Matty Matheson on Growing Up Mormon and Being Excommunicated

28 apr 2021
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Taken from JRE #1641 w/Matty Matheson:

  • Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered then later killed because he was molesting the children.

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  • I smell bullshit... Deep? Deep state? Yes...

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  • Fuck this was a classic. Matty is just insane. Lol

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  • Joe "Never heard of tithing" Rogan

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  • He don’t know shit hahaha 😂 he explained his shit his way which was awesome but it was all fucked

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  • Ugh this guy is a former Mormon moron.

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  • Love me a golden tablet.

    Jay ManierJay Manier19 timmar sedan
  • I had to stop a minute in because this dude is making stuff up.

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  • Mormons get a bad rap. I lived in North Arizona for a long time.. just like Utah It has a huge Mormon population. I'm not religious at all but I'll tell you what.. that south park episode is 100% correct. They are truly the nicest, most caring, hard working, and family oriented people I've ever met. Absolutely wonderful folks. And help each other out. If you are Mormon and lose.your job.. the other ones will bring food and your bills and find a job for you. They also believe in being prepared and almost all keep a year of supplies stashed. And.. they don't push their religion on you. Every one I met was hard working.. happy.. fun.. And caring towards everyone. It really kinda is the way things should be.

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  • 😂 I hope no one believes a word from this guy... Funny, but if i wanted to learn religion or godly knowledge from anyone, I wouldnt ask a clown... This guy knows jack shit about shit, admits it, and then still proceeds to give information to millions of listeners. JESUS...smh

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  • MATTY!!!!👍🤪🍁

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  • I really dont understand how any1 falls for that shit

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  • All gas

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  • Ten percent of two dollars ... so a dime

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  • Religion is toxic.

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  • Lol, this guy dose not know anything about the LDS church

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  • JOE - How about you actually try understanding the history and doctrine of religions from reputable sources? So many more enlightened people out there that you could really learn from. Make it a faith / religion series or something where you actually get people on, with real faith and conviction, scholars, etc.

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  • Two ignorant junkies. Embarrassing.

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  • Since you got Matty on, might as well get Brad Leone too. Sounds like an awesome podcast

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  • You must interview this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd who can talk about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab.

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  • every time I see the thumb nail I worry action bronson got fat again.

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  • If Action Bronson grew up Mormon...

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  • Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Scientology are the wackiest religions legit and are all very similar to each other. I was raised as a JW. Fucking cult .

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  • Who the fook is this guy?!

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  • It’s not an accident that Ancestry was founded in Utah. The Mormons also have a guarded vault in the mountains with ancient ancestral records. It looks like a Bond villain lair and it’s super badass.

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    • That one is lame compared to the vault in europe where governments store seeds for a cataclysm, that one does look like a james bond cave

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  • Matty sounds and looks like he's on coke. And not Coca -Cola

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  • This guy is the wish version of action bronson

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  • Too many likes and fucks in this guys vocabulary.

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  • wow. They got all the facts of the church messed up and confused

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  • I knew this Mormon girl that got knocked up. Her parents forced her to identify all the guys that had dated her. They then went to the Church and demanded all of them to be ex-communicated. The church kicked them all out. My brother was one of them.

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    • All the guys that dated her or the guys that slept with her?! I hope those boys are doing well

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  • i grew up mormon, finally when i turned 13 my mom finally started taking me seriously that i didnt believe in any of it and it wasnt fair to make me go when i didnt believe it. my mom was mormon and made us go my dad wasnt involved in church stuff at all. i never witnessed more depravity and abuse in all my life as i did in the mormon church. sexual abuse, mental abuse, PHYSICAL abuse... and my parents after the kids moved out almost went under because they demand 10% of all your earnings, they were paying hundreds of dollars a week then turning around and having to ask for church was a very toxic cycle of abuse

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  • Jehovah's witnesses are as if not more fucked up

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  • Joseph Smith claimed to have met the angel Moroni at age 14 but he didn’t make any of these claims until he was in his early 20s. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

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  • Spotify sucks.

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  • No one served anyone papers, get outta here dude. You could leave that church anytime you wanted to and no one would have said shit to u. Theres alot of good Mormon people and none of them would force anything on anyone. Especially the missionaries that 18 yrs old volunteering their own time and money, would go serve some kind of church papers and shame you because you had sex outside of marriage.

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  • This one really needs the comment section

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  • John Smith? 😆

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  • 99.99% of all Mormons I know say the same, "I'm Mormon. But I don't know anything about Mormonism "

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  • He might not make a whole lot of sense, but he does speak truth.

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  • who would anyone stand next to this thing he smells

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  • LDS here, lots of stuff I never grew up with, but a lot of different families in religion or not have there own perspectives on how they interpret the faith. The tithing portion...ridiculous lol Family tree “stuff” not hard to leave, funny though!

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  • I had no idea Matty was Mormon..

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  • Wha?! So much disinformation in 5 minutes. That’s not how any of it works

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  • Nothing wrong with giving 10% of money to church they do a lot you ever seen soup kitchen and stuff like that these churches do lot of good

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  • LDS Church has membership records on all the members. All you have to do to leave is ask for your name to be removed from the records. This guy isn't wrong, he's super fuzzy.

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  • I believe the Mormons and jehovah's witnesses are tied for second in wackiness.

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  • another intriguing and informative guest. Love, Art, Food, Life. Spotify should figure out the comments section. This type of stuff is good.

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  • Top level of heaven, you get you own planet babee!

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  • He didn’t get excommunicated he probably had his name taken off the membership records of the church. Big difference.

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  • Joe needs to have an actual active member on the show because every time he brings the LDS church up he says false things about it. Makes me wonder about other false things he says that I just assume are correct lol

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  • I was baptized Mormon in Brazil at 12 y/o and I kept active mormon for 30 years and yes Matty Matheson is very accurate in how he describes the Mormon / LDS Church policies ( they are not commands of the Mormon God per se but they are LDS Church policy drafted and made public by the top leadership of the Church run out of Salt Lake City , Utah. As for getting your records “removed” from the Mormon church general record directory you have to go through some loops and get a lawyer’s help, otherwise you have to ask the local bishop and he will either do his best to persuade you to stay Mormon or he will call a disciplinary council which is similar to a mediation in the local church unit or an assembly in closed door with what the church class stake and they’ll fry your ass in front of 15 ( fifteen ) men and they will assemble and reach a decision to get you most likely excommunicated. The reason they do this is to intimidate other Mormons who what to leave the church so they use the ones who ask to have their name remove as an scapegoat in front of the congregations. So for those mormons reading this it’s just beat to ask a lawyer to help you get your name removed than to go through the whole disciplinary council and excommunication.

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  • Dum dum dum dum dum!

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  • 😂🤣" I just can't imagine a 14 year old not full of shit."😂🤣 CLASSIC.

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  • WTF!! J.S was 14?? Mormons how??

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  • Mormons are cool.

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  • I like listening and watching both of these guys but the conversation was weird. Seemed like Matty was done with it after about 30 minutes in.

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  • We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children

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  • I'm not a bad person yes, I am short of money but I am not a fool of people or I know I make money in a clean way

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  • When will I really get the money I won??????

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  • Please,, how can I get the one I won from the federal and government organizations that they are agent Joe Burke, agent Williams Brown and agent Michael Josh

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  • Shocked at how many people enjoyed Matty. Seems likable enough, but I guess I don't enjoy people who are ignorantly spreading misinformation in-between the overuse of the F word. It just shows a lack of class and intelligence.

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  • We need a Action Bronson and Matty Matheson mashup.

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  • So it's not too hard to "delete" your records in the Mormon church, but it's basically in the lds religion the equivalent or worse of excommunication .

  • Who else thought this was an OG episode that somehow slipped through the cracks because of the guest’s red curtain backdrop?

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  • This dude has been out of the church for a minute! LMAO

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  • Dude wtf pick lain when talking.

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  • Reminds me of my story. My father is a minister. We had so many damn restrictions it was ridiculous… until I got out and went to college. I was a free fucking man!!! I believe in god, but that religion stuff is highly questionable. Let’s say religion was true, how do you even know who’s religion is the right one?! I’m good on all that shit lol

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  • Are you SURE that’s not Robert Oberst?

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  • Everyone hate spotify because it turns off the video in the car 🚗 WTF! AND..... The clips were the best part of youtube.... Full Version is still king thou but clips get you ready for the full cast

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  • The amount of times he said like is absolute crazy

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  • You found a golden tablet!..with the lost work of Jesus....*sigh jesus

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  • Matty’s vibe is not matching up with joes vibe, they click once in a while but it just feels like Matty is too hyped about being on JRE and joes just like chillin letting Matty get the energy out lol 😂

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  • Well coming from a fellow ex Mormon, some of that shit is definitely not accurate, lol. Absolutely the wackiest religion though

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  • Definitely one interesting looking specimen of a human being. Gotta love #Merica

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  • ugh pick an explanation and finish it

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  • Another cult like Jehovah’s witnesses under the disguise of religion.

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  • Mormons are so different these days lol

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  • Joe should have someone who is actually dedicated to the faith and lives/knows it on his show. Our faith is awesome, and I think a lot of people would actually be interested to learn about it. 99% of what was said here is kinda garbage. No offense Matty

    Jonathan FlakeJonathan Flake4 dagar sedan
  • After listening to the full episode, joe was being a straight up douche towards Matty and would not stop bringing up covid protocols. I swear, I think he brought it up like 3 separate times and then he would rant away. Like we fucking get it, Joe. God damn. This podcast has gone so downhill. It’s really does make me sad.

    Braden WhiteBraden White4 dagar sedan
  • Excommunicated is not the right word, correct. To be excommunicated they literally put you on trial, it's pretty fucked. Your dad just resigned your memberships and had your names taken off the records, or they'll show up at your door no matter where you go. Glad ya'll are out.

    Chandler SaundersChandler Saunders4 dagar sedan
  • As a former Mormon, this guy went "inactive" and sounds like he later "Had his name removed from the records". "Excommunicated" means that you have an affair or commit a crime or something major and then they hold an actual court and vote and have your membership stripped from you. By the way, I'm not schilling I think the Church is BS... Just clarifying this guys bit

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  • Oh the things I could tell you 'bout the mormon church.

    David GuthrieDavid Guthrie4 dagar sedan
  • This is a game of telephone ☎️ facts.

    David ArmentaDavid Armenta4 dagar sedan
  • Sign Looks like, Joe's Crab Shack

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  • Yeah, what Matty was saying about getting all of their shit out of the church and the ancestry stuff made absolutely no sense. 😂

    irrelevant ideologyirrelevant ideology4 dagar sedan
    • Yeah he didn’t expect as on it well. Basically it sounds like his fam had their names removed off of the records of the church. This means they are no longer linked to their ancestors as eternal families in the highest level of heaven. It goes even deeper, but that’s the short version.

      Kim DurrantKim Durrant3 dagar sedan

    Dallas CollinsDallas Collins4 dagar sedan
  • This guy is entertaining af loool

    Coruption12Coruption125 dagar sedan
  • Please ask the President of the church or an LDS apostle to be one of your guest 🙏

    Al MAl M5 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad the whole family left the church, so you can say "oof crazy time wasn't it"? At the dinner table

    BrimStoneTheEntryFraggerBrimStoneTheEntryFragger5 dagar sedan
  • This is the biggest lie and dumbest thing I have seen. I have grown up LDS in Utah and now live in Texas. I have drank, I have smoked, I have had sex before marriage. He acts like people cant have a coke, a coffee or anything. Your choices are yours and I think his dad wanted nothing to do with the church and wanted the excommunication because getting excommunicated is not an easy task. Idk this is just ones Mormons views to the rest of the world. They believe in forgiveness. I am not an active member but I still believe the church has great values and hold to a higher slandered for all but as we all know we are all human and we chose what we chose.

    MikeMike5 dagar sedan
  • For those curious, he’s referring to what’s is called “have your records removed”. In the mormon church, the only way to be 100% out, is you have to request all your records, because they do keep records on you like address who you married what their maiden names was etc., be removed from their keep. Its the final step in leaving as you’re basically telling them delete all info they have on you so they can’t contact you to try and reconvert you. It’s not being excommunicated because you are telling the church you want out, excommunication is the other way around.

    Spencer GordonSpencer Gordon5 dagar sedan
  • Former mormon too 🤣. From one of the canadian mormon hotspots Cardston

    Jordan BroadheadJordan Broadhead5 dagar sedan
  • As a LDS member, within 20 seconds I could tell you this guy doesn't know anything about the church. No such thing as an arch deacon, families can sit wherever they want in the chapel, there's no designated seats. If anyone has any qenuine questions, feel free to ask them and I'll be happy to answer them. I'm just gonna ignore the inevitable trolls.

    DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • Organized religion is kinda terrifying...

    DJ KoenigDJ Koenig5 dagar sedan
  • Love the new set but I miss the table full of nick nacks from the guests like the glass skull it's like a nice easter egg

    noah torresnoah torres5 dagar sedan
  • i hate to type this - but Matty is about the fourth youtuber for me, that ive followed...after about a year, i worked out - as much as im attracted to their content...theyre psychopaths. Just not good people...i found the same thing with a couple of comedians, they let you into their lives, you realise, oh okay im attracted to the energy but underneath that is nascist addict stuff and as much as i love him - im no longer on the matty train. You get glimpses of the old him on just a dash, he can be shitty to the crew...and....YT is the perfect platform for ego hungry people, and as much as i lvoe matty - and i do heaps - hes flawed like all the other people i gravited too on YT then realised....oh theyve got a big shitty side - i wouldnt ever be mates with them as much as i want to....coz ive learned that type of person always tries to win and you get burned.

    Space GhostSpace Ghost5 dagar sedan
  • Matty, you are hilarious but I don’t know what lds life you were living bro.

    Hemi RobinsonHemi Robinson5 dagar sedan
  • Their is no way this guy is not on sonething. MY Goodness can he run his gator.

    Maria De Jesus RomeroMaria De Jesus Romero5 dagar sedan
  • Dude hid in a cave and wrote his own version of the Bible and y’all out here believing it 😂

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  • Whackiest religions: 1. Scientology 2. Mormonism 3. Pastafarian

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