Tim Dillon's AirBnB Saga

20 feb 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1610 - Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon. open.spotify.com/episode/3yLSarOBrHJbEUpoxP4s4Y?si=vWzwH0iOTGOIQOZUmptWpQ

  • First as he was thrown off Airbnb for not doing dishes then the truth comes out he threatened to burn down the house

    s travs trav21 minut sedan
  • Joe is a d-bag

    The KookclubThe KookclubTimme sedan
  • Jamie can Joe Rogan please get Liz Miele on?? She's so good! seworld.info/will/oXydx9KVe3mF1Xk/video

    Owlex OwlexOwlex Owlex2 timmar sedan
  • Funniest thing I've seen today and I needed that laugh. Thanks guys!

    K BigheadK Bighead2 timmar sedan
  • Joshua tree is for wildflowers and hiking. Joe is such a tool.

    burnsloadsburnsloads6 timmar sedan
  • Wait, did Joe just scoff at Tim say " my show is pretty big ".

    Alex RamirezAlex Ramirez7 timmar sedan
  • 'why didn't you clean up and then pay a 450 dollar cleaning fee for no fucking reason at all?'

    Senor StudlySenor Studly8 timmar sedan
  • Honestly i just think joe likes to bust people's balls and get them riled up then that makes them be more funny, i seen him do it to bill burr. Makes things more funny or some times it can go the other way. IMO

    Alexis AlmeidaAlexis Almeida8 timmar sedan
  • $450.00 cleaning FEE, because if they'd called it a deposit, they'd have had to return it afterward.

    Montie LuckettMontie Luckett11 timmar sedan
  • Grow up and Get a real drug problem take a Percocet at your office

    HighLifeBeatzHighLifeBeatz16 timmar sedan
  • Tim next time poop on the plate and tell them you left them some chocolate with nuts! Lol at least they can't kick you out!

    Counterpart2UCounterpart2U16 timmar sedan
  • "Tim Dillon is in the middle politically" = "Tim Dillon is Skinny"

    Joe BensonJoe Benson18 timmar sedan
  • "And even weight wise" The delivery is top notch.

    beasthuntbeasthunt22 timmar sedan
  • This guy tries too hard to be funny..

    JumpDiffusionJumpDiffusion22 timmar sedan
  • 7:00 a correct reaction; that comment doesn't deserve acknowledgement.

    cuntpunchercuntpuncher22 timmar sedan
  • People saying Joe is out of touch don’t understand his personality. He’s intentionally playing devils advocate to mess with Tim. Cmon y’all

    Jesse ParksJesse Parks22 timmar sedan
  • Joe not being edgy anymore has really been a bummer, I guess he really didn't wanna get cancelled over Trump/Covid :(

    Jell0zzJell0zz23 timmar sedan
  • Didn't joe leave because of that kinda stuff lol

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot23 timmar sedan
  • This guy is so funny lol. I dunno him but it's the first time I really laughed at a Rogan clip

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot23 timmar sedan
  • I would never have guessed he's gay.

    Yukon CorneliusYukon CorneliusDag sedan
  • I’m cracking up. This guy is hilarious

    Jeff YJeff YDag sedan
  • I don't agree with Dylan very much but I am 100% on his side 450 dollar cleaning Bill and they're going to bitch about dirty dishes

    Jonathan VelderJonathan VelderDag sedan
  • I think Joe likes this house

    DeversDeversDag sedan
  • By far the funniest JRE episode I’ve ever heard

    Tom TurnerTom TurnerDag sedan
  • Tim is a goddamn national treasure!

    Corrie ChristineCorrie ChristineDag sedan
  • I bet my sack Tim Dillon isn’t gay

    brett allanbrett allanDag sedan
  • I agree with Dillion this happened to me because I didn't wash the towels. I pay for a cleaning fee.

    AntonjlaveyAntonjlaveyDag sedan
  • I laughed at this harder than I can remember laughing .

    harold borlandharold borlandDag sedan
  • I violated some safety protocol--the one where you can't threaten to burn down someone's house...Tim Dillon is funny.

    jimmy eatswordjimmy eatswordDag sedan
  • Joe advertises at the end that JRE on spotify is completely free. That seems to be a straight up lie. you can't do shit on spotify without paying monthly for an account.

    Tyler FowlesTyler FowlesDag sedan
  • Those chairs do not look comfortable. I'm on Tim's side.

    holly bishopholly bishopDag sedan
  • Dude Joe was really annoying on this one...hopefully the fanboys are not upset but this would of been way funnier if he wasn't acting like that. I went on my first vacation in years and they do rip you off with a BS "Covid" cleaning fee

    KakapoKakapoDag sedan
  • Jamie! Pull the pics up! Hahahaha

    Kathy VictoriaKathy VictoriaDag sedan
  • we need this in a cartoon LOL this one had me

    Doc JDoc JDag sedan
  • @ paulytoon you got to do 9:48-10:41

    Tj RawalTj RawalDag sedan
  • Little hats huh?

    Paranoid Panzer PenguinParanoid Panzer PenguinDag sedan
  • God Joe would annoy the shit out of me

    sydsydDag sedan
  • tim dillion is 100% correct about the cleaning fee

    An Average AmericanAn Average AmericanDag sedan
  • Tim is the best up and coming comedian 👏

    Ryan BobbettRyan BobbettDag sedan
  • Tim is completely correct about the dishes and the fee. Fuck anyone who disagrees.

    Jack RodarteJack RodarteDag sedan
  • I clean the dishes off after I eat and cook anyway just because I'd rather be clean Tim. But you had the right and paid well for it.

    Girth Worm BillGirth Worm BillDag sedan
  • $450 cleaning fee??......gtfo

    JeepXtreme4x4JeepXtreme4x4Dag sedan
  • When is Joe going to have on Ryan Long?

    Jeff EthridgeJeff EthridgeDag sedan
  • "grow up and get a real drug problem" 🤣🤣🤣

    bMdbMd2 dagar sedan
  • These clips of Tim were hilarious! Still not worth getting a Spotify account. Never gonna happen.

    JamesJames2 dagar sedan
  • This comment section is deeply fascinating. Lots of people complaining about Joe apparently being too stupid to get the joke, while missing the joke that Joe is doing, which is pretending to be at real odds with Tim.

    Terminal VelociraptorTerminal Velociraptor2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine this, you walk into a room and Tim Dillon is sitting on the couch by himself, high af on DMT, and is yelling into the air about condo prices in LA and how he can hook everyone up.

    YazYaz2 dagar sedan
  • People saying these are covid rules are falling for the scam. Been through the exact same problem as Dillon's um 2018.

    Cristóbal CárdenasCristóbal Cárdenas2 dagar sedan
  • Joe Blowgan reminds me of my immature brother. He lives just to argue and disagree with people. New generation bs

    Esti PEsti P2 dagar sedan
  • As a straight guy, Dillon is my fav Gay guy. Think I could hang with him all day.

    AgentxphileAgentxphile2 dagar sedan
  • You can tell they’re Pretentious just by the furniture

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano2 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit he looks so much healthier!

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano2 dagar sedan
  • Spotify is such a garbage pile. The link doesn't work, searching in the web player for anything related to JRE and Tim Dillon pulls out just random trash. Love TD, but fuck Spotify, I'll skip this podcast.

    Хрюн МоржовХрюн Моржов2 dagar sedan
  • bottom line..... Why did you leave the plates?

    Anthony MarzanAnthony Marzan2 dagar sedan
  • "He'll say the AirBnB didn't exist..." Just killed me.

    FoxFireUnlimitedFoxFireUnlimited2 dagar sedan
  • Joe “you should have done the dishes” Rogan.

    Hern BerferdHern Berferd2 dagar sedan
  • Have to say I hate the spotify move. Everytime I try to listen it just plays ads. The interface sucks and is super buggy. I'm not alone in this, you've lost a lot of fans moving to a janky platform that can't handle video properly

    Wil SheppardWil Sheppard2 dagar sedan
  • Fuck the dishes if I'm paying 450 I'm gonna take a shit in the sink too

    fudmuckerfudmucker2 dagar sedan
  • You know what if I was paying a $450 cleaning fee I would s*** on the carpet and not expect a word.

    TadTad2 dagar sedan
  • Tim's right. I clean up everything. I fold the dirty sheets and towels and stack them neatly. I wipe down the surfaces and I still pay a cleaning fee. Next time I may leave a shit in the bed.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 dagar sedan
  • This is so funny!!

    Jose C. RiveraJose C. Rivera2 dagar sedan
  • the cleaning company takes a hundred and fifty and pays the cleaners 300

    Boston quadBoston quad2 dagar sedan
  • I loved it so much I left dishes in the sink

    Boston quadBoston quad2 dagar sedan
  • He was in the middle of the desert let's boycott Airbnb

    Boston quadBoston quad2 dagar sedan
  • They do charge too much for rentals now in Massachusetts you have to have insurance so it cost you even more money and you're wondering why people don't rent places cuz it cost so much

    Boston quadBoston quad2 dagar sedan
  • LOL I did a Google search Tim Dillon airbnb Joshua tree. There's a photo of the two girls he's talking about. I always love how there is an older ugly one that caters to the better looking younger one. The ONE PHOTO I found of them tells a huge story. They say a photo is worth a photo is worth a thousand words and this one is worth a million. Lol go look. It's funny. Those twatties brought so much stress into their lives and just to be controlling because in all reality they paid their cleaning lady to clean the house and never had to touch the dishes. I'll bet anyone those greedy girls didn't pay the cleaning lady $450.00 to clean the house. I personally think they should have.

    Willa HerreraWilla Herrera2 dagar sedan
  • I clean houses there's always dirty dishes you just throw them in the dishwasher but I also get paid $27 an hour cash

    Boston quadBoston quad2 dagar sedan
  • HEY he left them a tarter sauce.

    Willa HerreraWilla Herrera2 dagar sedan
  • If I paid $450.00 for a cleaning fee it would NOT enter my mind to wash the dishes. PERIOD.

    Willa HerreraWilla Herrera2 dagar sedan
  • Cleaning during covid isn’t just cleaning. They are really going through your disgusting things and can get sick. It’s not like before where things are just dirty. I fucking hate this arrogant dude absolutely pathetic

    SANTISANTI2 dagar sedan
  • This dude funny af 😂😂😂

    Mirza singgihMirza singgih2 dagar sedan
  • #justicefortTim

    sparsh jonessparsh jones2 dagar sedan
  • Joe tripping and freaking out about getting cancelled by a certain demographic 🤣

    Alexander O'HanlonAlexander O'Hanlon2 dagar sedan
  • Tim has a point

    KyleKyle2 dagar sedan
  • "Even though i m hot i want to educate myself"

    KyleKyle2 dagar sedan
  • Stop playing the advocate of the devil joe

    KyleKyle2 dagar sedan
  • toon it

    R0B3RT F1SH3RR0B3RT F1SH3R2 dagar sedan
  • that dude is funny as fk haha

    Thomas LangvannThomas Langvann2 dagar sedan
  • I love how he says "Because i have _SEEN_ them"

    Nostalgia AddictNostalgia Addict2 dagar sedan
  • Joe broke the 4th wall

    Jake VaughanJake Vaughan2 dagar sedan
  • 450$ I ain’t cleaning shit

    Matthew MarainMatthew Marain2 dagar sedan
  • "Cleaning is cleaning" 😂 this guy's home is a mess obviously

    hacked againhacked again2 dagar sedan
  • Tim Dillon is the best!

    William RomeroWilliam Romero2 dagar sedan
  • I gotta say for 450 buck cleaning fee those dishes are yours lmao, I'm on Tim's side for once

    0xsergy0xsergy2 dagar sedan
  • lmao

    Humble BeingHumble Being2 dagar sedan
  • Joe was joking ,but fuk he's completely out of touch. Tim not only did nothing wrong, He did everything right here.

    Ultra UnityUltra Unity2 dagar sedan
  • When he mentions the lesbians I immediately think of “Modern Family’s” Cam tucker lol

    YoJonYoJon2 dagar sedan
    • I thought of your mother Jon

      iAmJoePop NachoDaddyiAmJoePop NachoDaddyDag sedan
  • Joe “opie” Rogan. Holy fuck I got flash backs

    Kenyan LegsKenyan Legs2 dagar sedan
  • Tim Dillon is hilarious never disappoints on Rogan “ I’m a fan of pill heads and coke heads I like people who are productive “🤣 “ I speaks for Americans 🤣🤣

    dmc357dmc3572 dagar sedan
  • The bit about Tony being a bird needs to be a JRE Toon

    Mr. ZMr. Z2 dagar sedan
  • Alex is the nuclear option 😂

    Akseli von KochAkseli von Koch2 dagar sedan
  • Joe "i love the chairs" Rogan! you fucking meathead you would break that thing

    Mr PotatoMr Potato2 dagar sedan
  • To think, when they first started on this new set, it looked like they were sitting inside of a microwave getting cooked. Looks a lot better now

    ArchesBroArchesBro3 dagar sedan
  • "I used to do acid and go to a bar. Like a person." I feel that.

    Tairy HesticlesTairy Hesticles3 dagar sedan
  • the ending, i died

    arman sesararman sesar3 dagar sedan
  • This guy should be there often and more so then redmen Shaub. The list of his non interesting friends

    Ja RichardsonJa Richardson3 dagar sedan
  • Dudes funny !!!

    Ja RichardsonJa Richardson3 dagar sedan
  • Spotify podcasts are not available in my country Joe

    orewakageorewakage3 dagar sedan
  • When Tim says “ your a Hollywood elitist 😂😂😂

    Shot by GiovanniShot by Giovanni3 dagar sedan
  • For $450 i ain't cleaning shit! If they don't like it, they can blow me. Oh... Right, Lesbian.

    Kevin PurvisKevin Purvis3 dagar sedan