2 dagar sedan
  • I bet the people who complain about not being able to watch Joe Rogan anymore actually have Spotify installed on their phone 😂😂😂

    Brendan McCallionBrendan McCallion3 dagar sedan
  • Low status white woman??? So he just did the nazi thing he was basically railing against? Lol. Im so smart but also kinda dumb.

    john smithjohn smith3 dagar sedan
  • This guy is 110% correct. Best way I've heard this craziness explained. Well said. Absolute truth

    Detroit 313 VlogsDetroit 313 Vlogs3 dagar sedan
    • I'd say 95% correct it's the mask issue that everyone is confused about. When I'm wearing a mask I'm not protecting myself from you. I'm protecting you from me. The mask isn't to stop breathing s*** in. It's to prevent me from spitting s*** out. other than that I wholeheartedly agree with everything else he said about government and others finding our limits of the b******* we'll put up with. I am a front line health care worker.

      Felix EstradaFelix Estrada3 dagar sedan
  • Has Joe ever had any normal people on the show. Wealthy people can afford to ignore covid-19. Try talking to people who's jobs demand constant interaction with large amounts of the public. What if you lived in a small space with too many residents? What if you live with older family, or people with weak immune systems. What if your only chance at making a living is by being close to the public. What if one of those people were to give you a virus, and you pass it along to someone you love. What if that person dies? Before the fucking plague, I respected Joe Rogan a lot, now I'm not so sure.

    Brian TimberlakeBrian Timberlake3 dagar sedan
  • If your health caree just turned to shit ..say thank you Biden

    David GrahamDavid Graham3 dagar sedan
  • I heard the same thing a couple of years ago when i visited Washington D.C, a white woman yelled at an Asian girl in the restroom told her to go back where she came from.

    Cay MannCay Mann3 dagar sedan
  • Rip to all covid-19 victims 🙏 😢 💔

    DaViiloW805DaViiloW8054 dagar sedan
    • But ignore anyone who dies from anything else. amirite

      Erik LarsonErik Larson3 dagar sedan
  • Very intelligent guest.

    Ognjen MilosevicOgnjen Milosevic4 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating because I look at the voter fraud claim nonsense and the morons who went to capitol hill....I compare that to how people are so easily manipulated. It is interesting the different perspective. If Trump conceded 2 days after election....capitol hill would not have happened.

    MultiPizzapizzaMultiPizzapizza4 dagar sedan
  • Everyone I know is low status. The problem is not low status people, it’s liberals. Name one conservative screaming at grandma.

    HopewellTNHopewellTN4 dagar sedan
  • “This has given some bad people useful information about how much crap people will put up with.”

    Joe WrightJoe Wright4 dagar sedan
    • no? but thats because its the first time this happened to alot of people. maybe if china releases a new virus again and again people will fight back. they are just not unconfortable enough yet

      ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻3 dagar sedan
  • Naw sorry he’s bullshitting I see it everywhere not just whites

    David CobosDavid Cobos4 dagar sedan
  • This is a hard pill for people to swallow. Realizing the government is NOT your friend and is a tool for people to submit the will of people is difficult. Authoritarian leftists and establishment right/left is the biggest danger right now. There are far right that are dangerous but they have almost zero power in this country's government/corporate structure.

    TheKro16TheKro164 dagar sedan
  • I'm a pensioner and I approve of Michael Malice.

    Robert EastwoodRobert Eastwood4 dagar sedan
  • My background is in public health and I'm currently studying medicine in PA school. The comparison of COVID mandates to the Jewish ghettos is really reaching and unhelpful. Be pissed that you can't pick up people in bars or travel, sure, but there's no comparison. Medical centers pleading for people to stay inside are losing millions of dollars from shutting down elective services and watching their staff do secondary trauma marathons trying to save angry MAGAites screaming their viral loads into everyone's faces until they die on ventilators with 10 covid toes. Yeah, there are annoying white ladies like me who preach about precautions, but many advocates do that because we've spent a year with powerful voicing saying there is no covid, there is covid but drink bleach about it, and fuck your leukemia I demand my right to be a mouth breather in the produce aisle. Some people get off on being domineering, some people get off on pretending they know something others don't, and some people are just angry because they watched their wife struggle to breathe or lost their parent to covid hypercoagulopathy. The ex-biology professors claiming the virus was made in a lab (after inspiration from Steve Bannon's mouthpieces), despite solid research showing the virus is just another fast mutatoer without hallmarks of human interventions, is utterly pointless and probably the result of a bitter person still sore about being rejected by the scientific community. Joe, you're generally even-keel, an independent thinker, funny, and f*cking hot. Been a fan of the podcast. But lately, there've been a lot of hacks/conspiracy theories propagated on your show. What's going on? You've interviewed respectable physicists. Why not interview respectable epidemiologists, virologists, and maybe a holocaust expert and sociologist as a counterweight to the absence of cultural humility? Maybe I'll publish my ridiculously long youtube comments as a book and get to be a guest on your show. 🤣

    EMEM4 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, nobody's reading all that

      Chris YoungChris Young2 dagar sedan
  • The woke people dont get jokes or parodies, thats why they look like that, they see a joke and think "well i guess this is what cool kids do" and they copy it until they become the joke.

    Aleksa DragutinovicAleksa Dragutinovic4 dagar sedan
  • You don't need a condom and a diaphragm? Haha umm not the same there genius

    ElevenEleven4 dagar sedan
  • Michal Malice is super cool

    Demonic SweatersDemonic Sweaters4 dagar sedan
  • You give Fauci too much credit. A LOT of people woke up to his corruption during 2020. He’s a laughing stock to the silent majority.

    G BG B4 dagar sedan
  • Great observation ...comparing the concept of fundamentalist Christian belief that everyone is born a sinner. Now its everyone born Caucasion is racist... as dictated by extreme leftist ideology. Irony knows no end.

    Bill arthurBill arthur4 dagar sedan
  • Michael, I have to disagree with your comment that “lower status whites, particularly men, have a way out to exert their dominance” with regard to telling people to wear masks. Now, I do not live in NYC instead I live in the Midwest. I see the opposite. These men may not wear masks at all or they complain about it. I’m a white male, retired ER nurse and if someone wants to wear 1, 2 or 10 masks go ahead. I think it’s bullshit and it isn’t science rather control.

    Mike BinghamMike Bingham4 dagar sedan
  • In the covid-19 atmosphere of insecurity, the festering incubators of mob fear tactics have released their vectors of unrepressed anger into the public square. Their words of Woke theories, etc have NO meaning beyond being an excuse to direct unresolved fear issues outward instead being faced within. I find Michael Malice and Milo Yiannopoulos to be exceptionally insightful at this noisy time.

    Robert BarnumRobert Barnum4 dagar sedan
  • This dude is wrong

    TheIronDukeTheIronDuke4 dagar sedan
    • Provide some context to why you think he’s wrong?

      Philip DawePhilip Dawe2 dagar sedan
  • Joe did the exact same thing several of my liberal friends did regarding what Trump said; AGREE that he somehow caused the bullshit at the capital. Oh, Then _completely_ fucking ignore and poo-poo the FACT that he said "peacefully". That is a pretty goddamn big qualifier, the fact that the video exists and so many are going on just the headlines is endemic of far too many on the left (and right!) today.

    DamageJackalDamageJackal4 dagar sedan
  • It is both appalling and terrifying how many sheeple live in this country.

    Heather HillmanHeather Hillman4 dagar sedan
    • @infinteuniverse Yeah, whatever makes you feel smarter and more superior, snowflake.

      Heather HillmanHeather Hillman2 dagar sedan
    • People that call others sheep are the biggest sheep. It's embedded in our DNA to behave in a herd mentality.

      infinteuniverseinfinteuniverse2 dagar sedan
  • Only liberals would be drinking the dog pee. Lol

    Dems RacistDems Racist4 dagar sedan
  • He’s absolutely right about everything he said. I love being white, I can’t be shamed for it. Racism isn’t real. The virus only kills very old people and sick people but at a rate of .03 percent. Doctors have come out saying they have to put a death down as from COVID even if the person didn’t directly die from it. Fauci is evil. Our children are being force fed to believe they aren’t biologically who they are and people are doing dick all to fight back.

    AlexandrWAlexandrW4 dagar sedan
  • In Montreal same thing, my friend didn't have the MASK in the metro, she was sitting sideways looked at my friend made a sign for him to have his mask up, he ignored her, yet she kept on. They don't like it if you defend your point , then a 20byear sitting far off and came to congratulate her .If they are so afraid why do they go close to someone who doesn't where one .plus people on the street avoid getting close to others ,look down on the sidewalk .Cannot believe they are putting mask on kids in the streets where no one is close to them , like you are out to breathe good air .One SHARE said an health worker of 17vyears took the vaccine then started feeling bad, ended paralyzed. There is a reason they are stalling-too many bad side effects .Pushing the vaccine to make money, giving it because they have scared so many ,that these people are running towards the gene therapy they call vaccine

    Kathy FugereKathy Fugere4 dagar sedan
    • Fake story

      Miguel LopezMiguel Lopez3 dagar sedan
  • Gina said this about the Jews and she got cancelled!!

    Kristofer chambleeKristofer chamblee4 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏻👍🏻’s up!

    Expat N TrainingExpat N Training4 dagar sedan
  • Karens are heroes

    Wilfred RiveraWilfred Rivera4 dagar sedan
  • Critical Race Theory. White privilege is a myth.

    aMUSEheraMUSEher4 dagar sedan
  • Joe rogan has left the building. This guy is different. We need eddie bravo back and hell maybe even breden to speak to him. This isnt joe rogan. Old joe would take this serious and think with this guy is saying is fuckin stupid. This isnt a tv thing. It has been scientifically proven that mask help. No wonder texas is doing horrible with covid.

    michael murillomichael murillo4 dagar sedan
  • she i was teacher in 2002 in yo let's NY. the admiration brought in a women from some organization called facing ourselves.org to speak about the atrocities the usa may or may not have committed during world war against japanese and Germans americans..i was fresh out of the USMC. and said shut the fuck this is communist agenda. i should freaking kill you. pushing this agranda on me and then you expect me to listen to this, you should be glad I am letting you live. the principal stopped me and said, that's enough, i said but she is spreading lies and has know idea who i am and what I will do yo her if this continues. and needless to say I left teaching...all there is sympathy for the devil.

    Eric TolfreeEric Tolfree4 dagar sedan
  • I get where he's coming from but i disagree with his example of saying we shouldn't correct our grandparents/parents when they say something racist.

    Kelvin DeSilvaKelvin DeSilva4 dagar sedan
    • I was looking for this comment, Joe Rogan has really turned to a puppet. It’s like saying hitlers kids shouldn’t call him out if they had the chance to do it.

      Victor OkekeVictor Okeke4 dagar sedan
  • Low status people??

    Damn StraightDamn Straight4 dagar sedan
  • Always be careful of "A regular Asian dude"

    SlayThat PussySlayThat Pussy4 dagar sedan
  • I bet you they will pull a stunt like this again in a few years time because they know they will pretty much get away with it scot free

    COLIN TOSHCOLIN TOSH5 dagar sedan
  • Google VAXICIDE (and let Bill Gates explain it to you)...

    PittBirdPittBird5 dagar sedan
  • This is a dumb clip......

    Ben SmithBen Smith5 dagar sedan
  • joe ''downplaying the virus and helping people get sick'' rogan

    Alternative Facts SurvivorAlternative Facts Survivor5 dagar sedan
    • @Rue Glock in all videos that he did with about the virus, have the nature of downplaying it, just like the donald ''downplaying from the start because money are more important'' trump, now ex president

      Alternative Facts SurvivorAlternative Facts Survivor4 dagar sedan
    • 🙄

      Rue GlockRue Glock5 dagar sedan
  • Best point of view on this bloody mess I’ve heard yet!

    Quinn 6iX9INeQuinn 6iX9INe5 dagar sedan
  • My government illegaly instated a curfew and when they got caught and they made a new law to still do it even though it violates the constitution most folks just went like eh whatever.

    Emil BeckerEmil Becker5 dagar sedan
  • Very well said Michael.

    Lou LopezLou Lopez5 dagar sedan
  • False equivalencies, anecdotal opinions from avowed anarchist.

    Brian DavisBrian Davis5 dagar sedan
  • Me too Bro! Me too sad world.

    Fantom PerformanceFantom Performance5 dagar sedan
  • When you watch a JRE clip and can't understand why 1500 people vote down on it 🤔

    Caddy JimCaddy Jim5 dagar sedan
  • Michael Malice is a genius. He is simply The best Guest ever. Please Go back to SEworld @JoeRogan ..!!

    Sigurlaug RagnarsdóttirSigurlaug Ragnarsdóttir5 dagar sedan
  • As an immigrant been living in NY from 2 years old. Dude your life has been in NY your culture is American. Very telling that you say “low status people” some old dude on a tram doesn’t represent his whole “community” that out look is what’s wrong with the states. Status isn’t a thing dude unless your in some caste system. if your talking about poor people that’s 90% of the world. This is a very American conversation all round. Perhaps this dude on the train has listened to JRP and heard that CV was made in a lab in China and is scared so directing anger n fear at someone else who doesn’t deserve it cause he is misinformed by writers and media types like yourself...

    Dani O'HaraDani O'Hara5 dagar sedan
  • This podcast and Tim Dillon are the only ones I’ve watched from start to finished

    PowerlifterusaPowerlifterusa5 dagar sedan
  • And now the Coca Cola company have mandatory classes for employees on “whiteness” we are in big trouble people

    JediRyJediRy5 dagar sedan
    • @Michael d I didn’t know that, we can only hope 👍🏼

      JediRyJediRy5 dagar sedan
    • I think that once the woke mob finds out coke was invented by a confederate soldier they might try to cancel coke

      Michael dMichael d5 dagar sedan
  • 1.6k ppl that hit the dislike are the ones that would drink the dog piss.

    Rue GlockRue Glock5 dagar sedan
    • Exactly...a bunch of compliant fools.

      QuapadopleQuapadople5 dagar sedan
  • This guy don’t miss

    Obama’s last Kidney stoneObama’s last Kidney stone5 dagar sedan
  • Last year my biggest concern with covid-19 was the long term effects on the lungs. Now we're seeing people who had it 8-10 months ago still not recovering completely. What's there life span gonna be? Were over a year in and more questions than answers

    Carmine VittorioCarmine Vittorio5 dagar sedan
  • I hate that yelling at the end to watch Spotify…

    innerlocusinnerlocus5 dagar sedan